Chapter 4

"I'm not bargaining with you. You're getting engaged, aren’t you?" Chelsea blinked, explaining. "It'll do you no good if other people know that you have an illegitimate son. Now that you and I are the only ones who are aware of this, just let me take Ian away. I promise we won't disturb you..."

"Shut up!" James sneered, letting go of her chin with a disgusted look as if he was throwing away a piece of trash.

"If you really have no intention of disturbing me, why did you come back after your dad had sent you abroad? Now the child is old enough to walk. Are you going to use him to blackmail me?"

"I don't... Ouch." Chelsea gasped with a frown, feeling another throbbing pain in her stomach. She couldn't help but cover it with her hands.

James glared at her coldly, saying in a sarcastic voice, "You don't? But I do remember what you have done by those dirty tricks learned from your father. You and your family do have a talent for being evil, don't you?"

Chelsea didn't talk back, feeling her stomach was being twisted. She took two steps back to hold the table, panting slightly.

James finally noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with her. While Chelsea almost fell weakly, he only sneered coldly with a frown. "Chelsea, don't feign discomfort every time we talk about your dirty tricks."

He sounded indifferent but still approached her. Chelsea's forehead was wet with cold sweats, her lips pale. Now, James believed she wasn't pretending. He reached out to hold her in a hurry, asking seriously, "What's wrong with you?"

The pain was so strong that Chelsea couldn't even speak. She shook her head, trying to push him away. However, James grabbed her wrist as soon as she raised her hand. "I'll take you to the hospital."

Chelsea looked up at his amazingly handsome face before she fainted. In a trance, she seemed to hear James calling her name.

Then she blacked out and lost her consciousness.

It was dark when she woke up in the hospital.

Ian was sleeping soundly in her arms. Chelsea lowered her head, kissed him on the head, then looked around. It was a single ward.

There were only Ian and herself here. The medical record was on the table. She glanced at it and it said she had sudden nervous gastritis.

She had been scared to have gastritis the first time she had met with James after returning to the country. Chelsea felt a little disappointed in herself despite herself.

The drip bottle above her head was about to be empty. After all the liquid was gone, instead of contacting the nurse, Chelsea pulled out the needle by herself.

Ian was woken up by her movement. The little guy moved his head, opened his slightly swollen eyes, and called her in a daze, "Mom..."

Chelsea put her index finger on her lips, motioning little Ian to keep quiet. As Ian was quite smart, he immediately understood, nodding and sitting up obediently.

After getting out of bed and putting on her shoes, Chelsea scooped Ian up and walked out of the ward.

"Mom, where are we going?"

Chelsea licked her lips, answering softly, "We're going home."

Ian blinked, looking confused. "Don't we say goodbye to that uncle? He bought me KFC today."

Knowing “he” meant James, Chelsea took a deep breath and spoke in her softest voice, "Uncle is nice, but he's now busy with his work. We don't wanna disturb him, do we? When we have the chance, we can treat him to KFC in return."

"Okay." Ian wrapped his arm around Chelsea's neck, whispering. "Remember to ask for his phone number, mom."

Sadness filled Chelsea's heart, she bit her lip and carried him out of the door. There wasn't anyone else in the corridor apart from James, who was standing at the entrance of the elevator afar. Chelsea glanced at his back and heard him talking on the phone. "I see. It's late now. Go to bed early."

His voice echoed in the corridor. Chelsea could sense his tiredness from his tone.

Ian suddenly shouted, "Uncle's there."

Chelsea came back to her senses, hugged Ian tightly, and turned to leave in the opposite direction.

She was almost running all the way out of the hospital. Only when she got into a taxi did she realize what a big coward she had been.

Ian widened his eyes, whispering, "Mom, why did you run after seeing uncle?"

Chelsea cast down her eyes, not knowing how to answer. After a pause, she asked, "Ian, do you like that uncle?"

Children were always sensitive. Ian could see that Chelsea didn't like James, so instead of answering the question directly, he looked out the window, muttering, "He bought me snacks in KFC."

In shock, Chelsea hugged him even tighter.

If life wanted her to be a coward so that she could live with Ian, then she'd be it. Ian was her life. She would never allow James to take her life away.

After hanging up, James returned to the ward and was astonished to see the empty room. While he could feel Chelsea's temperature on the quilt on the bed, the woman was gone.

James panicked for a moment, but anger took over him very soon. Taking a deep breath, he sneered furiously, saying in a cold voice, "Chelsea, how dare you."

After stroking his dark eyebrows, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

The phone was picked up quickly. "Donald, do me a favor. Chelsea is in J City now. I want her information and everything about her these years."

After a pause, he added, "By the way, I need a lawyer who's experienced in custody fights."

Chelsea's reappearance was a surprise for James, and Ian's was even a bigger one.

Holding his glass, James stood in front of the french window of the hotel room, overlooking the most beautiful night scene in the city.

Beside him were the photos of Chelsea over the years that Donald had just sent him. There weren't many of them.

But James spent a long time looking at them. Two of them had been taken six years ago, probably right before her leaving the country. With a careful look, James could see Chelsea had been pregnant at that time. Looking at Chelsea standing at the airport with a haggard face, James suddenly had a feeling that his heart was being stabbed.

Donald said he had given these photos to James in the past.

However, James had been immersed in the hatred for Chelsea and her father at that time and couldn't forgive her for cheating his feelings again and again with the excuses of making deals. Therefore, he hadn’t wanted to hear anything about Chelsea back then.

This simple mistake caused him to miss the news that Chelsea was running abroad with his baby.

Fortunately, the child was educated well by her. Ian was sweet and polite, totally not a chip off the old block of the evil Jeffery family, which made James satisfied.

He was angry too. Ian was his child, but he didn't even have the chance to educate him personally.

Coldness flashed in his eyes at this thought. Just then, someone knocked on his door. James came back to his senses and put down the glass.

Then he opened the door.


A woman called his name in a coquettish voice, throwing her fragrant and curvy body into his arms.

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