Chapter 5

James was a little astonished. He pushed her away expressionlessly and took a step back, frowning, "Why are you here?"

"To see you." Silvia puckered her red lips and went into the room. She sat down on the sofa and smiled, "By the way, to thank you. My friend wanted to treat you a meal since you helped her get the storefront in the DJ Building of the Zerger Group."

James closed the door and darted her a glance. He then said in a deep voice, "No need to thank me. It's just a deal."

"A deal?" Silvia tilted her head and asked curiously, "I heard that the only condition for you to allow her to open a coffee shop in the DJ Building is that she should promote one of her employees to be the manager. Is that right? Who is the employee? Why would you do so much for her?"

James looked up and said calmly, "An old friend."

Speaking of this, he paused and said, "Do you have anything else? If not, it's too late now, and I'll ask the driver to send you back. I have a video conference later."

Silvia was a little unhappy with his coldness and snorted, "Can't I stay with you for a while longer? You've been in J City for a week and have always been so busy. The time we've been together is less than 24 hours. I think we should know more about each other. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to handle our parents..."

James raised his dark eyebrows and said indifferently, "Why should we know each other in a business marriage? It's just a deal. It won't be worth it if we put in too many personal feelings."

"A deal?" Silvia was dumbfounded and looked up at him, "Do you regard our marriage as a deal, and me a condition?"

James didn't say anything but walked to the table and poured a glass of wine. His attitude explained everything.

Silvia instantly showed an unpleasant look. She bit her lip and said, "Do you think that we Zody family is as weak as the FJ Group?"

Hearing that, James paused his movement and narrowed his eyes to look at her. He said coldly, "You seem to have done much to know about me, don’t you?"

Silvia did not hide it and snorted, "You are about to become my fiancé so I just want to know more about you. Besides, I also want to tell you that we Zody family is different from the damn FJ Group and I am also different from that Miss Jeffrey. What I want is not only a deal but also you."

"Didn't you find out what I hate the most before you asked about these details?"

He indeed wore a smile but the coldness in his eyes made Silvia speechless, "I..."

"Heh..." He chuckled, looked up and down at her delicate face, and then put the glass on the table, saying coldly, "I hate those who think themselves smartest."

Silvia stood up abruptly and gritted her teeth, "James... It's our parents' wish to let us get engaged. What are you doing now?"

James looked at her, raised his eyebrows, and said coldly, "You should go back and ask your parents about this. They will teach you what a business marriage looks like. Moreover, it is because of our parents that I did not make more investigations about the article of the engagement in the magazine. You now has another character I hate, being too dogmatic."

Silvia’s face turned unbelievably pale.

Chelsea had thought about it for a long time after she had run away from the hospital with Ian in her arms yesterday. Finally, she had wrote a resignation letter overnight. However, she now hesitated again standing at the door of the manager's office.

After working in this coffee shop for a year and a half, she really had a sense of belonging here as her colleagues had always taken good care of her.

However, she gritted her teeth and knocked on the door thinking of James.

"Come in."

Chelsea took a deep breath and pushed the door open to walk in.

Mr. Lannan looked up and smiled seeing Chelsea, "Chelsea, I just want to look for you just now."

Chelsea was a little surprised and didn't realize what happened, "You're looking for me? What's the matter?"

"It's not a big deal." Mr. Lannan raised his hand and said, "Sit down first. I'll tell you."

Chelsea hesitated but she then bit her lip and said, "Thank you, Mr. Lannan. But I also have something to tell you. I..."

"Well, get a grip. I'm in a hurry." He interrupted Chelsea and smiled, "Chelsea, do you know that our coffee shop was planning to open a branch in B City?"

"I know." She still didn't understand and asked, "Is there any problem there?"

Mr. Lannan smiled, "Not a problem. It’s that everything over there is ready but we still need a manager in that shop. You have been an excellent employee since you began your work here and you have a certain understanding of our business dealings. Moreover, I remember that your hometown is B City. Therefore, I discussed it with the boss and finally decided to let you be in charge of our shop in B City."

"Ah?" Chelsea was a little scared but she then came to her senses and quickly refused, "Mr. Lannan, I can't. It's okay for me to be an ordinary waiter but I have no experience in managing a shop..."

"You can accumulate your experience," Mr. Lannan glanced at her and continued, "You know what's going on in our shop so I definitely can't leave. Moreover, I can't trust the other employees in our shop. Now it's a critical moment for us and whether our brand can be finally established depends on the reaction of the branch this time. For the sake of you working here for more than a year, please just go help them for just three months."

Chelsea didn't know how to refuse after Mr. Lannan had said this with great emotion. Just as she was hesitating, she heard Mr. Lannan said, "Since you are promoted to manager, your salary must be much better than yours now. Besides, we have arranged for an employee's residence over there for you so you would live there comfortably with your child."

Chelsea bit her lip and thought about it. She then said, "Let me think about it..."

"Okay, tell me once you make a decision."


Out of the office door, Chelsea took out a crumpled resignation letter from her pocket and slapped herself on the head uncontrollably, "You said you would resign today!"

She worked in a daze for the whole day.

Finally, it was almost time to get off work. Chelsea understood what had happened as soon as she saw Donald Curd coming into the store.

Time was a scary thing. The arrogant young Donald six years ago was now dressed in a decent suit and looked like an elite.

Biting her lip, Chelsea stopped her work and walked up to him. She said softly, "Wait for me to get off work, okay? It's almost time."

Donald opened his mouth but didn't say anything. He nodded and sat in the corner of the shop.

After receiving a call from James yesterday, he flew over here from B City overnight. After Chelsea had disappeared that year, he had found private detectives to look for Chelsea. However, after he then had worked with James, he gradually became less persistent.

He had expected that she would suffer.

However, he was still a little surprised when he finally saw her. Chelsea, once the elegant Miss Jeffrey was now skillfully serving the customers in the coffee shop.

He looked at her silently until she walked up to him after finishing all her work and changing her disgusting uniform.

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