Chapter 9

Silvia took Chelsea to a private cafe.

The waiter led them into a luxurious box and served first-class blue mountain coffee.

After pouring herself a glass, Silvia raised her chin, saying, "Take a seat."

As Chelsea didn't come to make small talk with Silvia, she didn't move. Instead, she asked directly, "Please cut to the chase, Miss Zody."

Perhaps not satisfied with Chelsea's indifference, Silvia raised her eyebrows, stopping being polite. She asked, "What's your relationship with James?"

Chelsea looked at her and answered without any emotion, "Will you believe me if I say that I never want to have anything with him, Miss Zody?"

"Don't beat around the bush," Silvia snorted, "I've already looked into your background. You're a waitress in a coffee shop, aren't you? But do you know that your workplace is owned by my friend, Chelsea?"

"So what?" Chelsea also raised her eyebrows, continuing, "Since J City is very big, is there anything to be surprised if I work in your friend's coffee shop, Miss Zody?"

Hearing that, Silvia suddenly stood up, saying coldly, "Indeed. It's not surprising at all. But if I tell you that your boss wants to open a coffee shop in DJ Building in J City, but failed before. And now the application is approved. And he even promotes you to be a manager. Isn't that surprising?"

Chelsea did a double-take before she asked, "What do you mean?"

"Huh..." Silvia moved up the corners of her mouth into a mocking grin and sneered, "As DJ Company belongs to the Zerger family, how could you, an ordinary waiter, become a manager for no reason? And now you actually say that you don't want to have anything to do with James. You're really shameless."

The Zerger family... Chelsea suddenly didn't dare to think about it.

Probably seeing Chelsea was silent, Silvia was a little smug. She looked at Chelsea with arms folded like a winner, and said, "Forget it. I'm not here to discuss this with you. Tell me a number."

"What?" Chelsea was confused.

Casually throwing a card over, Silvia explained, "There are a million dollars in this card. Stay away from James. I could stand him to womanize, but he shouldn't overdo it."

Chelsea wasn't unfamiliar with these words because she had also said these to the women who had been pestering James back then. However, she did feel uncomfortable when she heard the words spoken by others.

Suppressing her emotions, she picked up the card and looked at it, then she suddenly smiled, saying, "You're so generous, Miss Zody. I really need money, but I'm afraid I'm not tough enough to accept that. Besides, I told you that I've been far enough from him."

As she spoke, she pushed the card back.

Turning livid in a second, Silvia glared at Chelsea, saying, "Don't say that. I've seen a lot of women like you, who want to seduce men to get money when they're still young. Do you really think James likes you? Let me tell you, he's just playing. When he's tired of you, he'll abandon you like a rag. The reason why I give you money is that I feel sympathy for you. Figure it out for yourself."

Looking at her, Chelsea was unperturbed, saying, "Miss Zody, rather than telling me this here, I suggest you find a way to earn James' heart first. A business marriage... is the most unstable."

She was telling the truth because back then, the FJ Group had also said that they wanted to have a business marriage with the FJ Group, but everything had turned out to be in vain as James didn't love her.

However, Silvia thought Chelsea was satirizing her. Therefore, she glared at Chelsea and gritted her teeth, saying, "It seems that we can’t make a deal."

Chelsea was a little helpless. Already aware of Silvia's tricks, she didn't speak anymore.

Staring at Chelsea for a long time, Silvia suddenly turned up her lips, saying, "Very well, Miss Jeffrey, let's wait and see. Don't be too proud. There is still a long way to go."

Then she stood up, took her bag, and left the box while twisting her slender waist.

Looking at the cold coffee, Chelsea heaved a sigh. Taking a sip of it, she felt the coffee was bitter, but it wasn't as bitter as her feeling.

In the end, she got back to her house in a daze.

Without Ian, the room was so quiet that it frightened Chelsea. Although she wanted to call James, she had no courage. After thinking for a long time, she held back the impulse and began to pack.

She was going back to work in B City a week later. Although her job was arranged by James, she couldn't resign.

James set up a trap for her but she was also cunning.

Since the Zerger family knew about Ian, she thought she couldn't escape anymore. In that case, she only hoped that the Zerger family could accept Ian. After all, the identity of being an eldest grandson of the Zerger family was much better than an illegitimate child without a father.

Besides, it was time for Ian to go to school but she couldn't afford him to a good school with her own salary. But James was rich, so he could provide Ian with the best education. And Ian could also learn to play the piano from James' mother so that he wouldn't waste his talent.

That was what she could do for her child as a mother.

As the luggage became more and more, Chelsea was getting anxious. At this moment, her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts.

It was Polly and the other colleagues who called her to have a meal to celebrate her promotion. She refused to go at first, but she felt it was really suffering to stay at home alone without Ian, so she got up to change her clothes and went downstairs after hesitating for a while.

Mrs. Zerger's birthday was on the weekend, so James had to give up the plan of staying in J City for a few more days. Before he had boarded the plane, he had told Donald to stay in J City and keep an eye on Chelsea, and report to him as soon as possible if anything happened.

Having Ian with him, he wasn't worried that Chelsea would run away but he had to be on guard against Silvia.

The Zody family was ruthless and had a relationship with both the gangsters and the political party.

Since Silvia had dared to hurt Chelsea when he was there that day, he was afraid that she would do something else.

Thinking of this, he frowned uncontrollably while Ian, who was sitting next to him, looked at him and tilted his head, asking, "Are you uncomfortable, dad?"

Looking down at him, James reached out to stroke his head, replying, "No."

However, Ian didn't believe him and crept upon him. Pressing James' temples with his two chubby hands, saying, "Dad, let me massage for you. I always do this for mommy when she cries and she'll stop crying after I do that."

Hearing that, James was taken aback, asking, "Why... Why is she crying?"

Ian tilted his head and thought, then he replied, "She cried every time I asked her when you would come back and when the landlord came to ask for the rent because we're very poor..." Speaking of this, he covered his mouth again, "I forgot that mommy said that I'm not allowed to say we're poor."

James pressed his lips, gloomy.

Ian was a cute kid with excellent manners and characters, and James didn't know how Chelsea taught him to be sensitive at such a young age. After Ian had been taken to the hotel by James yesterday, he didn't cry after he woke up without seeing Chelsea.

Only when James asked Ian later would he find out that it was because that Chelsea had used to work two jobs and often worked overtime at night while Ian had been sent to the nursery.

Accustomed to his mother's absence, Ian was so sensible that made James feel distressed for Ian, such a little kid.

Actually, James didn't like children very much because there were many playboys around him, none of whom wanted to get married. And some of them who were older and had got married would spoil their children so much that he felt their children were really annoying.

But when James saw Ian, his heart skipped a beat. Ian looked like him, but his temperament was like Chelsea, very clean.

When Chelsea begged him with red eyes, he was angry but also glad that his child had been born by Chelsea.

And he also felt it lucky that Chelsea hadn't given up this child back then.

Silent for a while, he looked at Ian, saying, "Now I'm back and I'll protect you... And mom."

"Really?" Ian's eyes lit up, asking, "Can I go to school? Even Granny Zamani's grandson has gone to school, but I can't go yet. I want to have fun with them too..."

"Of course," James replied.

"Dad, I like you so much." Ian was happy.

As a child, Ian was easy to be satisfied. Watching him, James smiled.

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