Chapter 6

Looking at Donald, Chelsea asked directly, "Is James going to deal with me? What does he want?"

Donald originally wanted to say something but was interrupted by her straightforwardness. Looking down, he said, "What do you think?"

Chelsea bit her lip with despair in her eyes, making Donald feel guilty.

After a while, she said, "I know he is much more powerful than me, but you can go back and tell him that I won't give him my child unless I die."

Donald then suddenly realized that Chelsea might have really changed.

After Donald's arrival that day, Chelsea realized that no matter where she escaped, James would always find her.

She had planned to resign and run away with Ian, but now she gave up.

James might not want to see her again, but he would not let her go easily.

Finding that Donald kept following her for several days, Chelsea knew that he was sent by James to monitor her.

She’d better choose to be stabbed directly by James instead of being tortured in this way.

She didn't even dare to sleep at night, afraid that in her sleep, Donald would rush in and take her Ian away.

When Ian asked her why there were always people following them, Chelsea couldn't stand it anymore.

After letting Granny Zamani downstairs help take care of Ian, she walked to the back alley of the building. Gritting her teeth and looking at the Audi which had been parked there for three days, she walked over and knocked on the window.

After the car window opened, she looked at Donald and whispered, "I want to see James."

Donald was not surprised. Without uttering a word, he got out of the car and opened the door for her.

She was taken to a luxurious hotel in J City. After leading her way to a suite, Donald hesitated for a moment and then said to her in a sorry voice, "Chelsea, don't be too stubborn. You'll be the one to lose. And don't hate me. I have no choice."

"I know."

Donald wanted to say something else, but Chelsea was too calm, which unnerved him. Therefore, he said nothing and turned to leave.

Chelsea didn't blame Donald. It was his job. She only blamed herself for being incompetent.

She could smell James' scent in the suite.

She had not gone to such a place for a long time. James preferred to stay at hotels. When she had been in a relationship with him, she had stayed with him at hotels.

In a flash, many years had passed, and he still kept his habit. On the contrary, she had suffered a lot from life and wasn't the romantic girl any more.

Chelsea waited from afternoon till nine o'clock in the evening before James came back with the smell of alcohol.

When he saw Chelsea, he was surprised. Then he moved up the corners of his mouth and said sarcastically, "Aren't you trying to escape from me? Why are you here?"

Ignoring the sarcasm in his tone, Chelsea licked her dry lips, and whispered, "James, we both know that you'll be the winner. What do you want?"

Loosening his collar, James sat down on the sofa and squinted at her, "Didn't Donald explain it to you?"

Chelsea looked a little tired, "Ian is my everything. James, you can do whatever you want to me, but don't take Ian away from me."

"Then what else can we talk about? You should talk to my lawyer."

He still looked indifferent. Looking at his expression, Chelsea suddenly felt that this was her retribution. (I selfishly slept with him, finding myself the excuse that I just did what my father ordered and now I have to pay the price.)

Biting her lip, she knelt in front of him with a flop. Her voice trembled, "Please. James, please."

There was a thick carpet on the ground, but her kneeling down provoked James. Looking at her slender figure and humble expression, he tried his best to suppress his anger and said coldly, "Back then, your father Steve knelt in front of me and begged me to let go of the FJ Group. Now you are kneeling to beg me to let you go, aren't you? Chelsea, is that all your Jeffrey family can do?"

Chelsea didn't know what else she could do, "Then what do you want me to do?"

James couldn't answer this question as well for an instant as he had never thought about what he wanted her to do and if he was really determined to take the child away from her.

Maybe he didn’t mean it but just found it an excuse to vent his anger accumulated for these six years after being abandoned by her.

Chelsea looked up at him tearfully. Under the light of the hotel, she looked like a helpless angel.

James was stunned. He suddenly felt the rush to kiss and savor her.

Then the next moment, he got up, pulled her up from the ground, lowered his head, and kissed her pink lips.

Chelsea was startled by his movements and subconsciously wanted to struggle, but his grip made her struggle useless.

The next moment Chelsea was enveloped in the mixed smell of alcohol with the unique smell of his wood perfume. She was momentarily distracted which gave James an opportunity.

He held her up and walked into the bedroom, throwing her into the soft bed.

Chelsea suddenly came back to her senses. Pushing James away, she said anxiously, "James, let me go..."

"Let you go?" He clasped her neck and suppressed her kicking legs, saying coldly, "Chelsea, you owe me. Back then, you had slept with me in exchange for 300 million dollars to save the FJ Group. Now you can try it again to see if I can let you go."

What he said was like a slap in her face, making her calm down and stop struggling, "Will you let me and Ian go after sleeping with you?" She looked up and there was no expression in her eyes, "James, is this what you want?"

James didn’t expect her to say so and suddenly calmed down. He let go of her and sat weakly by the side.

Because of the struggle just now, her skirt had been lifted and the buttons of her shirt had been ripped off. The collar of her clothes was wide open, revealing her light blue bra.

The lips he had just kissed were swollen, but she looked pale.

Frowning, he was unable to say anything at this moment although he was usually a smart man.

(I almost raped her.)

This thought made him feel inexplicably agitated. After a while, he got up from the bed, picked up the windbreaker on the sofa, threw it over to cover her naked body, and said coldly, "Get out."

Grabbing the windbreaker, Chelsea turned to look at him and whispered, "James..."

"Shut up!" He interrupted her. Turning around, he saw her delicately lying on the bed which again aroused his lust. For a moment, he grabbed her arm to pick her up from the bed like a piece of garbage and walked out.

Chelsea was almost dragged by him and her arm hurt badly. She couldn't help but frown. She took a breath of air and said in a trembling voice, "It hurts..."

James ignored her and walked straight to the door of the suite, trying to throw her out.

However, before he could touch the doorknob, the door was opened from the outside.

With the sound of swiping the suite card, accompanied by a sweet smell, a pretty girl came in.

Chelsea had seen her in the magazine article about James' engagement. She was James' fiancée, Silvia Zody.

Chelsea was dumbfounded.

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