Chapter 8

Ian looked like James. And now as they were close, any discerning person could tell that they were father and son.

Watching James walk over with Ian in his arms, Chelsea came back to her senses and walked over. She reached out to take Ian over, but James refused. "He's not heavy." After a pause, he asked, "Have you eaten?"

Chelsea nodded, and Ian boasted happily, "Mom took me to eat ice cream today and bought new clothes for me."

"Really?" James put down Ian, put on an extremely serious expression while looking at him, and nodded. "You look much more handsome today."

Seeing they were having fun, Chelsea suddenly regretted not having James known that he had a child before. (Donald was right. Ian needs his father.)

(It’s unfair to Ian to grow up without the accompany of his father.)

Ian, what a playful child, soon disappeared from his parents' sight after going into the children's playground.

James walked over, sat opposite Chelsea, and asked, "This is not the way what you would do. Tell me, what do you want to do?"

As Ian wasn't here, James was no longer gentle but became serious and aloof again.

Chelsea looked down at her hands and said in a low voice, "James, take Ian back to B City with you."

James narrowed his eyes.

Chelsea had been determined not to let Ian go with him. But her sudden change confused James a bit.

Frowning, he asked in a deep voice, "What do you mean?"

Chelsea pinched her lips, looked up, and said calmly, "I don't mean anything. Thanks to Silvia's slap yesterday, I suddenly realized that if Ian stays with me, he'll have to hide for the rest of his life. He's innocent, and he deserves a normal life like any other child. So I've decided to let you take Ian back to your home."

At the mention of yesterday, a strange emotion flashed in James' eyes. After a moment of silence, he said, "I will talk to Silvia to make sure she won't make trouble for you. Don't worry."

"I'm not worried." Chelsea looked at him and smiled in self-deprecation. "Miss Zody's reaction yesterday is understandable. In fact, even I myself suspected whether I was a prostitute. I did approach you with a purpose, so she was right about calling me a prostitute. You think of me the same way, don't you? Because I've been..."

She was indeed smiling, but the sadness in her eyes made James feel uncomfortable all over. He sneered, suppressed the urge to scold her, and said in a cold voice, "Chelsea, you have overestimated yourself. Think about it. Do you think you have what it takes to be a prostitute?"

Chelsea's smile froze. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't and had no choice but go silent.

However, her reaction infuriated James even more. He couldn't stand it, stood up, and said, "Sometimes I really have the urge to strangle you."

Chelsea was dumbfounded.

The conversation between them always ended unhappily. At this point, Ian was tired and walked over to them. Chelsea composed herself, picked him up, and said softly, "Ian, we're going to see Dad today. Do you remember?"

Ian's eyes lit up and he nodded, "Yes, is Dad coming?"

Chelsea subconsciously looked at James and found that he was frowning at her. She lowered her head guiltily and said, "Actually, this uncle is your father."

"Really?" Ian turned to look at James and then back at Chelsea. His big eyes rolled and he whispered, "Mom, are you selling me to him because you can't afford to pay him back for his piano?"

Children were filled with strange thoughts. Chelsea was amused and asked, "Why do you think so? He is your father. I'm serious. But he was worried that you would be angry with him because he didn't come to see you for so many years, so he didn't tell you at first..."

James felt sad for Chelsea's words. He took Ian over and said smilingly, "You're not enough to pay for the piano."

Ian held James' face with his chubby hands and looked at him carefully for a long time before he said in his childish voice, "It seems that he's really my father. He looks like me. Mom, he is my dad... Dad is back."

Chelsea bit her lips tightly to hold back her tears.

James glanced at her and felt his heart ache a bit.

For the past six years, Chelsea had raised Ian alone. Even though he had humiliated her so much, she hadn't complained to Ian about his behaviors.

For a moment, James thought that it would be pretty good for them to live as a family.

However, this thought disappeared soon because suddenly, his phone rang, which ruined all his beautiful moment.

He took out his phone and found it was from Silvia.

Ever since Ian was born, he had been together with Chelsea.

As James took Ian, who was sleeping, from her hold, she subconsciously grabbed his sleeve and whispered, "Don't give him anything sweet and brush his teeth every night. He..."

"Can't bear to part with him?" James frowned at her and said coldly, "If you're worried, just follow me..."

"I'm not worried!" She interrupted him anxiously and shook her head. "Only a week. I'll go to B City next Monday. I suppose I'll be very busy this week, and can’t be able to take good care of him, so it's better to let him go with you. Ian... He likes you and he’s a good boy."

In fact, she wanted to stay with Ian for a while longer, but even though James didn't say anything, his face was becoming more gloomy as the calls kept coming. She knew who was calling.

She didn't want to delay him since she had to part with Ian anyway.

James glanced at her, his eyes tinged with rage. Chelsea felt a little guilty. She looked down at Ian and stopped talking. A moment later, he said in a cold voice, "Since you have made a decision, don't put on a resentful expression. It's disgusting."

After that, he turned to leave with Ian in his arms, ignoring Chelsea.

Watching him walk away, Chelsea touched her face. After all of these, She still sent Ian back to the Zerger family.

(It’s a good start.)

It could have been a good start if she hadn't met Silvia.

The next morning, Chelsea went out to work and found a red Lamborghini parked at the entrance of the alley.

Good cars were common in J City but were rare in such a dilapidated slum-like neighborhood.

Idle women in the buildings gathered in twos and threes and were discussing. Chelsea didn't want to attract their attention. Therefore, she lowered her head and was about to go upstairs.

But the car honked, and then the door opened. Someone called out to her. "Chelsea Jeffrey?"

Chelsea looked back and saw Silvia with perfect makeup looking at her with disdain.

Chelsea was shocked, but she didn't move.

Silvia frowned and walked towards her. Then she looked Chelsea up and down and said with a smile, "It took me a lot of effort to find you. Let's have a talk."

Chelsea looked at her calmly and said, "Miss Zody, I don't think I have anything to talk to you about."

"I'm informing you, not asking for your permission," Silvia raised her eyebrows and sneered. "You know, I don’t wanna lower myself to do anything to you, but just for now."

Chelsea clenched her hands in her sleeves and loosened them. After a while, she walked towards Silvia's car.

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