Chapter 7

Obviously, Silvia also didn’t expect that there would be another woman here. She froze with one hand resting on the doorknob. But soon she calmly collected herself and asked, "What are you doing?"

James did not answer her, but frowned at her and said in a deep voice, "Why do you have my room card?"

Silvia kept silent and viewed Chelsea with her piercing eyes.

Thinking of her embarrassing situation, Chelsea grabbed the windbreaker more tightly, which made Silvia thought of something and get annoyed.

Before Chelsea could react, Silvia slapped her hard across her face.

"Silvia Zody!" Shocked and irritated, James glared at Silvia and stepped forward to shelter Chelsea from Silvia's another slap. He grabbed Silvia's arm and scolded, "Don't go too far!"

"I go too far?" Silvia sneered and glanced at Chelsea, who was covering her face and remained silent. "You ignore my devotion and disgust me with a prostitute. You’re going too far! You’re disgracing my family!"

The word "prostitute" pierced Chelsea's armor. She bit her lip, pushed James and Silvia away, and ran out silently.

Running for a long time, Chelsea stopped when she felt extremely exhausted. She squatted on the side of the road and cried bitterly.

After a long while, the familiar black Audi stopped in front of her.

"I'll drive you home."

Chelsea looked up at Donald, who felt sympathy for her, with her swollen eyes.

She sobbed and pleaded, "Donald, help me!"

Donald's heart skipped a beat when he heard she called him "Donald" because it evoked his memory.

Back then, he had been Chelsea's chauffeur hired by Steve. Every time he gad gone to university to pick her up, he could hear her call him "Donald" from afar.

After Chelsea had gone abroad, he had left the Jeffrey family. And then, he had been employed by James and became James’ assistant. Now, he couldn't help her as James had asked him to deal with Chelsea.

Fate always played tricks on human beings.

Pausing for a few seconds, he sighed, "Chelsea, you're a silly girl."

Both of them kept silent all the way. Chelsea sat in the back seat and opened the window. The wind blew in and cleared her mind.

(Donald is right. I’m too silly indeed.) At that time, everyone had suggested Chelsea to give up the child, but she had refused.

Ten months later, she had almost died during childbirth. For these six years, she loved her child with all her heart.

But now, she still couldn't escape James' control. It was ridiculous, but she didn't regret it.

Soon, they arrived at Chelsea's apartment.

Donald stopped Chelsea before she went upstairs, and persuaded her earnestly, "Chelsea, listen to me. You can't go against Mr. Zerger. Give up the idea to leave with the child. It'll be better to stay with Mr. Zerger. The child needs a father and a home."

Chelsea paused for a second and understood what he meant. She smiled bitterly and said, "I can't have a home with him. And I won't leave my child at his and Silvia's house. Donald, I was muddled today. I don't want me to drive a wedge between you two."


"That's it." Chelsea interrupted him and said softly, "I won't leave with the child. Ian is also James' child. I have no right to stop them from reuniting. My company wants me to go to B City to manage the branch. I was hesitant before. But now, I think I should agree. Back in B City, as long as James wants to see Ian, I won't stop him. Go back and tell James that this is my biggest concession. Please don't force me anymore. By the way, he can pick up Ian tomorrow."

Donald sighed, "I see. Good night."

"Thank you."

After seeing Donald off, Chelsea went to the Granny Zamani’s to pick up Ian. It was very late and Ian had fallen asleep.

The blood tie between Chelsea and Ian was amazing. As soon as Chelsea hugged Ian, he woke up and put his arms around Chelsea's neck. "Mom, did you work overtime again?"

Chelsea kissed him and shook her head, "I didn't work overtime today. I had an appointment."

Ian became curious.

Chelsea hugged him and asked in a soft tone, "Ian, do you remember I've told you that dad went to work far away?"


"Now, dad is back. I went to see him. He said he missed you very much. Do you miss him?" Though her voice trembled, she smiled at Ian.

Ian lit up with expectation, "Really? I miss dad. I wanna see him too."

Chelsea felt downcast and rubbed her face against his neck. "Tomorrow, I'll accompany you to see dad. But you should behave yourself."

"Yeah! I can see dad. Mom, I promise I'll be at my best behaviors."

Chelsea didn't say anything, but tears streamed down her face. She hoped that she made the right decision.

The next morning, Chelsea asked for a day off and took Ian to the mall.

For so many years, although she could support herself and Ian with her salary, it was difficult for them to buy anything luxurious. Ian had been wearing the clothes she had bought at the stall.

But today, she decided to buy some new clothes for Ian with her salary and bonus in this mall.

She also took Ian to get a new haircut.

Children always loved beauty. Ian mooched around in new clothes and grinned all the time. "Mom, are these clothes for me?"

Chelsea was a little sad. She bent down to tidy up his sleeves and answered, "Of course, you'll meet your dad in brand new clothes. Besides, after meeting dad, don't mention that we're poor. Dad will be unhappy."

Though confused, Ian nodded obediently.

After buying the clothes, she called Donald and asked him to pick up Ian. And then, she led Ian to the children's park on the third floor.

But to her surprise, James came in person. When she received his call, Chelsea was a little surprised. "Where's Donald?"

Hearing she mentioned Donald, James felt a little jealous. "I come to pick up my son personally. Is there any problem? Where are you?"

Chelsea told him their location and hung up the phone. Soon, she saw James in casual clothes appear on the third floor.

Without the solemnity of formal clothes, he exuded an air of youth and vitality. All the other people were overshadowed when he appeared.

Time was merciful to him.

Ian still remembered him. Seeing him afar, Ian rushed forwards and shouted, "Uncle KFC! Mom, look, uncle KFC!"

Chelsea wanted to stop him.

But James also saw Ian. When he saw Ian, he seemed to be relaxed and looked tender. James scooped Ian up and chuckled. "You grow up so quickly."

He held Ian so naturally and skillfully as if he had accompanied Ian for the past six years.

Chelsea was in a daze, not daring to make a sound as she was afraid that it was only dreamy illusion.

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