Chapter 4 The Dark Past

Ning An's frail body was dragged all the way to the dark basement of Qingfeng Garden. The entrance to the basement was sealed with a bang, and her whole world was plunged into darkness.

She still remembered that the day when her parents died, the sky seemed to be so dark. It was so dark that she could not see any hope and thought that her life would be gloomy forever.

Ning An pounded on the basement door, "Jiang Yuanzhou, I really didn't do anything. Let me out! Let me out!"

The thin and tiny woman's voice was trembling. Behind her, there seemed to be a pair of bloody hands. As long as she turned around, they would drag her into the abyss and bring her back to the bloody and gloomy past.

"Jiang Yuanzhou, you said you would protect me. You promised me that you would not leave me alone in the dark. Don't lock me here, please!"

He clearly knew that Ning An had experienced too many terrible things in the past, and he loved her so much. How could he change so quickly overnight?

Just how cruel is he to trample on the person who he once held in the palm of his hand?

"Those promises wouldn't count anymore ever since you decided to lay your hands on Xu Lu. Ning An, I have already promised to marry you, but you still refuse to let Xu Lu go. This is your retribution!"

As Jiang Yuanzhou's footsteps faded away, Ning An slipped from the door.

She clearly didn't kill anyone, so why did he say that this was her retribution?

Perhaps this was her retribution for loving Jiang Yuanzhou.

Her tears finally fell. She was cold, hungry, and scared. Facing the endless darkness, she did not dare to sleep, nor did she dare to look at it. The basement is of four or five square meters, and she had nowhere to hide. She could only huddle in a corner in despair and desperately told herself that there was nothing here!

Last night's heavy rain caused the basement to accumulate water. Half of Ning An's legs were soaked in water, and it was extremely cold.

She could not sit or lie down. She could only lean against the wall to support herself.

In the late autumn, she was dressed in thin clothes and soaking in cold water. Soon, her body trembled with cold.

She hugged herself tightly, not knowing why she had suddenly become like this.

Her best friend died suddenly, and the blame was directed at Ning An. Even Jiang Yuanzhou, who had always doted on Ning An, did not believe her and decided that she was the murderer.

Why did Xu Lu frame her with Jiang Yuanzhou before she died?

Who the hell killed Xu Lu?

She couldn't understand it at all and could only hug herself desperately in an attempt to gain some warmth.

However, when she thought about Jiang Yuanzhou's heartless look, she could not warm up no matter how hard she tried.

Qingfeng Garden was the wedding room she arranged with Jiang Yuanzhou, but now the basement here was actually a prison for her.

"Yuanzhou, I really didn't kill anyone. Please let me out..."

In the middle of the night, she had a high fever and her knees couldn't hold it anymore. She fell into the cold water and shivered.

In the dark, she felt as if she returned to the small home she once lived in. A moment ago, she and her parents were still chatting and laughing while eating dinner and watching TV.

In the next moment, everything collapsed and the smoke filled the air. She remembered being pressed under the piles of wood and slabs and she plunged into the endless darkness like this moment.

Her cries were as soft as a mosquito, and no one came to save her. In desperation, a man reached out to her and said, "Don't be afraid, I'll take you away."

That kind of strength, that kind of warmth, gave her a lot of motivation when she was extremely desperate and helpless.

After she was rescued, the man disappeared. She only remembered that he was called Jiang Yuanzhou, and she didn't even have time to thank him.

That day, she lost her parents, but in her life, there was a man named Jiang Yuanzhou.

She thought that she would miss him in this life, but she didn't expect that a few years later, she was adopted to the Ning family. The son of the Jiang family, who was close to the Ning family, was actually the Jiang Yuanzhou that she had been longing for.

At that time, she was 8 years old, and he was 21 years old. He's 13 years older than her. She should have called him uncle, but she has been stubbornly calling him 'Yuanzhou' like others.

Now, she was 21, and he was 34. She was finally with him.

However, the sudden change of fate tore them apart. In a single night, she became the person that Jiang Yuanzhou hated the most.

How did this happen?

In the hazy mist, she was crying and muttering to herself, "Yuanzhou, when can you... take me away?"

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