Chapter 8 Sleep with Her, Everyone Has a Share

Ning An, as dull as a puppet, huddled in the corner of the wall, numbly grabbing the spot where the strange man had touched her with his fingernails.

It's dirty! She's too dirty to be clean again!

The corner of her nails were filled with her flesh, and her originally fair skin has been scratched with blood. It was painful, and she wanted to hit her head to death a few times, but she did not dare to.

Only those who have experienced death know how terrible it is.

An earthquake destroyed her home, took her parents, and almost killed her.

She knew very well how difficult it was to live. If there was a glimmer of hope to live, she would spare no effort to catch it.

Moreover, the man who promised never to abandon her was here. How could she bear to die?

The bodyguards who delivered the food arrived as expected. Unlike in the past, this time there were two people.

Said one of them, "Look at her bewitching appearance. When she was under me last night, she screamed and cried so mesmerizingly."

Said the other, "It's my turn tonight. I've long taken a liking to her face. Previously, we couldn't think about her as boss's woman, but now it's different. Boss said that we all have a part in this woman. So I can be satisfied now!"

After saying that, the two men laughed and walked away. However, Ning An was like falling into an ice cave, and her body trembled violently.

Jiang Yuanzhou gave the order that everybody can have her?

How could he... How could he!

Because of a crime she didn't commit, did he have to trample her until she was broken?

Ning An slowly groped on the ground and turned over the tile, under which there was a scalpel. She tightened her grip on the handle and pressed the blade against her face.

Was it because of her face that those men were interested in her? Then she would ruin it!

Her wrist tightened, and the blade was pulled down. Her face turned cold for a moment, then something hot came out and fell onto the ground.

In this way, those people would no longer trample on her in different ways. In this way, she could barely keep her body, right?

After that, she made another cut on the other side of her face, then another, and then another...

When the basement door was opened again, Ning An turned her face towards the door and smiled widely, "Can you still be interested in my face now?"

"Ning An! What are you doing!"

The man at the door roared in anger.

Ning An let out a sigh of relief. It turned out that the person who came was Jiang Yuanzhou, not the bodyguard who said to rape her.

Her body was picked up by the man. Her face was pale. Her lips were grey and bloodless, and her light body is actually struggling.

"Don't touch me. I'm dirty. I'm too dirty..."

She was no longer clean. She kept her virginity for more than 20 years. Now she has already been insulted by someone else. Moreover, the man who insulted her was sent by the man who was holding her!

As she spoke, the wound on her face was tugged. Blood flowed out continuously and dyed Jiang Yuanzhou's white shirt red.

Jiang Yuanzhou's heart ached as he spoke with a tense expression, "Don't talk, I'll take you to the hospital."

"Don't go to the hospital! I don't want to go to the hospital. If I'm cured, they will rape me again..." Ning An's voice was filled with hopelessness and grief.

"Shut your mouth!" Jiang Yuanzhou almost growled as he drove her all the way to the hospital, wishing he could call all the doctors to treat her injuries.

Ning An has already fainted. The doctor was carefully treating her wound. The scratches on her body were easy to deal with. However, her cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead were covered with knife wounds. They were too serious to be looked at. It was worse than Xu Lu who had been disfigured.

The ward was filled with cold air from Jiang Yuanzhou's body. After the doctor was done binding up, he came to Jiang Yuanzhou in fear.

"Mr. Jiang, Miss Ning's wounds are bound up."

Jiang Yuanzhou looked up at the weak woman on the hospital bed not too far away. She was so white that she was almost transparent. It was as if she would disappear if he couldn't catch her.

He felt an inexplicable sense of panic in his heart. He asked in a deep voice, "Can her face recover?"

The doctor looked troubled, "But, it may not be able to recover. Permanent scars will be left on her face, and..."

As he spoke, Jiang Yuanzhou's face darkened and the doctor's voice trembled even more, "Furthermore, the muscle tissue on her face has been destroyed. Even after the treatment, she may not be able to make many expressions..."

"I know. There's no need to tell her about this."

After leaving the ward, Jiang Yuanzhou slammed his fist against the wall and released all his pent-up emotions.

Sometimes, he felt that he had gone too far, but when he thought about Xu Lu, all the pity was gone.

This was what Ning An deserved. He has been nice to her not to take her life.

He had to make sure she paid off everything she owed Xu Lu.

At worst, in the future, he would take care of her for the rest of her life so that she would never be hurt again.

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