Chapter 6 Please, Let Me Go

Ning An's bright eyes were now dark and lifeless, and only tears welled up.

She clutched at anything she could grab at random and begged. "Yuanzhou, please let me go. I was wrong. If you let me go, I will go far away and never appear in your eyes again, okay?"

Jiang Yuanzhou once said that as his woman, she would never beg for mercy so humbly. But now, the object of her humble begging was the man who said that he wanted to give her the whole world.

How ridiculous it was!

Jiang Yuanzhou's heart tightened for a moment when he saw her pitiful and hopeless look. Ning An was the woman he loved after all, but when he thought about Xu Lu's tragic death, he could not easily forgive Ning An.

He hated that Xu Lu was dead without a whole body. How could he let the murderer have a good life?

He also hated himself for falling in love with such a woman so blindly!

"There are two ways for you, either to plead guilty now, or let me get back everything you owe Xu Lu. Otherwise, you will never live a peaceful life!"

"Why should I confess when I am not guilty? I have no enmity with Xu Lu. I don't know why she framed me before she died!"

"No enmity? I care more about Xu Lu than I care about you. Isn't it your biggest grudge against her?! Ning An, you've done such thing before. Don't you remember how Ning Luo become blind?"

Ning An was stunned. When she was eight years old, she was adopted to the Ning family and became the eldest daughter of the Ning family and all her biological parents left was a ragged doll.

Ning Luo was the biological daughter of her foster parents, who had had love from everyone, but she still wanted to snatch Ning An's doll. When they were fighting for the doll, her beloved doll was torn. Ning An was so angry that she pushed Ning Luo. Ning Luo's face hit the glass, and the broken glass debris fell into her eyes and she become blind.

Ning An felt extremely guilty, but the Ning family finally forgave her because she was young and immature. Ning An always felt that she owed Ning Luo. She had offered to give her cornea to Ning Luo several times, but her foster parents had rejected her.

They said that Ning Luo's eyes were the result of her own ignorance and they would find her the right cornea. They should not deprive her of the opportunity to see the world because of accidents.

Ning An was extremely sorry and grateful that she had come to such a good family. Since then she had doted on Ning Luo, and hoped that she would one day repay the Ning's upbringing.

Ning Luo's eyes were always a regret in Ning An's heart, but she didn't expect Jiang Yuanzhou to take this matter out and compare it to Xu Lu's.

Jiang Yuanzhou sneered. "Because of a ragged doll, you can destroy Ning Luo's eyes. You can also kill your best friend for love!"

Ning An was so sad that she couldn't speak. Why did she become a selfish and unscrupulous woman in Jiang Yuanzhou's mouth?

Ning Luo's matter was obviously an accident, but why did he say that Ning An do it on purpose?

Or was it that he had never trusted her, so he would dig up all the dirt in her past as evidence of her wrongdoing if anything happened?

She suddenly felt that Jiang Yuanzhou was so distant, unlike the one who loved her, understood her, and cared for her.

"Jiang Yuanzhou, let me go. It might be too late to track down the real culprit now. If you keep focusing on me, then Xu Lu will really die with injustice unredressed..." Her voice was weak and tired.

"Do you think I'll believe you again? The killer is right in front of me. How can I be fooled by you again? I tell you, digging eyes is just the beginning. So wait for it!"

Jiang Yuanzhou threw her to the ground and strode away.

Ning An fell to the ground and knocked over the operating table next to her. The scalpel fell to the ground.

Thinking of Jiang Yuanzhou's words, she secretly hid a scalpel in her clothes.

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