Chapter 7 Love Him Wrong

The water in the basement was drained, and Ning An was thrown back here. It was slightly better, but it was not much better.

She was still feverish, sometimes sober, and sometimes faint.

When she was in a daze, what she said was all about Jiang Yuanzhou.

What flashed through her mind over and over again was Jiang Yuanzhou bending over to pass his warm hand to her and saying, "don't be afraid, I'll take you away."

However, when she was awake, she clearly knew that Jiang Yuanzhou would not take her away at all.

The clothes on her had never changed. She had always been in her pajamas wore that night. It was cold and thin.

She was locked in a cold and gloomy basement. A few days later, her legs began to ache. It was as if countless bugs were gnawing at her knees. It was so painful that she rolled around and cried, but she could not think of a way to ease it.

She hid the scalpel under the floor tile. Because the underground was only four or five square meters, she could still remember which floor tile it was under even if she couldn't see it.

There was no longer daytime in Ning An's world. Every day, the bodyguards opened the door to deliver food and left. She could only judge how many days had passed with the sound of the door opening or closing.

She could no longer count on Jiang Yuanzhou to be soft-hearted and let her go out. Keeping her here was already his lightest punishment.

The best way to hurt someone was to stab her in the ribs, tear her wound, and make her miserable.

How stupid was Ning An to believe Jiang Yuanzhou's promise and show him her scar so that he could take advantage of her weakness?

On the seventh day, the door was kicked open with a bang. Ning An shuddered violently. She knew that it was Jiang Yuanzhou.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, she desperately tried to hide her delicate body in a corner. She could not see anything, which made her even more afraid and vulnerable.

A few seconds later, her arm was grabbed by someone and she was lifted up by a strong force, her thin body swaying like a willow branch.

"Ning An, I really want to dig your heart out to see!"

The man's harsh voice was filled with hatred. Ning An had a fever and even her throat was hoarse, "Aren't you satisfied with my current state..."

Was it not enough to gouge her eyes, to make her never see the light again in her life, and to imprison her freedom? What else did he want?

"Xu Lu's autopsy report came out. Do you know what the medical examiner extracted from her body?"

Ning An remained silent. It turned out that there was new evidence in Xu Lu's case. But she was not the murderer at all, and no matter how hard she tried, she could not guess what had been extracted.

Jiang Yuanzhou answered her, "Xu Lu's body has semen stains from three men!"

Ning An was stunned. "What do you mean?"

She was still pretending even at this moment. Jiang Yuanzhou was practically yelling. "Before she died, she had been defiled by at least three men! Ning An, you are a madman!"

"What? Those people... How could those people do that to Xu Lu..."

How cruel those people were to defile Xu Lu and kill her without leaving her whole body behind!

Ning An was so shocked that she could not speak. However, to Jiang Yuanzhou, it was an expected calm.

Indeed, she had arranged for those people, so she was not surprised at all!

Jiang Yuanzhou wished he could tear her into pieces and gnashed his teeth and said, "Ning An, I want you to taste the feeling of being defiled!"

"No!" Ning An panicked and grabbed Jiang Yuanzhou's hand to beg. "Didn't you say that you love me? You wouldn't do this to me!"

However, Jiang Yuanzhou refused to let go of her hand. There was no emotion in his voice. "It wasn't until Xu Lu's death that I realized who was the person I really loved. But she was already dead and it was too late. The only thing I can do now is to let you the murderer who killed her be punished!"

Ning An fell to the ground and could not calm down. It turned out that the one Jiang Yuanzhou really loved was Xu Lu. That was why he lost control of his temper after Xu Lu died. That was why he wanted to sent Ning An to hell.

"Xu Lu, in the end, you won our competition..."

Ning An covered her blind eyes and cried. If she died, would Jiang Yuanzhou tell another woman that Ning An was the woman he truly loved?

Jiang Yuanzhou strode away, and a moment later there came a step different from Jiang Yuanzhou's.

Unfamiliar footsteps slowly approached and a pair of big hands grabbed Ning An's wrist. Before she could react, she was pressed to the ground in the next second.

"Who are you? Let go of me!"

Ning An wriggled and struggled, but she was slender and weak. She was not a match for a strong man at all. In a moment, her thin clothes were torn open, and she suddenly felt that she was completely cold from the inside to the outside.

Jiang Yuanzhou was really so heartless to let another man tarnish her.

That man didn't give her any chance to resist and crashed heavily into her body.

She suddenly arched her waist, so painful that she couldn't even make a sound. The feeling of despair and humiliation engulfed her entire body.

Tears streamed down from her lifeless eyes. Why? Why did he do this to her?

Why did everything turn out like this?

Just because she loved Jiang Yuanzhou, and was this the original sin of everything?

She bit the man on the shoulder and tore him hard. Blood flowed into her mouth. She thought that she was biting Jiang Yuanzhou and vented all her hatred on him.

The man was in pain, and the collision became overwhelming. Ning An let go of her mouth in pain and was eventually skinned and torn apart by the man.

"Jiang Yuanzhou, I have never done anything. You will regret it. You will definitely regret it!"

The entire basement echoed with Ning An's desperate cries. It didn't know how long she had been crying until her throat was hoarse. Only then did the man pull himself away and threw her to the ground like a piece of garbage and quickly left.

Only Ning An curled up on the ground, weeping silently.

Ning An's back was badly bruised by the rough floor tiles, but she couldn't felt it at all. She was numb and cold.

The man who used to fly into a rage even when someone hurt her tightly had actually allowed another man to defile her and hurt her.

After all, it was her who loved him wrongly.

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