Fit For Your Love



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Olivia has married Everett, a rich and formidable young man. Growing up in a slumdog, she is believed to be truly blessed by God for marrying such an outstanding man.
It is said that Everett loves her so much that he never says no to her no matter how absurd her request is. He adores her without condition.
Is that the truth? Does Everett really love her?
If it is true, then why Everett forces her to sign the divorce paper?
It it is not, why Everett gets jealous when Olivia becomes intimate with a handsome young man?



Jacqueline Maulit

beautiful story but sad ending coz there's no update till now

2022/11/1 Reply

Yanet Peca

me encanta 💖

2022/10/30 Reply

Adelaida Lopez

me gusta esta historia

2022/10/21 Reply

Adelaida Lopez

La app no me traduce al español

2022/10/21 Reply

Díganme volvió Olivia con Everett ??

2022/10/21 Reply

Dorothy Economakis

can't logg in , goes back to 1750

2022/10/18 Reply

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Julia Orick

Nice story line.

2022/10/11 Reply

Afra Ahmed

is this book complete?

2022/10/11 Reply

Afra Anika Ahmed

nice book

2022/10/11 Reply

Nelida Sunio

11,800 comments but until now the author has been missing for several months already. He/ she abandoned his/her obligation by not updating the story. He/ she just evaporate after the readers spent so many coins. Please Sofa Novel remind the author ( Fit for Your Love ).

2022/9/27 Reply

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