Chapter 12

Olivia quickly rolled to the side and dodged the kick.

Henry was stunned, then looked at Everett on the second floor. "Mr. Weston, you have a sassy wife."

Then, he turned to Olivia with sinister eyes, "But it's okay. I have plenty of time to play with her today."

After saying that, he strode towards Olivia.

Olivia had already stood up and rushed towards the people surrounding her.

She had to push them away, so that she could have the chance to leave.

But soon her hair was grasped.

Henry threw her on the floor.

This time, he threw her so hard that she fell straight on the ground.

But when she fell, she covered her belly tightly with her hands.

Even so, the moment she laid on the ground, she felt pain in her belly.


Her baby...

Henry stepped on her hand with one foot. "Do you think you can protect it with your hands like this?"

"That's impossible. Unless Mr. Weston speaks for you, I will definitely... Ouch!"

Olivia suddenly sat up and bit his leg.

Henry's face darkened instantly as he kicked Olivia's belly with the other foot.


Olivia curled up.

Blood quickly flowed from her legs.

Henry lifted his pant leg and saw a row of bright red teeth marks on his left leg. Blood was flowing from the teeth marks.

"Oh, she's not only strong, but also wild."

In the next moment, all his feet came for the belly of Olivia.

Olivia covered her belly tightly and the pain spread from her belly to her whole body.

It hurt. It hurt so much.

It's like her bones and flesh were torn apart.

She raised her head and looked at the man sitting on the second floor who kept the same expression on his face. She opened her mouth, "Everett, this is your child. It's more than four months and it's a fetus now..."

"It moves in my belly. It's very good and obedient. Never bothers me. It is really good. I beg you, let me have it..."

"You can punish me as you want. I only wish you to keep it. Even if you ask me to die, Everett..."

He held the wine glass in his hand and swayed it gently. The wine in the glass was like red silk, wrapped around his slender and fair hands, as nonchalant as ever.

It seemed that everything happened down there had nothing to do with him.

Olivia shed tears.

She knew that he wouldn't care. If he wanted to, he would have done it already.

However, she still held hopes.

After all, it was his bloodline, his child.

"Everett, I'm begging you. For the sake of our one-year marriage, save our child. I beg you..."

Melody frowned and looked at Everett opposite her. She stood up. "Henry, that's enough."

Henry finally stopped, and a pool of blood was already under Olivia's body. It's harsh when the crystal lamp shone on her.

"Melody, it's not good for you to be so kind."

Melody's face darkened. "It's none of your business!"

After saying that, she quickly went downstairs and made a phone call. "Come over now and send..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Henry snatched her phone away.

"Henry!" Melody was angry.

Henry curled his lips and looked at Everett on the second floor. "Our Mr. Weston hasn't said anything. Why are you so anxious?"

"Henry, I'm telling you, don't go too far!"

"I go too far? I'm just helping you. Who doesn't know that you're the one our Mr. Weston wants? He only married this woman to change your mind. Now that this woman has his child. If he doesn't settle it properly, how could you stay together well in the future?"

"Right? Our great Mr. Weston."

Olivia was shocked and her eyes widened. She looked at the people on the second floor.

At this moment, all her pain disappeared. And everything surrounding became far away from her. The only thing left in her line of sight was that man.

Everett, was it true?

I was just a pawn for you to save the one you loved?

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