Chapter 11

The surrounding crowd voluntarily made way for Henry.

At the same time, two people came out from upstairs.

Melody was still elegant even in ordinary clothes. Everett, who was wearing a shirt and a pair of trousers, had a good figure and was handsome.

Melody looked at Olivia below. A strange light flashed across his eyes.

Olivia, it was really her!

"Melody, I have a surprise for you. When I bring Everett with me in an hour, you will know if Everett really loves you."

An hour ago, Henry called her and said this.

Then she brought Everett.

Henry, you really haven't let me down.

"Oh, I don't know where I found this woman." Melody said and sat down on the sofa.

Everett, that woman's down there. You want to save her?

Everett stood in front of the fence and looked down, his eyes misty.

At this moment, no one knew what he was thinking. Even Melody, who had known him for so many years, could not see through his heart.

Henry came to Olivia and grabbed her chin. Olivia avoided him and glared at him vigilantly. "Who are you? What are you going to do?!"

Henry's hand remained frozen in the air as he pinched Olivia. He curled his lips and looked around. "Mr. Weston's ex-wife is indeed unusual!"

In an instant, everyone burst into laughter. Olivia's face darkened. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

After she finished speaking, she ran around.

However, wherever she ran, she was stopped and pushed. Soon after, Olivia was pushed to the ground.

Henry squatted in front of her and his hand landed on her stomach. "Oh, Mr. Weston's child is still here."

"You are not allowed to touch me!"

Olivia trembled, shook off Henry, and covered her stomach with hands. "I tell you, you are breaking the law! I'll call the police! Call the police!"

"Well, call the police? She said 'call the police'?" Henry looked around.

The laughter around them grew louder. Olivia's eyes turned red, and tears rolled in her eyes.

She knew too well what she was going through.

But there was no way. No one could save her.

She had to save herself.

Before she could come up with a solution, Henry stood up. "I heard that Everett has been looking for you for a long time just to find his child. Now, it is here. Do you think we should get it down for our Mr. Weston?"

After saying that, he looked at the person on the second floor.


"Right? Mr. Weston."

Olivia shuddered and slowly raised her head.

The man was wearing a white shirt, whose color didn't match the environment here.

He held a glass of red wine, his lips thin, and eyebrows sharp.

Even if he didn't say anything now, his appearance made the surroundings quiet down.

Domineering, powerful.


Her husband.

Her favorite man.

There he was...

Olivia's heart tightened, and her nails penetrated her palm.

So, you've been watching, right?

Melody looked at Everett and then Olivia.

Her eyes were red and wide open. Her tears were flowing, which aroused love and affection.

What a pair of beautiful eyes!

Unfortunately, she came from the wrong family.

"Come on, you guys, let's see how we can get our Mr. Weston's child down. Anyone who manages to do it will enjoy free alcohol in Golden Night in the whole coming year."

Henry pointed at the people surrounding Olivia, his peach blossom eyes full of bewitching charm.

However, no one moved.

Although they heard that Everett and Olivia were divorced, the child in her womb was still Everett's.

They didn't dare to touch her.

Henry smirked. "Two years."

"Three years."

The huge venue was completely silent.

Everyone lowered their heads.

Henry lowered his head. He smiled.

He unbuttoned his expensive wristwatch, threw it to the ground, rolled up his sleeves, and said carelessly. "Since none of you dare to help Mr. Weston, I will."

After that, he kicked at the belly of Olivia.

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