Chapter 2

Olivia signed the divorce agreement. The next morning, the lawyer Mr. Cruz passed by and handed her a thick document. "This is the alimony Mr. Weston gave you. There are properties, funds, stocks, and cars in it. You might want to take a look."

Olivia looked at the document and pushed it back. "No."

Before they got married, she did not help him much, nor did she help him after they got married.

She doesn't deserve this stuff.

Said the lawyer, "Madam, this was Mr. Weston's order."

Olivia paused and looked at the lawyer. "Where is he?"

"Mr. Weston is on a business trip and will be back in a week."

"Mr. Weston said that he transferred the ownership this week. You will go to the civil affairs bureau when he returns one week later."

Olivia nodded and looked at the document again. A few seconds later, she took it and opened it.

The lawyer saw her open it and began to elaborate. "madam, you'll get a lot. A mansion worth 100 million in the northern suburbs, an apartment worth 50 million in the downtown, and other nice business properties with the value of 600 million dollars, and..."

"Mr. Cruz." Olivia interrupted him.

"Yes, madam."

"I don't want any of this. I only want the villa I'm staying in now, is that okay?"

This villa bred their recollections and was the only place she wanted.

Mr. Cruz called Everett. Melody, who went abroad with Everett, was sitting next to him at an altitude of two thousand feet.

After hearing Mr. Cruz's words, Everett lifted his eyes. His dark eyes were unfathomable. His thin lips opened and closed, and his cold and heartless words reached the other end of the phone. "Let her be."

"Okay, Mr. Weston."

Seeing Everett hang up the phone, Melody smiled and held Everett's arm. "I seem to have caused you trouble."

"Not at all." Everett put his phone away and continued to read the magazine.

Melody saw that he was not happy or angry, but she knew that he was not in a good mood. She took the magazine away from him and said domineeringly, "Everett, look at me."

Everett squinted at her. His eyes were deep and unfathomable, which made people feel scared.

However, Melody was not afraid. She had been with him for five years and had already understood this man.

If she hadn't made a mistake, why would she allow him to marry another woman?!

"I'm back. If you don't cherish me, I won't come back no matter what you do in the future, okay?"

As usual, she was overbearing and powerful. This was her, Melody.

She was the woman Melody that he liked.

Everett lifted her chin and rubbed her chin with his fingers. The darkness in his eyes moved slowly, "Melody, this is your only chance as well."

The paperwork was done quickly, and Mr. Cruz left. Olivia called him, "Mr. Cruz."

Mr. Cruz turned around, "Madam."

Olivia subconsciously held onto the contract of the villa that belonged to her. Looking at Mr. Cruz, her eyes were filled with care and anticipation. "On the day we go to the civil affairs bureau, he will come back and go with me, right?"

She wanted to see him again and take a good look at him.


That afternoon, Olivia rented an apartment downtown and began looking for work online.

This year she stopped working and became a housewife at home.

Now she's going out to work.

It's just that she was not a bachelor, she had graduated from a night school, so it was hard to get a decent job.

However, she didn't care. She had self-knowledge.

Soon, she found a job as a sales rep for a cosmetics company and submitted her resume, then she got an interview for the job tomorrow.

Olivia smiled and looked gentle. Everyone in this world could live without anyone.

She had to make a living and had no time to grieve.

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