Chapter 5

Olivia was monitored. She would be followed no matter what she did.

She knew that her mother-in-law was afraid that she would take the child away with her.

Because she kept denying the existence of this child.

She was in panic.

She knew very well that she could not have this child.

No matter what she said, she would have no say.

However, no matter how scared she was, Everett still came back.

The next morning, Everett arrived at the ward.

He was dressed in a suit with a coat on his wrist. He was handsome and had an imposing aura.

He just showed up in front of her.

Olivia looked at him and felt as if it had been ages.

The guards left and closed the door. Everett took a stool and sat down in front of the bed.

His legs were crossed, and the boss's calm aura was completely exposed.

Olivia sat up subconsciously and reached out to hang the coat in his hand.

This had been a well-ingrained habit of hers in the past year.

But her hand froze in the air, because Everett had put his overcoat at the end of the bed.

The man looked at her belly, "Pregnant?"

It was a quiet conversation as usual.

Olivia curled her fingers and withdrew her hands. She lowered her head, "No, the test result was wrong."

By this time, she also insisted that she was not pregnant.

Everett looked at her face for a minute and said, "Abort it."

Abort it...

Olivia's eyes widened. She stared at Everett in disbelief.

This was his child, how could he ask her to abort it so easily?

No, she was not pregnant.

Olivia shook her head, "I... I'm not pregnant..."

She clutched the blanket tightly with her nails turning up and her knuckles turning white.

Even so, her breathing was heavy and her body was trembling.

She took a deep breath and suppressed her frantic emotions. She steadied her pounding heart, and every word she said was firm. "Everett, I'm not pregnant."

"Believe me."

Everett looked at her for a long time and stood up. "I'll arrange the doctor for you. Have a good rest."

The man left and his straight back made people feel that they would be safe with him by their side and that he was so reliable, but he said such cruel and merciless words.

Olivia's eyes turned red in the blink of an eye and her fingernails broke.

"I want this child. His surname will be Hadley in the future, not Weston. He will have nothing to do with the Westons. Everett, is that okay?"

She knew how unreasonable and insensible her request was to Everett.

However, she couldn't do it. She really couldn't abort this child.

It's their child.

A child of his blood...

Everett raised his head slightly, and he turned cold in an instant.

"Olivia, you are being unreasonable."

The ward became quiet.

Olivia looked at him with reddened eyes.

She said, as if she had exhausted all her strength, "Everett, this is the only time I get unreasonable. This is the only time, okay?"


Olivia fell on the bed and tears rolled down.

During this year, he had treated her so well that it was outrageous. Everyone outside said that she must have had burned a lot of incense in her past life to get this man's love. She also felt lucky.

However, who would have thought that the person who once doted on her would be so heartless to her at this moment?

A dream was a dream.

It was not true.

If you took it seriously, you would lose.

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