Chapter 6

The doctor examined her quickly and arranged for her to have a operation.

Olivia didn't cry or make a scene. She just closed her eyes and waited for it to end.

If Everett had let her down, she would do everything to keep the child.

However, Everett treated her very well and made her willing to accept his cruelty s even if he didn't love her.

However, she didn't expect her mother-in-law to come when she was about to be pushed into the operating room.

"Stop right there!" Olivia opened her eyes.

Her mother-in-law came over angrily and pointed at the doctor. "Burke, are you really going to do this?"

Dr. Burke was helpless. "Leona, your son doesn't want the child, and there's nothing I can do."

"He doesn't want it, but I want it! I will raise my own grandson!"


"What? Hurry up and send her back. Otherwise, our friendship for decades will be over!"

Leona said in a dominant manner. And Dr. Burke had no choice but to send Olivia back to the ward.

"Let's be Frank. If Everett comes to me, I will tell him it's because of you that..."

"Tell him! Let him come to me if there's anything wrong!"

"Alright, that's a relief to hear!"

When Olivia returned to the ward, she repeated the conversation between her mother-in-law and Dr. Burke just now.

She covered her relatively flat abdomen and whispered. "Baby, you're still here, aren't you?"

It's not a dream. It's true?

Leona came here quickly, and said to her, "Since both of you don't want this child, I will keep it. From now on, there will be someone taking care of you until you give birth to the child safely."

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Olivia stopped her. "Mom."

Leona stopped and looked at her with displeasure.

Olivia clutched her abdomen tightly and stared at her. "Mom, if this child is born..."

Leona interrupted her before she could finish. "The child will have nothing to do with you. You and Everett can do whatever you want."

Olivia grabbed her clothes in an instant.

It had nothing to do with her, but this was her child...

Olivia didn't know where her courage came from. She sat up. "Mom, can I take this child away?"

Leona stared at her in disbelief. "What are you talking about?"

How could a divorced woman take the Weston Family kid away?

Did she even know what she was talking about?

"This is my child. I want to raise him up by myself. I..."

"Shut up! This child has blood flowing from our Weston Family. How could I let you take him away? Olivia, don't make deals with me. Listen to me, I can give you money, but you can't take this child away!"

Her mother-in-law left angrily, and Olivia smiled bitterly.

She knew how naive her thoughts were, but she felt painful thinking that this child would have nothing to do with her in the future.

SHS Group, the skyscrapers towered into the sky. The view on the 56th floor was broad enough to look down on everything.

It was the tallest building in F City and was a symbol of power and status.

Everett stood in front of the large French window and looked down at the row upon row of tall buildings. His eyes were deep.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door, and then Davis came in.

"Mr. Weston, I heard from the hospital that your mother had taken Miss Hadley away."

His dark eyes moved, and a layer of coldness covered his eyes. "When?"

"An hour ago."

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