Chapter 13

All eyes were on Everett, who was on the second floor.

Finally, he stood up and went downstairs.

He came to Melody and held her in his arms. "Let's go."

From beginning to the end, he did not look at Olivia.

Joy welled up in Melody's eyes, but she pretended to be worried, "Let's send her to the hospital. No matter what happened, she's still your ex-wife."

"It's fine."

Melody's joy instantly filled her face, and she could not help but smile.

He really only had her in his heart.

The two of them turned and left.

A weak voice fell into their ears.

A voice very soft, very gentle.


Melody stopped and frowned. She quickly turned to look at Olivia on the ground.

Her hair was messy, her face was pale and almost transparent, and there was no color on her lips.

But her eyes were bright and clear.

She looked at Everett word by word. "Have you ever loved me? Even for a while."

Everett looked at her. Her shadow was completely reflected in his dark eyes and dyed his black eyes red.


Olivia nodded and slowly released her hand that was covering her stomach.

She had to listen to his answer herself before she gave up.

Indeed, the poor couldn't afford to play games with the rich.

Olivia, you were so pathetic.

The person who was the stubborn and strong a moment ago was now lying on the ground like a dead person, silent.

Everett's dark eyes moved and he left with Melody in his arms.

Melody was content.

It was the most comfortable night of the year.

"Everett, let's get engaged."


Henry narrowed his eyes at the people who had left, with a somber look.

"Throw her out."

Everett had won the game.

Olivia was thrown out, covered in blood. Nobody took care of her.

Anything could happen in The Golden Night.

Olivia opened her eyes.

In the night sky, the stars were bright and a crescent moon hung on it.

The memories of this year flashed through her mind, and then they slowly faded away from her memory.

Everett, I wish I never knew you, if I could.

A white car was driving on the road. Soon, the person in the back seat of the car said. "Dan, stop the car."

"Yes, young master."

The car braked slightly and the door opened. Brayden immediately ran over.

"Miss? Hey Miss, are you okay?"

Dan came to him. "Young master."

"Dan, she seems to be seriously injured. We need to send her to the hospital."

Dan looked at the gold-plated words "Golden Night" and said, "Young master, it's none of our business. We'd better leave."

Brayden's face turned serious instantly. "Dan, I might leave her alone if I didn't see her. But I can't just leave since I have already seen her!"

After saying that, he picked up Olivia and got into the car.

Dan sighed. Young master was always so kind.

The car quickly drove into a hospital nearby. Brayden carried Olivia into the hospital, but when he put her on the bed and saw her face, his eyes widened.


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