Chapter 9

She sent the pastries over and went to find the man who asked her to buy them. "Sir, the pastries are here."

The man held a glass of wine in his hand and looked at her carefully. Her long hair was pulled back in a ball, but it hung loosely at the back of her head because of her busy schedule, and a lot of shredded hair fell as a result.

She had no makeup, and her face was small, but her skin was red due to the sunlight. And her eyes were big and bright.

She was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a loose t-shirt with a round neck. So, there was nothing on her that was worthy looking at.

If there was really something different, it was a sense of freshness.

What was new?

It was her poverty, of course.

"Alright, I'm very satisfied. Wait a minute."

He went to get Harry.

If his friend liked a woman, then he would send her to him.

Olivia didn't know what the man wanted her to wait for, but she wondered if he thought that she had served him well, so he was prepared to tip her, so she stood there and waited.

The man walked up to Harry and pointed at Olivia, who was out of place at the party. "Here, your favorite aunt."

Harry didn't figure it out so he just stopped thinking about it. Now, he was holding a model in his arms and kissing her.

When Harry heard what he said, he immediately let go of the model and looked over.

However, he could only see half of Olivia's face as she didn't look this way.

Harry immediately walked towards her.

The model called him in displeasure. "Harry!"

She wanted to chase after him, but was blocked by the man. "Hey, little temptress, your Harry is obsessed with some aunt now. How about you accompany me?"

The model immediately leaned over coquettishly. "Of course I am willing to."

The two flirted and Harry came to Olivia to take a closer look.

Olivia was shocked as a person suddenly appeared in front of her. "You..."

"Have we met somewhere before?"

Harry interrupted Olivia and looked inquiringly at the her.

Olivia shook her head immediately. "Sir, we haven't met before."

The person in front of her was tall and thin, and he was not very well-looking, but he was obviously rich.

There was no one else among the rich she knew but Everett.

After Olivia finished speaking, she lowered her head. "Sir, I still have work to do. I should go now."

She saw what the men and women was doing in the corners of the party. Some were kissing and some were having sex directly.

It was not a good place. She needed to get out of here as soon as possible.

After Olivia finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Harry watched her leave. As she walked into the sunlight, something suddenly occurred to her and she clapped her hands. "I remembered!"

She let out a sudden sound and everyone around looked at her, but Harry didn't care. He immediately took out his phone and ran out.

At this moment, in the makeup room of the studio.

Melody sat in the chair and was drinking a glass of lemonade.

A man was leaning against the dressing table next to her. He was wearing a black shirt, and the button on his shirt collar was opened to the fourth button, showing the casualness of him

The man curled his lips and crossed his legs, throwing off an aura of evilness.

"Melody, as you friend, I'm worried about you now."

Melody had exquisite makeup on her face and was dressed in the latest fashion of luxury brand O'Dell.

She was a model, a designer and a hit in fashion circle.

She's got a runway show in ten minutes.

Her red lips curved slightly, and her cold eyes were sharp. "Your presence here worries me instead."

"Oh, is it because of Everett?" A cold light flashed in the man's eyes.

Melody sneered. "Henry, I've already made myself clear. If you keep hanging around me, we can't even be normal friends."

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Henry looked at her graceful back and smiled widely. "Melody, I am here as a friend to remind you that that woman ran away with the child of the man you love most. And don't forget that that woman has been with Everett for a year and they have done a lot of things that you and Everett didn't do."

"And maybe Everett wants to let her off on purpose. Otherwise, with Everett's ability, how could he not even find a woman?"

Melody clenched her hands.

Henry walked over and stopped beside her. He bent over and leaned closer to her ear. "Melody, the things between men and women are quite similar. Think about it for yourself."

Then Henry left. Melody's eyes were filled with emotions.

After knowing that the woman was pregnant, her heart felt like it had a thorn in it, and she couldn't pull it out no matter how hard she tried!

Henry got into the car and started the engine. And then his phone rang.

He turned on the bluetooth and turned the wheel. "Hello."

"Brother, it's Harry. I saw that woman today!"


"Everett's wife!"

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