Chapter 4

Olivia was sent to the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department. The result of the examination came out very quickly. She was pregnant for six weeks.

Leona looked at the examination report and smiled happily. But what Olivia felt was complicated.


How could she be pregnant?

Every time Everett would wear the condom. How could she be pregnant when they were filing for a divorce?

It was so unbelievable that Olivia felt excited.

The baby belonged to them...

Leona called her father and her husband immediately. She was extremely excited.

However, Olivia got worried when she saw how excited the mother was.

Who would this baby belong to in that case she got pregnant before the divorce?

The baby would belong to her or the Weston Family. Or she should abort the baby?

She clenched her fists tightly.

No, she couldn't admit that she was pregnant!

Olivia said immediately, "Mother, I'm not pregnant!"

Leona looked at her as if she was looking at an idiot. She didn't want to talk with her right now.

She held her phone and went out.

She wanted to call Everett. But somehow, she couldn't get through to him.

Olivia saw her mother-in-law go out knowing that would be troublesome if she did not tell her that she was about to divorce with Everett.

"Mother, I'm divorced from Everett. I can't be pregnant!"

Leona stunned, "What did you say?"

[Hyatt Hotel, California, USA.]

Davis went to the hotel to report it to Everett after answering Leona's call.

He was Everett's principal secretary.

The door was opened and Melody stood in front of him in a sexy silk night-robe.

Davis lowered his head and greeted, "Miss Johnson."

Melody looking at his expression said, "Go in. Everett is in the cloakroom."

A smart woman was sensible.


Davis went straight to the cloakroom. Everett was standing in front of the mirror buttoning his shirt.

The man's exquisite feature was god's best masterpiece. He had a perfect figure and a pair of brooding and mysterious eyes.

He had done business for many years. He was mature, successful and charming.

"What's up?"

Davis said, "Madam is pregnant."

His hands stopped and the atmosphere changed.

Even Melody who was leaning against the door and swilling her wine glass was stunned.

A minute later, Davis left. Melody smirked and looked at Everett mockingly. "Pregnant? What's going on here, Everett?"

Everett took his suit Jacket and put it on. His tone as indifferent as ever. "An accident."

Melody dropped her glass on the floor. "An accident? You broke up with me and got married at random just because Henry kissed me. Now that you've got another woman pregnant. What do you think of me?"

Her pride couldn't be trampled on like this!

Especially not by Everett!

Everett finally looked at her. His eyes rarely became gentle. "Melody, I had given you the chance."

Melody laughed. "So, you're just taking revenge on me?"

Everett turned around and walked in front of her. The gentleness in his eyes faded and became cold. "I told you, it was an accident."

Melody turned around and turned back two seconds later. The anger on her face had faded completely. She returned to her confident smile. "Alright, I'll pay for my mistakes in the past. I won't interfere with how you deal with them. But remember one thing. I can still live without you!"

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