Her Innocence

Chapter 1

I walked through the streets full of people. Today was the best day at restaurant because I got what I deserved. Due to my hardworking my boss doubled my salary and that's all what I wanted .I can't even thank God properly for how much he is giving me.

I smiled as I thought about Alice, she would be so happy after knowing, well that's all I can say and imagine. She don't want me to work at the restaurant because it destroys her "rich fake" image. I don't know what I will do with her.

As soon as I got in front of my flat, I took out the key from my pocket. Even tho we live in a dangerous society which is famous for gambling and criminal but that's all I can afford for now. Maybe one day we can buy a good flat in certain good area. Twisting the knob I entered in the flat and a gasp escaped my mouth.

"ALICE!" I shouted in pure anger as rage took over my body.

She was making out with a dude whom I don't know.

She flinched and pushed the guy away. Her face was red as if embarrassed, obviously I caught her.

"A-Amora what are you during here so early." She spoke hesitatingly.

I glared at the guy. "You may leave now." I snickered at him.

As soon as he left I shut the door with such force that it seemed it will come out of it's hinges and turned towards her.

"Restaurant was closed because of some issue." I lied because she ruined my mood.

She made an oh, face and was about to go in her room but I stopped her with my words.

"Whenever I'm not home, you do this." I stated angrily while indicating towards the sofa, where she was minutes ago. She turned towards me with a disappointed expression on her face.

"You don't trust me? Why you always have to hurt me." She said with sad voice.

"No it's not like th-" She cuts me off with a furious yell. "Than what?"

I didn't know what to say she always do this whenever I caught her with some dude and starts to inquire from her she would act hurt and all sad. That's all because of her rich friends, they made Alice like them.

"Fine calm down." I said making her tensed shoulder relaxed a bit.

"By the way Amora tomorrow my friends are coming you can join us too because tomorrow is Sunday."

I don't even want to see her disgusting friends even though they are rich but they're nasty. They got no manners. There attitude is on cloud nine.


I was in my room reading my book I like reading novels. But I couldn't concentrate because of the voices. Her friends are here and they don't seem to look like humans at all. It seems like I opened a zoo in my house and the animals are going crazy over that one filthy song.

"Arghh! I should do something I can't let Alice be friends with them they will ruin her." I said worriedly to my own self. I don't like rich people I just hate them from the bottom of my heart.

"Amoraaaaaaa!" I flinched as Alice opened the door all of a sudden while screaming on top of, her lungs.

"What? " I questioned annoyed. "Come out, my friends wants to meet you." She said happily.

Oh no!

I smiled and told her that I'm coming, fixing my clothes I made my way out. My mouth dropped as soon as they came in front of my innocent eyes.

"JESUS!" Was the only word I could say. This is my home not a BAR! How dare Alice bring boys too? How dare they drink alcohol in my house? How dare these boys look at me like that? I didn't even wasted a single minute and shouted!

"You! How dare you drink alcohol in my apartment. ALICE how dare you bring boys huh?"

They all looked at me shocked.

"You!" I said pointing at the dude who was continuously looking at me "I will scoop your eyes out don't look at me like that!"

I turned towards Alice. "Make them leave in 5 minutes otherwise I know how to make them leave!" I said before walking towards my room.

This is my apartment. MINE!


"As you know David I'm so tired of work, you should know what you had to do." I said looking at him.

"I know boss but today we got a meeting as you know." He informed respectfully "I'm aware about that meeting and, you can do that work tomorrow." He nodded.

"But I'm so tired of Alice I'm bored with her plus you know when she came to me she was already used, I want pure this time."

He frowned. "But boss it's hard to find the pure one." I raised my brow at him. "I had given you some work and it's on you how you do it." I yelled at him making him tense but his expressions all of a sudden changed and he smiled widely.

"Boss, Alice has an older sister. I forgot her name but as you know the girls,we bring to you must be known like, every bit about her life and as far as I remember she got an older sister who is totally opposite of her!"

An evil smirk appeared on my face. "Good job."

"But boss how we will bring her to you?" He asked. "Nice question as you know Alice is so fond of money if we tell her that we will give double money she will surely do anything to bring her sister and I'm pretty sure no matter how hard her sister will be she will melt after seeing my handsome face like every other girl do."

We both laughed evilly.


"Amora how can you do that, you insulted me in front of them, they will make fun of me." Alice shouted in pure anger but I wasn't having it at all.

"You know what! I don't want you to be friends with them they will destroy you and, you'll be just like them." I shouted back

"Destroy huh? You know nothing, I'm already destroyed let me tell you one thing I sell myself for money you heard it." She said before shutting the door behind her leaving me alone in my room.

I was shocked and speechless. She said she sell herself for money. I was doing so much hard work in the restaurant just for her so that she doesn't feel poor and here she just. I felt disgusted by only saying those words.


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