Chapter 8

I gasped when he grabbed my wrist and jerked me towards himself making me land on his lap.  It took me a little time to process what really happened with me. My hands were on his chest. My eyes were widened by the sudden interaction between us. I was on his damn lap. He was rubbing my thighs making circles on it with his fingers. I try to stand but he grabbed my waist not letting me move. What the hell does he think he's doing?

"Keep sitting." He ordered. I kept sitting there,looking everywhere but not him. He once again started making circles on my thigh. Jerk!

"What is this?" He asked pointing towards my tights. "What is what?" I asked back. He sighed heavily before turning his face towards me. "Woman, why are you wearing these tights?" He asked. He sounds pissed. I can do whatever he wants just for my sister but wearing half revealing clothes or do something illegal for him,obviously no.

"You can't say anything about this. I don't like wearing revealing clothes."

I stated. He hummed as if he was amazed.

He started eating his food. Isn't he going to leave me. Am I going to keep sitting here on his lap. All of a sudden he stopped and looked at me. "Feed me." He ordered once again.  WHAT? WHAT? NO! I kept looking at him don't know what to say. Is he a child? He raised his brows at me, waiting for me to feed him.

"You have hands right? So you can eat y-yourself." I said nervously. He smirked and brought his left hand towards his face. He looked at his hand and than at me. "And do you know that these hands can choke your sister to death." He snickered.

Without wasting any other second I grabbed the frock and started feeding him. He smirked. He knows how to blackmail me. He is so cruel. While I was feeding him I couldn't stop but to think about Alice. Is she doing fine? Should I ask him?  Yes I should, there is nothing to be scared about, I'm asking about  my sister.

"Umm is my sister fine?" I asked as I looked at him. He was already looking at me. He kept looking at me for awhile before answering.  "She's fine until your obeying me." He replied. I don't understand, what does he wants from us. Why is he keeping me as his maid. Why did he kidnapped my sister?

"W-Why are you doing this?" I asked. I can see that he was getting irritated by my questions. "Woman you ask a lot. Shut your mouth and feed me or I know how to make you shut" He said while playing with my hairs. Idiot, jerk. I hate him. He will burn in hell. I never felt so helpless, never. I remembered the old days when my parents was alive, those days were gold. My father died due to heart attack and after that our mother took care of us. She was strong always protecting us but we lost her too. It was hard for me and Alice. We both were left alone in this whole world. She only got me and I only got her but she changed. I failed to protect her from bad people.

After feeding him I collected the plates on the table and was about to stand but he once again grabbed my waist, not letting me go. Seriously has he forgotten that I'm a human. I'm working from the whole day and now when I'm free I gotta company him.

I slightly glared at him. "Did I told you to leave." He asked. "I want to go." I replied. He brought his face way too close to me and told me to repeat what I said but I couldn't even speak because he was looking hell angry.

"N-nothing." I said and he smiled, actually a sarcastic smile. "Good." He said and leaned on the sofa, grabbing his phone he started doing some work on it. I kept sitting there. My whole back was paining and I was hungry plus extremely sleepy. People are so bad nowadays. I looked at him and find him playing games on his phone. I grinned my teeth in anger. Such a ridiculous person.

Without wasting any other second I stood up grabbed his head and banged it on the glass table. His forehead started bleeding badly. I punched his leg making him fell on his knees and than I punched his jaw making him fall on the floor. Not giving him a single second to breath I jumped on top of him and started to punch his face. Knocking his soul out but nah before he could completely faint. I grabbed his collar and made him stand as soon as he stood up I punched his throat making his ear bleed and he fall on the floor. The end.

I blinked my eyes. I was just imagining that. I slowly turned my head to look at him. My breath hitched when I found him staring at me. His phone was on his table. His left hand was on my thigh and right hand was on my waist. It was like he caught me dozing off. Shit! I kept looking at him waiting for him to say something.

"So how was it?" He asked. I looked at him confused. "What?" I asked back as I couldn't understand what he was trying to say. "Do you feel good after killing me?" He asked. Oh my god how did he know. Is he a mind reader. "Yes!" I replied. Ohh noo. Shit! Shit! Shit! "I mean no." I said.

"Oh really, how did you killed me?" He asked. Atmosphere was getting awkward as I didn't knew what to say and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable on his lap. "Ah I need to go." I said before standing and grabbing the dishes. He grabbed my wrist and tried to stop me but I somehow managed to make him leave my wrist. As soon as he left my wrist I almost run to the door. I could hear him laughing.

Bloody Rascal!

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