Chapter 4

A groan left my mouth as I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was blurred, it took me some great time to adjust my sight. My forehead was throbbing from pain. My neck was hurting badly as if it will break anytime. My hands automatically made their way towards my neck rubbing the place that bastard injected me. Did they kidnapped me too? I looked around the room in which I was currently. It was really dark but I can see one side of the room clearly. It was beautiful like really beautiful and looked really expensive as if I'm in a palace. The bed I was laying on looked hell expensive and the silk bed sheets made it even more beautiful. The room was filled with a manly scent. It was strong and I really liked it. Suddenly I remembered Alice. Where is she? Why am I here? As I was about to stand I heard a really heavy and soothing voice which made me flinched.

"How are you feeling woman?" A manly voice spoke. I quickly turned to find a man sitting on the chair which was in the corner of the room. I couldn't see his face but I can tell someone was sitting and was looking at me all this time. Quickly Standing on my feet I look around the room in order to find my bag and phone but they weren't there. What kind of shit is this?

"Who are you?" I inquired as sweat formed on my forehead. "You're future." He stated normally as if he's telling me the price of chocolates.

"W-What?" I asked confused.

I heard him chuckling making me goosebumps to appear all over my body. It was so dark and deep that it scared me to the core. I was wondering if he was a human or a ghost as still i couldn't see his face because of the darkness.

"Where is my sister?" I asked hesitatingly.

"You care a lot about her. Don't you?" He asked as if it was not obvious. "Obviously! She is my sister we are not like ya'll emotionless creeps!" I spitted fire at him. There was a pin drop silence in the room and I weirdly felt like I've done a sin. But mustering up the courage I spoke again "Why did you kidnapped my sister for money when you guys are this much rich." I spoke while indicating to this posh room.

I waited for his answer but got something unexpected. "Shut up woman you talk a lot" He almost growled at me. The way he spoke really scared me to the core but I will not show it. It made me angry too. "You shut up! Firstly you kidnapped me and my sister so I got the right to ask everything." I heard him growling my eyes almost popped out when I heard his growl. Is he a wolf? "Come sit on my lap." He ordered making me stunned as my blood boiled in anger. "How dare you? Don't you have any shame? Why in the world I'm here?" I screeched.

Without thinking much I made my way towards the door not waiting for his reply and tried to open it but it was locked. Great! I started to bang and kick the door yelling for help but oh, well no one is human here. But I didn't stopped and continued to kick the door.

From inside I was scared out of my wits but I will definitely not show him that.

"Woman I don't repeat myself come sit on my lap." He ordered his voice menacing once again. I turn to look at him and find him sitting on the chair. "Shut up!" I yelled at him and started to bang on the door once again. "Woman!" He rasped as if warning me but I wasn't listening to him. I turned to look at him again and he was still on the chair. So I try to turn the knob and applied my full force but no use. I turn to look at him again but badly flinched back, when I saw him right in front of me I stepped back pushing my self on the door. He put his both hands at either side of my head with a loud thud making me flinch as my eyes widened.

He was really tall and muscular. His hairs were light brown and thick. His eyebrow was really dark. Lashes were thick and really long. His eye color was just like his hair light brown. His skin was sun tanned. Jaw was so sharp like a knife with light subtle covering it. He was really handsome to be honest. But at the same time his eyes looked so cold and his face was emotionless.

He banged his hands on the door again making me flinch as I gulped in my scream.

"As I said I don't repeat myself and you made me do it." He hissed on my face. I felt my hands trembling, worst scenarios roaming in my mind. I couldn't even utter a word as if a ghost is standing in front of me.

"Come here." He stated and grabbed my small hands in his large calloused ones, pushing me towards the bed making me fell on it. My mind was filled with so many horrified thoughts. I didn't understand what in the world was happening with me. What play was going on? In no seconds I find him hovering on me, he was about to kneel on the bed but I kicked his face with my foot right on his nose making him groan in pain and move away. I quickly grabbed the lamp from beside me crawling towards him I was about to hit him but he was fast enough to grab my wrist which was holding the lamp. His eyes were red and filled with rage. He was looking like a beast. His eyes were spiting fire at me. Oh, I think I had awoken the beast but I did it just to defend myself. My heart was thudding wildly in my chest. He grabbed my wrist even tighter making me hiss in pain and drop the lamp on the floor. It shattered into pieces making a huge noise of crashing. I try to hit him from my left hand but he grabbed my left wrist too. I was at the dead end. He brought his face near me looking at me like a predator. Suddenly a scene come in my mind I saw this in a movie when a man hit the other man with his head on his nose and his nose started to bleed. If I will hit this man's face he will leave me than I will take the chance and will protect myself from the broken glasses. Sounds good to me.

Without thinking twice I did the same thing but in fact of making him feel pain it felt like I was caressing him. I did it once again with double force but it was like I was just massaging him. I look at him and found him smirking. "Nice try!" He said pushing me on the bed and in no seconds he was on top of me as he growled almost inhumanly.

"You're so dead woman."

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