Chapter 3

As I took the money from my boss he asked if everything was fine and obviously I said yes because as the kidnapper said come alone and I know if my boss came to know about the situation he would do anything to help me and it's not like I don't want his help it's just that I'm more worried about Alice if I break the rule the kidnapper will surely hurt her.

I left the restaurant and walked to the building where I'm going to meet the kidnapper. It was pretty far from the city almost in the forest but I still choose to walk. I don't know in which condition she will be. I just want to see her fine and healthy. Well I should not expect good from that kidnapper. All I can do is pray.

Soon I was standing in front of the building. Damn! This place is really scary not even a single person is here. The building was very old and was surrounded by trees which were making there way in the building through the windows. I can hear some horrifying voices which made me scared to the core. So I didn't wasted anytime and made my way in the building.

The building was even more older from inside like it will fall any time. I started to hear some horrifying voices again. Seriously why in the world he has to choose this place only. I look around the area and found a small steel rod on the floor it was not so big but it will be helpful if anything happens, taking my steps further I bent down and held the rod in my hands. I heard some footsteps behind me quickly turning around I saw a man. I took some steps back. He was really tall with broad chest. His hairs were blonde and he was having a cut on his forehead till eyebrow. He looked really cold. Maybe he is the kidnapper. But he looked like a fine rich man.

"Where is my sister?" I rasped in anger. "Did you bring the money?" He asked with no interest. "Yes! But I want my sister first." I said hoping that he won't be stubborn. He looked at me from head to toe for awhile and then spoke. "First give me the money." He snickered at me. I can't trust him. "First give me my sister?"

I kept arguing with him that I want my sister back but he being that cold and stubborn brat wasn't even budging from his statement. "Where is my sister? " I asked "First give me the money. " He replied. I seriously wanted to cut his throat right now. Shutting my eyes in pure frustration I blurted out. "I won't give you my money until I see my sister." I hissed. "Okay than I'll order my men to kill her." He said calmly while taking out his phone. My eyes widened and in a speed of light I grabbed his hand which was holding the phone. He looked at me with his raised brows.

"Please! I will give you my money just take me to my sister. Once I will see her I will give you the money plus I can't run anywhere. " I said hoping he will agree. I look up and found a smirk on his face. "Yes right I will bring you to your sister than you can take your sister and I can take my money." He said making my shoulder relaxed. "Okay than let's go." I said leaving his hand. I was about to leave but his words stopped me. "But you will have a blindfold on your eyes during the journey. " He spoke coldly. What? No! I turned towards him and said no but this brat blackmailed me again that he will kill Alice so I got no chance other than to agree.

As I sat behind on the back seat, he gave me the the blindfold and I wrapped it around my eyes a bit loose but he turned around and tightened it with warning of not to play smart with him. I was scared not to mention but I gotta do this for Alice. I was a bit revealed that I was hiding a rod in my sleeves if he tries to do something this will be in his throat.

The whole ride was silent and I couldn't help but to worry about Alice and I also couldn't help but to ask this. "You didn't hurt her right?" I asked there was a pin drop silence from him until he replied. "Don't worry, she's fine". I sighed in relief. "She should be fine otherwise you will be dead."

After some time the car stopped. I heard him getting out of the car and coming towards my side. He opened the door and grabbed my arm in order to guide me. As soon as I got out I heard water splashing. I was about to take my blindfold off but the kidnapper already did it.

I gasped as I looked at the view in front of me. A mansion like castle that I've never seen before, seriously this is the most beautiful mansion I've ever seen. I couldn't even imagine to walk in there. I look around and found lots of bodyguard with black suits and guns. What is Alice doing here? Why this hefty rich man kidnapped his sister? Nothing made sense. If he is that rich than why does he want my money?

I turn towards him. "If you're this rich then why do you want my money? "

I asked. He looked at me blankly. "If you want to see your sister than follow me. " He ignored my question something is not right but I shrugged it but the creepy feeling wasn't leaving me and I silently followed him behind. He went to the backside of the mansion and into the basement with me following behind. As soon as I got in I looked around the area and almost screamed when I find Alice chained on the wall. Oh Alice! Her mouth was taped.

"Here! Take this money and give me my sister. " I ordered but he smirked. I found Alice looking at me she was shaking her head as if telling me to stop. "Who said we want money huh? " My eyes widened and not even thinking twice I took out the rod to hit him but he was fast enough to grab my wrist. He jerked me towards himself twisting my wrist behind my back so painfully making me hiss. He took out something from his pocket and injected it in my neck. I screamed in pain it was an injection. I try to fight but slowly black dots started to appear in my vision making my body numb as darkness engulfed me.

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