Chapter 6

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the room to see if that guy was still here. Suddenly all the memories came in my mind and I looked down at my body. I sighed in relief. He didn't do anything. Laying down for some minutes, I kept looking at the ceiling blankly. I don't know where my life was going all of a sudden. Everything was messed up. I don't know if my sister is fine or not. I don't even know what this rich guy is up too. God forbid if something bad happens to me what will I do then.

I quickly got up and made my way towards the door. Turning the knob, only to find out it was locked. Arghhh, I kicked the door harshly. I will kill this guy. I'm not a slut he should know that and also that girls are not a toy to play with. Okay, I don't understand one thing if he is this rich than why did he kidnapped Alice and asked for money. Is this any game going on here? Am I the victim? Is my sister the victim? Or we both are the victim? I don't understand what he wants from us. I mean if he want a girl for his satisfaction than there are lots of them in clubs. But why us?

Some past issue? Some mental issue? There were lots of questions going on in my head. I heard a grumble coming from my stomach. I'm hungry I need food and water.

I need to escape too. I started to look around the room to find a phone or anything that will help me to escape but I guess luck is not with me nowadays.

My eyes suddenly lightened as I thought about the window. Surely this expensive room got a window too. Turning my head towards the curtains I made my way towards it. Pushing the curtains away I looked out of the glass window it was night. I looked down only to find out that I was on the third floor. No chance to escape there are so many guards but I will try to escape no matter what.

I saw the main gate opening for some cars to enter. I guess it's him. Hiding my self behind the curtains, I looked out of the window. I saw him getting out of his car and making his way in the mansion, shit he will be here anytime soon. I should do something. Suddenly an idea came in my mind and I hope that it works.



While riding my car back to the mansion I thought about the girl. What should I do with her? Very well after spending a little time with her I came to know what kind of girl she was and it was not so easy to make her obey me. I will blackmail her with her sister. She will surely obey me after that.

As soon as I entered in my mansion, I made my way towards the room in which that girl was. Unlocking the door and making my way in I saw her no where until someone kicked my leg and pushed me harshly on the floor I wouldn't fall if there was no water on the floor and it made me slip and fall. Obviously it was that stupid girl I turn to look at her running out of the room. Oh, let's see how far you can go . I already knew she will be a headache. Getting up from the floor I fixed my coat and made my way out of the mansion. She knows how to test my patience.

"David did you saw that girl?" I asked him. "No she didn't came out, none of my man saw her out of the mansion she must be hiding in." He replied. I shut my eyes in frustration. I got so much to do and that idiot woman is wasting my precious time. I made my way in the mansion again and went to my secret room. I got CCTV cameras in the whole mansion. You can't run anywhere I'm about to hunt you down.



I run out of the room after pushing him down. I know it was dangerous but I can't just sit here without trying to escape. I came down to the second floor and hide in one of the rooms. The mansion was so big that it will be hard for him to find me. Looking around the room I decided to hide in the closet. Since no one used this room there were no clothes in the closet. I easily hide myself in there. Now all I can do is pray. What if he founds me? No no I should just think positive. He'll surely go out of the mansion, searching for me and i'll escape then.

I kept sitting there, 10 minutes has passed I couldn't hear anything it was pin drop silence on this floor. My breath hitched when I heard footsteps they were slow and steady. I was panicking it won't be good if he finds me. They were slowly slowly getting closer and closer. I kept looking in the room hoping and praying that he don't comes in this room. Suddenly I couldn't hear the footsteps anymore. I jumped when the door creaked opened. I could only hear my heartbeat. I saw him getting in the room. He looked everywhere under the bed too. When he turned his head towards the closet. Shit shit shit.. He started to walk towards the closet. Please no please no. I shut my eyes preparing myself to hit him again. As soon as he opened the door. I was about to kick his leg but he was fast enough to grab my arm and jerk me out.

He pinned me on the wall while his hands was gripping my neck tightly. I try to push his hands away but it was of no use. "Listen here, if you ever try to do this shit again remember this I got your sister. If you do any stupidity she will be the one to get the punishment not you and if you want to make your sister suffer your choice, if you don't want to make your sister suffer you gotta obey me." He yelled like a wolf. I couldn't breath, his grip was getting tighter and tighter on my throat and my sight was blurred because of my tears.

When he saw me getting out of breath. He let me go and I fall on the floor coughing for air. He bent down to my level and spoke.

"You are my slave."

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