Chapter 5

"You're so dead woman."

My heartbeat increased because he was so close. My lips trembled as my eyes met his they were dark and cold filled with nothing other than emptiness. I put my fingers in his eyes, tried to poke him and started to punch his chest which made him even more angry. Grabbing my both wrists he pressed them above my head and held them with his one large hand. I started to struggle making him more angry. "Stop it!" He yelled on my face applying more pressure on my wrists making me wince.

He was about to kiss me but I turned my head to the opposite direction which made him kiss my neck. Tears started to form in my eyes as they traveled down my temples and disappeared in my hairs but my desperate tears didn't stopped him. I felt disgusted as he kept kissing my neck and collarbone. I keep shouting him to stop but it was of no use. My tears won't stop it soaked the cushion under me. He was biting my neck harshly which was very painful. Is he going to rape me? I sobbed more harder and shuddered when I felt his hand under my shirt on my stomach. I started to cry even louder and my please went unheard slowly my vision start to get hazy and black dots appeared in front of my eyes and I was drowned in loophole darkness.

(Xavier POV:)

I groaned in pain as she kicked my face making me stumble back. It was really painful. She was the first and the very last one to do this, I swear I won't go slow on her. She will regret doing this. I saw her holding the lamp and coming towards me she still isn't stopping huh. "Fuck!" He cursed under his breath. Before she can hit me I grabbed her wrist making her hiss in pain as I squeezed it as the lamp fell from her hand. I shut my eyes in frustration as the loud crashing of glass breaking crossed my ears. I glared at her I was controlling my anger way too much right now my patience will break anytime. She try to slap me from her left hand but I grabbed her wrist. She surely is something not even a bit like her sister. I snickered on her face trying to scare her which was successful.

She looked breathtaking at this close, I was drowned in her beauty until I felt her scratching my forehead and jaw. I smirked she was trying to hit me huh still not giving up. I like that. She did it again but again it felt the same. Giving up she looked at me with her those big and innocent eyes. Oh! Don't look at me like that.

"Nice try!" I said and pushed her on the bed, getting on top of her in a speed of light, can't let her do any more stupidity but oh, well here we go she started hitting my face. This girl is really getting on my nerves now. I grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. She was struggling and was not giving up but she can't fight a man's power no matter how strong and brave she is. Her lips were so beautiful hat control became unbearable. I'm already enjoying it. I was about to kiss her but she turned her head in the opposite direction which made my lips to land on her neck and I couldn't help but to kiss the soft baby skin. Her scent was so good and skin was so soft that I felt myself loosing my senses. I couldn't stop myself but to kiss her more. I surely can hear her cries but I was so lost at the moment. She is the first one to make me feel like this. I slowly traveled my hands into her shirt I felt her trembling and her cries become louder. Slowly caressing her stomach. I stopped hearing her cries all of a sudden and her body relaxed. Maybe she was enjoying it and finally given up, just to make sure I looked at her and cursed under my breath she was unconscious. "WHAT THE FUCK? He growled out in frustration.

Damn it!

I slowly got up from her, covering her small form with a blanket. I looked at her face she is not even a little bit like her whore sister, so different, so innocent, so brave and stubborn. She loves her sister a lot and what about her bitch of a sister. I looked at her for the one last time and left the room.

I fixed myself and made my way towards my car ready to go to my company. During the ride I couldn't stop rubbing my nose it hurts so bad. She really hit me with her full power. Dam it!

As soon as I entered my office I saw Alice sitting on the chair. She was wearing a way too short skirt with a way too heavy makeup and her sister wasn't even wearing any. Why he's even comparing them?

Why is she here? I had pay her already. Seriously she is so fake that I sometimes can't handle her fake personality. All I want to do is to choke her to death. She on the other hand looked at me and smiled.

"Oh baby how are you?" She asked making me roll my eyes mentally such a fake bitch. I made my way towards my chair. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Ouch! I'm hurt." She pretended dramatically. Getting up from her chair she made her way towards me. Sitting on my lap she asked. "Did you enjoyed it huh?" I gritted my teeth in anger. My mood was already spoiled because of her sister and now she's here to make it even more worse.

"We paid you already right? So What are you doing here then?" I asked. She looked at me with her lustful eyes. "I want my sister back. Since you're done with her." She said making me burn in anger. I pushed her off me making her land on the floor. "I had given you so much money that it won't end till your death and about your sister forget her. You will never get to see her again until and unless I'm bored with her got it? Now get out." I spitted venomously at her. She looked at me for awhile before standing straight. "I hate you!" She yelled and went out of the office.

Such a bitch! I shut my eyes in frustration. Today is the worst day ever.

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