Chapter 7

"You are my slave."

"You are my slave."

"You are my slave."

His words keep echoing in my head as I gripped the bed sheet tighter. What does he think of himself? How dare he call me his slave? He can't force anyone just because he is rich. I swear I would have break his skull if it wasn't about my sister. Don't worry, I calmed myself, I will kill him one day when I will get my sister back. It was morning and I was sitting on the bed. I will die if I stay any longer in this room. Before leaving for work he came in my room and warned me. He said I will work in this mansion as one of his maids. How can he do that? First he kidnapped my sister than kidnapped me. He try to force himself on me. He almost killed me by choking and blackmailed me and NOW he wants me to work in his mansion as one of his maids. RIDICULOUS!

Suddenly the door opened and I saw a middle aged woman maybe in her fifty's and three young maids behind her. They all had a smile on there face except for one. I looked at them from head to toe. They all were wearing maid dresses which were a little to short from there knees. Still too short.

"Hello I'm Samantha.I'm the head of the maids here." The middle aged woman greeted ever so sweetly. "I'm Amora." I smiled at her. "I'm Amanda." The blonde girl greeted which was right besides Samantha. "Nice to meet you." I said. "I'm Kelly." The girl which was standing with Amanda greeted with her dimple smile. "Nice to meet you Kelly." We both smiled at each other. I looked at the girl who was standing besides Kelly she was the one who didn't smiled during all this time she was having a straight face till now. "Jen" She just said Jen and looked away. Ah, I think she don't speak much. I nodded at her with a smile on my face but didn't got one glance from her. She's weird.

Samantha sighed and shook her head before speaking. "As you know miss Amora, our sir wants you to work as one of us so here are the duties which he has given you." With out wasting any time I spoke. "Do you know he kidnapped me and my sister he wants me to work as his maid and if I don't obey he will hurt my sister. Please help me to escape." They all looked down with helplessness until Samantha spoke again "We're sorry we can't help you. We never got into sir's personal life it's not like we don't understand your pain. We're sorry." I sighed heavily. I was at the verge of crying but I controlled myself and smiled. "It's fine" I said making them relax and smile back. "Well without wasting any more time I will tell you your duties." She stated. I nodded waiting for her to speak. "Your duty is to clean first floor, second floor, the garden, the pool and to cook dinner for sir and bring his dinner to his room and stand there beside him until he finishes his meal." She read the words written on the paper and than looked at me. "Isn't that way too much." Amanda spoke unhesitatingly. "Right it's too much plus we got nothing to do than only the third floor and to make breakfast."Kelly spoke agreeing with Amanda." Girls we can't do anything it's sir's order. "Samantha yelled at both of them. They lowered their heads. It's too much! Has that Animal forgotten that I'm a human. How will I do this much work? This mansion is so huge. I was already dying as I thought about the work. No money,nothing. He is so cruel. What sin I had done to deserve this."


I was on the second floor cleaning the rooms. I was already so tired. Today is so damn hot. I'm gonna die. This is called killing someone slowly slowly. I was wearing the maid dress but I was not so comfortable while working because my legs was showing so I borrowed Kelly's black tights. After cleaning the second floor I went out in the garden to clean it. Absorbing around me there was no chance to escape. Armed men were everywhere in this mansion. I know my sister was here and I'm gonna find her till then I'm gonna obey him and show him that I'm broken and that I've given up. After cleaning the garden and the pool I went in the kitchen to prepare his dinner. My body was aching. All I wanted to do was lay on the bed and sleep but that was way too much to ask here. As I entered in the kitchen I found Samantha cleaning the shelves and Jen was cleaning the floor. Without saying anything I started to make dinner. "You gotta work faster sir is here." Samantha spoke with a bit of worry in her voice.

"Yes yes just some more minutes." I nervously stated. Amanda told me that he doesn't like to wait for food because he don't eat in his company. I was trying my best to work faster but I was so tired it felt like I will faint.

After placing his food on the dish I made my way towards his room. Now I'm gonna see his ugly face. What can be more worse than that. I knocked on the door and waited. "Come." I heard him and slowly turned the knob entering in the room. I closed my eyes as I entered in the room. Air Conditioner was on seriously it felt like heaven. Shaking my head I closed the door behind me and looked at him. He was working on his laptop. I didn't moved from my place and kept looking at him I don't know where to put the dish. He looked up at me and than towards the dish in my hand. Closing his laptop he put it aside and told me to put it on the table in front of him. Inside I was burning in anger, so many ways were coming in my mind to kill him but at the outside I was calm like nothing happened. Putting the dish in front of him I stood beside him with my hands behind my back. I didn't looked at him and kept looking straight at the wall God knows how much I hate him and want to kill him. I was making fists in anger but little did I know that he was looking at my back from the mirror behind me. He found my hands made into fist indicating him that I was angry. He looked at my face calm and relaxed than he looked at the mirror towards my hands anger was oozing out. He smirked and grabbed my arm and pulled me harshly making me land on his lap.

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