Chapter 2

I couldn't work properly for the whole day at the restaurant because of the fight I had with Alice. Her words keep echoing in my head. I think she said that because she was angry, I'm pretty sure she would never do that. She just said that because she was angry. At least that's what I thought to divert my mind.

After the end of my shift at the restaurant, I made my way towards my apartment. As soon as I entered, I find the apartment drowned in pitch black darkness. Shutting the door behind me, I carefully made my way towards the switch to open the lights.

It was really odd because whenever I'm home Alice is always here. I got alert and went towards her room but she was not there, she was nowhere to be find in the apartment.

I took out my cell phone to call her but her mobile was switched off.

I should just wait maybe she went out for some work. Relaxing myself I made my way towards my room to get clean.

10:30 pm

She was still not home. I messaged her, try to call her several times but still no response. I decided to just go around the area to check her. So I went to the nearest park but couldn't find her. I went to the nearest restaurant still she was nowhere. Where did she go all of a sudden, Is that because of the fight? Come on she can't be so childish.

I remember she did this once before but at morning she was at the apartment back again. I should just wait for her, she will surely come back tomorrow.

I heavily sighed and made my way back to the apartment. I couldn't sleep properly the whole night. I swear to God I'll kill her once she's here.

7:30 AM

I tied my shoelace and locked the apartment. I made my way out of the building with heavy steps. She was not home. For the whole one day. Did something bad happen to her? Lots of negative things were taking place in my mind. I know she got some friends but I can't trust them too. Oh God! This girl is so stubborn.

I wanted to go ask her friends maybe she must be staying in any one of her friends house but I was already getting late for work. I will surely look for her after my shift ends. Otherwise my boss will surely fire me.

6:00 pm

As soon as my shift ended I made my way towards her closest friend Layla. As I got in front of her very beautiful mansion I couldn't stop staring at it's beauty. Alice really got some really rich friends. Shrugging the thoughts away I met a maid and told her that I wanted to meet Layla it's really urgent. As that Layla girl made her way in front of my eyes I couldn't stop staring at her. She was a beauty. I bet she got every boy drooling over her even I'm drooling but not in a wrong way. I'm straight.

"Yes! Who are you?" She asked while looking at me from head to toe. I look nothing in front of her other than a trash. Anyways I'm here for Alice.

"I'm Amora, Alice's older sister." I softly spoke. She raised her eyebrow. "Oh! So what can I do for you?" She asked with zero interest. "Actually Alice is not home since yesterday. So I thought she must be staying here. Is she here?" I asked hoping to listen yes but I heard a plain no.

After leaving her mansion, I made my way towards her other friend's house. Two hours has been passed I went to her friends house but all I got to hear was no. This is the last house after that I will go to police station. I ringed the bell and after some seconds a guy came out and Jesus he was no other than the guy who was staring at me that day.

He looked at me for awhile but then suddenly smiled, eh! He is creepy.

"Woah! Who we have here?" He asked as if he doesn't know. Mentally rolling my eyes and killing him for the 234567 times in my mind. I faked a smile. "Is Alice here?" I asked hoping to listen no. "Well, come in my house. I will tell you, where your sister is." He rasped. Now, I already knew she was not there and his intentions were not so good. So I tried to excuse myself but he grabbed my wrist trying to pull me in. "I SAID NO! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, I WILL KILL YOU." I screamed on top of my lungs but he was still not leaving me so I bite his hands which was wrapped around my wrist. He hissed in pain and let my wrist go taking that as my chance I run away.

Ridiculous bastard!

Loosing hope I made my way towards the police station as I was two, three streets away from the police station. I felt my phone ringing some unknown number was calling. Thinking it was Alice I quickly attended the call but except of hearing her voice I heard a deep manly voice.

"Are you looking for your sister huh?" He asked. Who is he? How does he know Alice? Did he kidnap her?

"Who are you? Where is my sister?" I asked him.

"If you want your sister than come to Alberto industrial building tomorrow and obviously I want money." He snickered seriously, he sounds like a psycho. "How much money?"

He told me the price and order me to come alone. He cut the call. I have money which I saved from my savings to buy a car but Alice is more important.

I made my way towards my apartment to check that I have the whole amount but it wasn't the whole amount the kidnapper wants. Whom should I ask for money. Suddenly my boss"s face came in front of my eyes. He will give me money if I ask. He is a good man. I again couldn't sleep and as soon as the morning arrived. I made my way towards the restaurant to ask for money and my boss give me the money without asking anything. He is the kindest man I've ever seen but he did warned me to return the money back on time.

I'm coming sister just wait. I will get you out from that hell.

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