Meet Cassandra Foster

Cassie pov

" baby Cassie the breakfast is ready!",my mom called my name from downstairs.

She was in the kitchen and she was busy preparing our food for breakfast.

" okay mom! Just a minute! ", I shouted back at her but the truth was I'm still in my bed lying while my sheets was underneath the floor.

I was like an alarm clock when I was sleeping so I loved being alone in my bed so that I could moved my body well.

I kept rotating every now and then until sheets and blanket crumpled together and sometimes slide down on the floor from my bed.

My mom woke me up everyday with her powerful voice after she finished cooking our breakfast.

I looked at the ceiling and let out a deep siighs and closed my eyes again.

I was like a crazy little turtle every early morning because I was too lazy to stretched out my body.

" Cassie hurry! The food gets cold!",my mom called me again but this time it was more powerful and she seemed irritated.

Because of me maybe. Mom always like that everyday calling my name repeatedly during breakfast time.

" okay got it mom! ",I said as I quickly jumped out from my bed but because of my carelessness I stumbled on the floor and I hit my hips.

" ouch! ",I cried as I sat down and I touched my injured hips with my hands.

My face winced when I'm about to lifted my body up.

My hips really hurts so I walked slowly out from my room.

" stupid me! ",I mumbled and I went downstairs.

I never washed my face or even combed my hair because mom would be mad if she knew I was still in my bed.

My curled brunette hair was very messy and I was still in my pajamas.

I walked slowly as I counted every steps going downstairs.

I took 10 steps only and it seemed like forever to me because of my injury.

We don't owned the house because I heard dad was always on the phone and he talked to his friend named Moshimo I guess.

Maybe he's the owner of the house and he was always bragging dad to pay him on time.

But I never heard mom and dad fought for the money.

Actually since I was young they were always out of town and they hired a babysitter to take care of me.

But since my babysitter Jane resigned they seldom left me alone.

Mom took a five day vacation from work and also my dad.

They both agreed to spent the entire week with me.

There one and only daughter.

Wanna know me?

I'm Cassandra Foster and I'm eleven years of age and currently in fifth grade at St. Sparrow Academy here in Philadelphia.

I'm the only daughter of Mr.Martin J.Foster and Donna Jones Foster.

My father was a physician near in town and my mom was a teacher in a primary school.

They loved and cared for me so much and I was blessed to have a lovable and supportive parents in my life.

I was on my way downstairs and I could smell the mouthful taste of my mom's food in the kitchen.

" wow !",I exclaimed.

" good morning mommy! ",I said with a smile and wrapped my arms at her back.

She turned to face me and a wide smile was drawn from her face.

" good morning sleepy head ",she said while she tapped my head and messed my hair a little bit.

" mom ! Stop you make my hair messier! ",I mumbled as I looked irritated but the smile never left my face.

" what's that noise over here huh?",my dad suddenly appeared and me and mom stop from giggling.

"Morning daddy! ",I ran and hugged him tightly but he took it off quickly.

He got a mad face and threw a half fake smile into me.

" Good morning honey! ",he said and walked directly to the dining table.

I followed him and sat on my own chair while we waited mom to served the food.

" let's eat! ",she said with excitement and we ate happily together until dad suddenly opened up a conversation that made me lose my appetite.

" Cassie tommotow me and your mom will going to visit your aunt Stella in New Jersey",he said and took a one bite of hotdog into his mouth.

I stop eating my food because I wasn't expecting to be left alone in the house.

This was my first time.

" what? Mom! No I'm scared! Please let me come with you! ",I told mom while my tears started to brimmed from my eyes.

I expected mom would listened to me but I was wrong.

She stared at me like she never saw me.

" no! Cassie dont be a brat okay! We got you a babysitter anyway.We only out for three days and no ones gonna hurt you here okay", my dad told me like he cared for me.

" yes baby tommorow she would come here to stay with you until we arrive home okay",she told me with a half smile on his face.

I looked at my parents but I felt no cared from their face.

It seemed like they wanted to leave me forever.

I understand I had to attend school but next week was my summer vacation.

Why can't they wait for next week?

" no! I don't want to stay here with a babysitter! ",I yelled at them and punched my fist on the table with my spoon and fork in my hands.

I stood up and about to walked away and ran to my room when my mom quickly got up from her sit and threw a deathful stared from her eyes while her eyes widen madly.

" don't be a brat Cassandra! She shouted.

" or else you'll be here alone forever! Common go upstairs and prepared yourself to school! You're almost late!",she added while her hands kept on pointing into me.

" I hate you mom! I hate both of you!",I yelled at them as my tears started to ran down my cheeks.

I dried them away with my back hands and rush myself upstairs.

After that incident this morning I hardly fall into sleep.

I just cried the whole night knowing I would be left here all alone with a babysitter whom was still a stranger to me.

I don't even know her or even her face.

How would I know if that person was my babysitter?

I hope the she was lovely, nice and funny.

I hope that we could get along well with each other.

I was busy thinking for tomorrow but I didn't noticed that I was already falling asleep.

I slept with my swollen eyes and sniffing nose.

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