New York: a place to hell

Cassie pov

When I woke up from a deep sleep I felt that my head was pounding in pain.

Maybe I got a fever.

He didn't checked me before we left from my home place, Philadelphia.

He knocked me down with his hallucinating odor that he put into his white handkerchief.

He didn't care at all because he was rude and heartless guy I ever knew in my life.

My dad was not applicable.

I got up from the bed where I was and my eyes widen when I realized that I was in a big room.

This room was too large to occupied one person only.

Besides it was looked like a mini house to me.

This room was for a princess only and I'm not a princess, I'm was his captive.

Maybe I was tired to look around when I got here.

I examined the room and I couldn't take off my eyes to everything here what I saw.

It has a dining room with a large flat screen television that was hanged against the golden shade wall.

The couch with it's tiger-look color was marvelously enchanting.

I went to checked the bathroom and it was beautiful.

It was painted in a gold and red shade of marble tiles was place on the floor with a different kind of flowers inside as if it was looked like a princess garden.

" wow it's amazing ",I exclaimed happily.

The smile from my lips faded when I remembered him torturing and using me.

He was the guy who took me and broke my dreams and childhood into pieces.

I knew that sooner or later he would come to harass and beat me again.

I really wish that he would let me slide this time.

My thoughts gone wrong because the door swang open.

It was not him but a lady.

I expected him to appeared but a young brunette lady who wore a mini skirt that was in between her legs and thighs.

When she moved her mouth to smile at me I thought I was seeing an actress. She really looked gorgeous.

But her smile faded after five seconds.

She raised her left eyebrows and crossed both of her arms in front of her breast.

" I see so you're Cassie? Am I correct?",she asked me.

I looked at my right shoulders while rubbing both of my hands.

I slowly raised my head and looked at her.

" yes ", I said with my weak voice.

" I'm Kate and I'm Moshimo's mother and today I'm going to teach you a lesson",she said and after that she picked one of the book she brought here with her when she entered the room.

" ahm miss Kate can I take a shower first?",I asked her and she nod her head quickly.

" make it quick because we're running out of time okay ",she told me sarcastically.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick bath like she just said.

While I looked myself into the mirror I couldn't stop myself to cry.

Now I need to stay here for much time needed and I must follow the rules of two person, Moshimo and Miss Kate.

Moshimo, the man's name who kidnapped and tortured me but I was still blessed he didn't raped or abducted me.

Miss Kate , her mother and my teacher.

I was still confused about their relationship because she never aged as if they looked like collegues only.

"Hurry !",she called me and their was a thunder tone from her voice.

I quickly dried my hair and my body with a towel and picked the dress that was hanged against the wall near the sink.

Maybe Miss Kate left it here.

I comb my hair and fixed my dress.

It was only a plain white tshirt and a miniskirt.

I loved miniskirt since mom forced me to wear it back when I first reached in my first grade.

I went back to my bed and she was waiting impatietly.

She looked mad and pissed off.

" follow me ",she said and she quickly picked up the book and went outside the room.

I followed her and we went inside the so-called library of the house.

I think this is her office.

All the books was there and it looked great.

Miss Kate was on her table but she quickly stood up when she saw I was inside.

" come here ",she said.

I came closer and I creeped out when I saw a long stick with her.

Was she going to hurt me also?

I gulped and looked at her.

" stay still there! Don't worry I will not hurt you if you are smart enough for my lessons",she said.

I kept quiet and watched her opening the first page of the book.

I stayt alert and listened very well.

She started to read something from the book and it really shocked me.

" have you kiss someone? ",she said.

Actually it was a weird question for me.

" not yet ",I said but I lied.

The real thing was the man named Moshimo was my first kiss.

I wasted my first kiss to the stranger and the sad thing was my kidnapper did it to me.

I felt sad about it.

The room became silent.

I looked up and Miss Kate face became a little insane.

She smirked and raise her eyebrows once again.

She moved the stick upward next to my face.

" you lied! ",she said.

After that a loud slapped landed into my face.

It was not her hands but instead she used the stick to hit my face.

I cried in pain and I cupped my face with my hands.

" next question ", she said as if nothing happened.

" what is the essence of a woman? ",she asked.

I couldn't think well because my face was hurt and I thought my first day here was turned to hell.

Where is he?

I hope he would come and saved me.

Too bad this lady was her mother.

I answered her questions even I find it weird for the second time.

" to be a good mother ", I answered.

I didn't know if my answer was correct.

Again I started to back off from where I stand.

But too late to get away with her stick.

She landed another hit into my arms.

" ahhh!",I screamed.

It was a painful hit.

What was her problem?

Was this his plan to find a person to tortured me also?

And he let his mother do it and why?

What they really want from me?

I couldn't think straight anymore.

I wanted to go home.

I wanted my normal life back.

I just cried.

" common go back to your room! I hate to see your face! ",she said and left me alone.

Maybe this was my life to become a someone's slave just like a doll.

I went back to the room where I slept and went to the corner.

I wrapped my arms around my knees.

" please help me! ",I mumbled while I started to fell asleep.

I'm tired and hungry.

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