My bitter past

Third person pov

Emmy was busy preparing dinner for his boyfriend Derek.

Today was their anniversary and she tried to surprised him tonight.

She prepared their favorite dish ,the pasta dish with a lot of vegetables.

They both loved pasta foods and muffins.

She made a lot of effort for that dish.She even browsed the internet to looked for the menu and she passed it.

The table was ready and she then prepared a very romantic candlelight at  the center table.

Emmy took her phone from her pocket and dialled Dereks number,his boyfriend.

" hello honey? Where are you ? ",Emmy asked him on the line while litting the last candle at the table.

"I'm on my way now honey. Just wait okay.I love you! ",Derek said with a kissed sound on the phone.

Emmy giggled for his sweetness and she smiled happily.

" okay.. make it quick honey!  Love you too!",she replied and passed back her smacked sound into her phone.

They both end the call with a smile and a face of being inlove.

Its been two years since they both decided to be together as couple.

Derek knew Emmy in one of the restaurant he used to dropped by after his transaction to their costumer and investors in their company.

Emmy was a waiter of that restaurant he used to ate.

She was brunette with a wavy like Barbie hair with a long eyelashes.

She got big rounded eyes with a brown shade color and she looked really erotic with her curvy body because she possessed a big booty that made Derek catched his attention for her.

Plus she had a great positive smile that could light up your bad day.

"The flashback"

Emmy was about to go upstairs when she heard a sudden knocked from the door.

To her excitement she never made a second thought before she opened it.

And it was the big mistake she ever made for her life.

" hon?---who are you?wait!   ahhhh help!",she screamed when she realized it was not Derek.

They were four muscled guy and the one with a red highlights hair quickly covered her mouth with his palm.

She couldn't shout.

They drag her inside her apartment and she tried to fight back.

She kicked him on his balls and he let go if her.

She got away and went upstairs to hide from them.

They just watched her and released a wild laughter while the two of them followed her upstairs.

The one with a red hair was Jack.

The two who was looking for Emmy we're Tim and Jim.

They we're twins and they both got blonde hair.

" honey please answer the phone!",she prayed but Derek 's phone was cannot be reached.

She was hiding inside the bathroom.

She was trembling and crying at the same time.

Until she almost screamed when she heard they started to pushed the door of her room harder.

" baby come out now!  We know you're inside!",the one shouted.

After that they pushed hard the door again and it swang opened.

Emmy gasped catching her breathe.

Her heart palpitated abnormally as if shes gonna passed out.

She started to felt cold sweats running down her spine.

She stood still and stayed quiet until they we're busy messing up her things.

She kept on dialling his boyfriend number but it was still busy.

She almost lose hope and thinking of giving up.

Suddenly the doorknob twisted.

They tried to opened the bathroom and they succeeded.

" we got you! ",the black long hair mumbled with a wide grinned  on his face.

He was Tommy.

" no!  Please let me go! ",Emmy struggled like she's throwing purse to his kidnapper.

Her eyes widen when Jim stamped a white cloth into her mouth.

They put  a chemical on it that made her passed out instantly.

They brought her inside the white van and left the place immediately.

" hello master she's with us now ",the red haired guy said.

He was on the phone with their boss.

Derek pov

" I miss her so much",I mumbled while his tears started to brimmed down from my  face.

I quickly dried my tears with my hands.

I was looking at her picture and she looked alive and well from it but I couldn't brought back the past anymore.

I missed her so much.

But she was dead now and I just let her died that day.

If dad didn't called me that night to come see him maybe Emmy was still alive.

I could protect and saved her from the goons who took her.

I lit my cigarettes and smoked.

I wanted to be drunk tonight to kept her out of my mind but how could I forget her if this girl in front of me brought back the past of my loved that made me felt guilty and ashamed of myself all my life.

I wanted to find their master.

Two years had passed but the criminals were still out there doing bad stuffs just like what they did to my girlfriend.

I would avenge her death .

" stop now! Come here cutie! ",I yelled at her that made her stop and trembled.

She came closer and I hold her waist and raised her up to sit on my lap.

I couldn't hide the fact that I felt hot and thirsty with this little girl.

" please don't hurt me! ",she said while her eyes was not looking at me.

I smirked and cupped her chin.

" look at me cutie... I don't eat but I could crash you into pieces if you will not obey my orders okay ",I told her while my tongue started to licked her neck.

She put her hands into her skirt and pressed it like she was scared and nervous.

" it's okay I'll be gentle ",I said as my hands slowly trailed her legs up to her thighs.

I kept touching her down and I couldn't wait for my next moved.

I slid and enter my middle finger inside her base and played it until it gets wet.

" fuck your too young to be my slave little Cassie ",I said as I cupped her butt and decided to brought her down in my bed.

I knew this was for a short time only because you're not meant for me. Someone was out there waiting for you to be ripen like a red rounded apple ready to be bitten by his venom but for now I wanted to enjoyed you.

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