Sold To My Ex Boyfriend

Chapter 1 Selling Your Virginity

Presidential Suite, W Hotel

Christina Sun sat on the edge of the kingsize bed. Her face was as pale as a white wall, and her hands were clutching her skirt tightly, revealing how nervous she was right now.

Suddenly, steady footsteps came from outside. She heard the door open. She shivered and looked up. A tall figure walked in.

The dim light shone on the man's curved face. Christina was stunned when the man stepped from the shadow to the light. She stood rooted to the ground as if she was struck by thunder.

"John, why are you here?" She could hardly believe her eyes and blurted out.

Before she could recover from the shock, she felt a pain in her chin. She was forced to look up and met John's cold eyes.

"Why? You must be surprised to see me here, right?" John pinched her chin with all his might.

He smiled, but his voice was as cold as ice. "You must be wondering how a poor man who couldn't even pay his tuition fee would have a million dollars to buy your virginity, aren't you?"

Christina trembled even more. Before she could speak, an attendant came in with the dinning cart, and respectfully said to John. "Mr. Yan, this is your dinner. Have a good meal."

John seemed not to hear it. His eyes were still fixed on Christina.

In contract, the last trace of blood had faded from Christina's face within seconds.

"Mr. Yan?" she mumbled, but her eyes widened in the next second. "Wait, you are John Yan? The John from Yan Family?

In Singapore, Yan is a common last name, but only one can be named Mr. Yan and flattered by W Hotel.

John Yan, the only son of Singapore's richest and most poewrful family-Yan Family.

John sneered and shook Christina's hands off. He walked to the dining cart and grabbed himself a glass of wine. "Yes, that's me."

His answer threw a bomb into her brain.

Her first love, the only man she has ever loved in her life, is the next generation and the only son of the famous Yan Family.

But why did he tell her that he came from the mountain and could hardly afford the tuition fee?

"You lied to me!"Christina had realized what's going on here, and her face grew paler.

"That's right."John swirled the glass in his hand and leered at her. "if not, how could I see you in your true color?"

Three years ago, he was completely cut off by his father and was thrown to a strange city to pursue a bachelor's degree. That's an ordeal from his father.

There, he met Christina. They became college mates.

When they first met, he deliberately said that he was a poor kid from a mountainous area. He wanted to see if Christina was like those women who had been around him since he was young. They pleased him only because of his last name.

But Christina was different. She didn't look down upon him and even became his girlfriend.

He had thought that she was the most innocent girl in the world and became madly in love with her. However, at the commencement ceremony, she said she wanted to break up with him.

He kept asking her why as if he's a lunatic, but she just left four words to him, "You Have No Money!"

How ironic! She believed the heir of Yan Family had no money. The only son of the wealthiest family in Singapore was cold-shouldered for lack of money.

The memories reignited the flame in John's heart. He gulped down the wine and crashed the glass onto the wall.

Frightened by his violent action, Christina closed her eyes and dodged to avoid being hurt by the splinters.

But she couldn't move since John leaned towards her and squeezed her chin, forcing her to look directly into his eyes.

"The past has passed. I don't want to say more about it," he said, "But today I have paid for your first night, and you must fulfill your duty now!"

"John, what are you doing? Ah!"

Before she could say no, John had torn her skirt down.

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