Chapter 4 An Unexpected Guest

Mark wanted to go after her, but Christina held him back.

"Dad, mum is waiting for the money in the ICU. Otherwise, she might die in every minute..."

She wanted to tell more, but her father had run out of patience.

He took out a cheque and said impatiently, "all right! Here is the money. Take it and leave me alone!"

He threw the cheque to Christina and left in a hurry.

Christina picked it up and saw twenty thousand written on the cheque.

At that moment, she didn' t know whether she should be angry or sad.

Her mother was dying, but her father was unwilling to lend 200 thousand to save her life. In contract, he was more than pleased to spend a lot on her new wife and daughter.

His mother used to be his wife. She was and is his daughter. How could he treat them differently?

Christina clutched the cheque. Her heart was broken. She could barely breathe and opened her mouth to gulp for air, hoping to calm herself down, when someone patted her shoulder.

She looked up, only to find Kelly worriedly looking at her.

"Sister, father was not in a good mood now. Don't be angry with him." Kelly confronted her and took out a card from her pocket. "There is 100 thousand on this card. It's my pocket money. It might help."

Christina looked at Kelly in disbelief.

Her parents got divorced when she was young, so she didn't have much contact with her younger sister. She never expected that her young sister would be the one who gave her a favor when she was helpless.

"Thank you," Christina said gratefully and took over the card.

This was not the time to show her self-esteem. She needed to raise 200 thousand as soon as possible to save her mother.

Su Ruoyun said softly and took the card.

"In that case, you still need 80,000 yuan, right?" Kelly calculated the balance for Christina, "But I don't have more now. Though dad is generous to me, he hasn't given too much pocket money to me. How about this. My friend has opened a new club and is looking for a waitress. He'll give you a good package. Do you want to take a shot?"

Christina hesitated, "what does a well-paid waiter do? Is it safe?"

"Of course, it's safe." Kelly laughed out. She knew what Christina was worried about. "It's a theme club, special but only for legit businesses."

She passed the card to Christina.

"Thank you. I have to go now."

Christina left in a hurry, so she didn't notice a wicked smile curled up on Kelly's lips.


Christina went to the club recommended by Kelly the next afternoon.

It was a cosplay club and all waitresses were pretty young ladies. They were dressed in all kinds of unique uniforms to serve the customers.

As Kelly says, there are no dirty deals here, but waitresses indeed need to please customers with pretty faces and hot figures.

The old Christina would not accept such a job, but the new one does. Her mother was still lying in the ICU with all kinds of tubes in her body. She gritted her teeth and put on the bunny miniskirt.

"Get dressed and deliver the wine to VIP 302," the general manager ordered.

Christina nervously tidied up the miniskirt and took the plate to 302.

She took a deep breath at the entrance and forced herself to throw a fake smile before opening the door.

"Masters, here comes your wine."

However, the moment she stepped into the room and saw the person sitting in the middle, her smile froze. Her hands trembled out of shock, and the wine was spilled out.

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