Chapter 2 Her Secret

When they broke up a year ago, Christina had already made up her mind to bury this secret in her heart.

She closed her eyes to cover up her depression, so no one could recognize how despair she was.

When everything was over, Christina lay flat under the quilt like a puppet that had been broken. She could barely move. A slight movement would make her painful.

On the contrary, John sat up without hesitation, put on his shirt, and looked at the girl lying on bed indifferently.

His eyes inadvertently swept over the blood spot on the white sheet. The dazzling red surprised him, but the micro expression faded aways on his face before anyone could notice it. Indifference took the better of him.

With his shirt buttoned, he turned around and was about to leave when a delicate yet clear voice came from the bed.

"Wait a minute."

John stopped and stared back, only to find Christina struggled to sit up and reached out her right hand.

"You haven't paid me yet." She said in a low voice, maybe because of fear, shame, or weakness after hours of 'bed games'.

John shuddered. Anger exploded in his eyes. He really wanted to go up and strangle this filthy woman.

Money! That's the only thing she had in mind.

"Money?" He laughed out of anger, pulled out a bag next to the bed, and scattered all cash onto the bed.

"If you want money, come pick them up by yourself."

The last trace of blood on Christina's face faded. Her face could not be paler.

Clearly, he did it on purpose. He could choose cheques and online transfer. The reason he chose cash and threw cash onto her face was to humiliate her.

However, she desperately needs the money. Therefore, even though it is a humiliation, she cannot reject it.

Hence, she struggled to get up from the bed and covered herself with the white bedsheets. Her most private part hurt as if it had been split open inside. Still, she gritted her teeth to restrain herself from the pain and picked up the cash scattered on the carpet.

John could not help clenching his fist when Christina knelt down on the ground to pick up the scattered money.

As expected, money is the only thing she cares about. She can abandon everything to exchange for it, even it is her dignity, her virginity, and conscience.

How blind he was to believe she's innocent and even fell in love with her!

John didn't want to see her anymore, even one more glimpse would make him sick. He kicked the coffee table with all his might and left resolutely.

Christina froze when the door slam shut. Tears were rolled down from her cheeks and dripping down onto the carpet.

He had got sick of me. He should be. But that's good. In this way, he wouldn't get sad when she died.

Nausea pulled her out of contemplation. She felt the blood surged through her chest to the throat.

She covered her mouth and started coughing. When she finally felt much better, she noticed a smudge of blood in her palm: a shocking yet common scene for her.

As expected, her time is running out.

Getting herself cleaned up and well dressed, Christina rushed to the hospital with the money.

"Doctor Shepperd, this is the one million. Would it be enough to cover my mother's bill?" she handed the bag of money to the attending nervously.

Doctor Shepperd is young and good-looking. He was surprised by the money and asked, "Christina, where did you get it?"

Christina shuddered and refused to answer his questions.

But he noticed the bruises on her neck and understood what had happened.

Feeling sorry for her, he grabbed her shoulder and said, "Christina, why did you do that? You shouldn't destroy yourself for saving your mother."

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