Chapter 7 Money Is All She Wants.

John was totally pissed off by her words that he could not utter a word.

Money! Money! Money!

Money is the only thing she wants right now. She is willing to take off her clothes in public to get 100 thousand dollars. What else can't she do?

"Here you are!" Anger was burning in his heart that he slapped the cheque onto her face without a second thought.

Her face turned red because of the slap. "Fuck off with the money. Don't ever show up in front of me."

Christina grabbed the cheque, held back the tears welling up in her eyes, and said, "Thank you, Mr. Yan, for your generosity." Her voice was delicate and shivering.

She didn't give John a glimpse when she said thank you to him, but turned around and slammed the door resolutely.

Tears rolled down from her cheeks, dripping down to wet the cheque when the door closed behind her.

She knew how despicable her actions were, but she had to do it for her mother.

She's running out time and will leave this world soon. She didn't care about love or dignity anymore. She only wanted her mother to be treated and recover.

Christina wiped off the tears with bare hand and took a deep breath to calm herself down. She got changed quickly and called Doctor Shepperd.

Back in the VIP room, all people were muted when Christina left.

John, sitting in the middle, had been drinking alone. His face was as terrifying as hell. Others were frightened by his anger and dared not to breathe.

It was Kelly who stepped forward and comforted him, "John, are you angry?"

She was confused by John. He said he didn't love Christina anymore, but why did he stop Christina when she took off her clothes, and even got angry because of it.

Could it be that he still had feelings for Christina?

The idea immediately ignited the jealousy and flame in her heart. It burnt her down and made her painful.

John took a deep breath to suppress the anger and hugged Kelly with a playboy smile curled upon his lips. "I'm not angry, baby. I just got sick of that filthy woman. She's disgusting. That's why I stopped her."

Kelly let out a sigh of relief when she heard the explanation, but she still pretended to defend Christina, "Don't blame my sister. She had her own difficulties."

"What kind of difficulties?" John sneered. His eyes were filled with disgust. "She's a vainglorious woman. She just wants the money to buy luxury handbags and dresses. I've seen too much gold digger like her. "

Kelly sighed in relief. At least John had no idea that Christina did all these to raise the medial fee for her mother.

Great. Let him misunderstand Christina. She would not explain it for her sister, of course.

Instead, Kelly would like to add to the misfortunes to Christina, although she was already unfortunate. That's why she gave Christina money and introduced her to work here. She did it on purpose.

She had bribed the general manager of the club and required him to ask Christina to serve them. She wanted John to see Christina dress unproperly and please men with her beauty. She wanted John to see how dirty and shameless her sister was.

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