Chapter 8 Kelly's Plot

Kelly had been dating John for a couple of months. John is, by far, her best choice.

Though she is quite pretty, Yan Family is one of the most influential and wealthiest families in Asia. She's lucky that John would actually fall for her.

When they started dating each other, she overheard that Christina used to be his girlfriend. This made her furious.

John was in love with that bitch back to his days in college.

But why?

John was such a noble and perfect young man. Even Kelly herself was not worthy of him, let alone Christina.

However, no matter how angry she was, she had to admit that John had a deep affection for Christina. That's why she plotted this today. She was afraid that John would fall in love with Christina one more time. She wanted to test whether John was still having feelings for her sister, and meanwhile to make John hate Christina more.

Judging by his attitude toward her, Kelly was sure that John had no feelings for Christina anymore.

She was relieved to see this. And she was not the only one. Others in the room had the same thought.

A few of the rich and spoiled men added, "That's right. Gold diggers like Christina are easy girls. How could John fall for her?"

"Yes! But Christina is pretty and worth the money." another one echoed. His eyes sparkled when he thought of her seductive curves and porcelain skin. He leered and teased," Since she is in desperate need of money, why don't we spent some money to sleep with her? She used to be the most beautiful girl in college. It must be fun to hold her on the bed."


He exclaimed in pain before finishing his dirty words. Everyone was shocked to find he was hit by the wine bottle. Blood kept welling up from her head and dripping down from his forehead.

John, a bottle in hand, stood right in front of him. Anger had spilled out from his eyes.

The man fell onto the ground, and his face was pale because of pain. However, he dared not confront John but shivered and asked with great surprise, "John, why are you doing this?"

"You are too noisy. I want you to be quiet."

John replied indifferently and left without a word. Others were scared to death because of it, while Kelly clenched her fists secretly because of anger.

What the hell is that?

No one dared to breathe. No one but Kelly. She sat dumbfounded on the sofa, clenching her fists in anger.

John hit him because he spoke ill of Christina? That is to say, John is still thinking about her?

They had broken up years ago, but still intertwined with each other. How could Christina keep seducing John? Her John!

I must teach her a lesson. Kelly said to herself. She grabbed her bag and got out of the room. She took out her iPhone in the corridor and made a call.

"Mr. Zhang?" She smiled happily when the phone was answered, "It's me, Kelly. I heard that one of your female patients was waiting for a kidney transplant. I would like to know whether it is possible to assign the kidney to someone else?"

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