Chapter 6 Okay, I'll Take It Off

There was dead silence in the room.

Everyone knew that John wasn't a poor student but the heir of Yan Family. No one had the gut to confront him.

Christina's face was paler out of anger. She wanted to tear the cheque into pieces when her phone rang.

She took it out and saw a message from Doctor Shepperd.

[Christina, bad news. Your mother is bleeding heavily. If she didn't have the surgery tonight, I'm afraid that...]

The message threw a bomb into her brain. Doing the surgery tonight? But she only got 120 thousand. She needed another 80 thousand to make it.


Her eyes landed on the cheque that John had thrown on the coffee table.

It's 100 thousand.

With it, her mother could afford the surgery and survive.

She raised her head and looked around. They were all her friends. If she took her clothes off now, she would never be able to stand in front of them in the future. As for John, he would regard her as a whore.

However, if she didn't do it, she could not pay for the surgery. Her mother would probably die because of it.

She struggled over and over in her heart. Finally, she raised her head and looked deep into John's eyes resolutely. She had made the decision, one that may drag her into the point of no return.

"Okay. I'll take my clothes off."

Her answer was simple but shocking.

As a doer, she raised her hand to strip the straps from her shoulder. The bunny costume was tied up by several tiny straps. Her shoulder got exposed when the first strap was torn down.

All the girls were shocked and covered their mouths with both hands in disbelief. They whispered how Christina got down to this point.

All the boys were shocked as well but in a different way. They were actually expecting more and wondering what's hiding beneath the porcelain skin. Their pants tightened because of erection.

No one could say no to a beautiful sexy lady like Christina.

John's eye narrowed when she started taking off her clothes.

How dare!

Why is she so fond of money?

When he noticed the boys' lecherous gaze, he was enraged and kicked the coffee table with all his might.


It was turned upside down with wine and glasses scattered everywhere. The room was in a total mess, but no one dared to say anything. They were too shocked to breathe.

"Stop!" John roared. His eyes were bloodshot. He looked like an angry beast.

Christina followed his lead.

"Get out!" He didn't want to see her anymore. All he needed now was let her get out of the room and get out of his sight.

But Christina didn't move.

"What about the 100 thousand dollars you have promised?" She looked into him calmly, "You regretted, but I had done what you asked for, so it's my money now, right?"

He said she was shameless, then she should act in this way.

100 thousand is only pocket money for them, but it is a lifesaver for her and her mother. She has no reason to say no to it.

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