Chapter 3 She Needs More Money

Christina shook her head and squeezed a bitter smile, "I'm fine. I'm dying, but before that, I want my mother to get better. At least, she can survive."

Shepperd glanced at the girl in front of him. She looks slender and weak, but strong in heart.

As a doctor, he shouldn't get personal with patients and their families, but he couldn't help feeling sorry for her, in particular when he witnessed how she overcame all difficulties to make money to cover her mother's medical bills.

He only hated himself for not being rich and powerful enough to help this poor girl.

"Doctor Shepperd, could you please help me check whether one million is enough for the operation?" Christina asked earnestly.

Her words awakened Shepperd. He hated to speak out the truth, "One million can cover the operation fee, but another 200 thousand is needed for postoperative rehabilitation."

Christina couldn't believe what she just heard.

Another 200 thousand. Am I able to sell myself one more time? No, I can't.

"All right," desperate as she was, she forced herself to stand up, "I'll try my best to make it."

She turned to the ICU. Her mother was there.

Mom, don't worry. I will save you. Please wait for me patiently.


Christina left the hospital quickly. After hesitating for a long time at the bus stop, she got on the bus heading to downtown.

Now, she could only ask her father for help.

It was only 200 thousand. He wouldn't be reluctant to lend it to her to save her mother. She kept persuading herself all the way.

The night fell when she arrived at her father's house. However, she hesitated and stood at the gate, unsure whether she should knock, when a limo stopped in front of her. A middle-aged man got off. It's her father.

Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw him.


"What brings you here?" Mark seemed to be surprised by the unexpected guest.

"I wanted to borrow some money from you." Christina summoned all her courage and said, "mum is seriously ill and needs 200 thousand for the surgery. Could you please lend it to me first. I promise I'll repay you when we get through it."

Mark became awkward and stammered, "Chri-Christina, I want to save your mother as you do, but I'm short of money, too. Lending 200 thousand to you would be challenging..."

He was searching for words to make excuses, the rear door of the limo opened. A beautiful lady and a cute little girl got off, with lots of shopping bags in hands.

Christina recognized the brands stamped on those bags. All luxury brands and each item would cost dozes of thousand. What in their hands valued more than 200 thousand.

The gleam in her eyes changed, and Mark was clearly aware of it. He said he was short of money minutes ago, but all shoppings bags in his wife and daughter's hands were slapping his face. He's lying.

It was a happy shopping day for Sophie, but her happiness disappeared when she saw Christina. "Why do you come here?"

"I came to borrow money. My mother needs it for surgery." Christina confronted Sophie indifferently.

"Your mother is dying?" Sophie seemed to be delighted by the news, "what a wonderful news. Don't waste money on that filthy woman. Send her to hell now!"

Anger took the better of Christina when hearing Sophie curse her mother.

"Fox? Don't forget you are the mistress who seduced my father and made him divorce my mother," she sneered, "How dare you call my mother a fox?"

"Christina! How could you talk to Sophie like this?" Mark was enraged and scolded her harshly.

Sophie was embarrassed by Christina. Tears welled up from her eyes.

"Mark, go take care of Christina and her mother. I'm not your rightful wife, and Kelly is not your daughter! Give them the money if you dare!"

Sophie cried out and ran into the house.

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