The Nanny Wife


60.66k words

38 chapters



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Mia is the town's well-known baby sitter. Zian is a rich single dad who is in need of a nanny that can tolerate his naughty daughter Zara. Grace is the ever-reliable best friend who referred Mia to her boss and succeeded in finding the much-needed romance in her best friend's life.

Sparks fly when the two meet but they are adamant about not mixing work with pleasure plus Zian just got off a nasty divorce and doesn't want commitment anymore and Mia looks like a girl whom you bring home for your parents to meet. No, he doesn't want any more heartaches. Period.

Mia is a simple girl who just wants to work hard and play even harder. She grabs the first opportunity to earn more but got the surprise of her life when she fell in love with the little girl that she needs to take care of, what's more is the little girl's father who is treating her like shit but she still can't help being attracted to him.

This is their story where baby sitter gets hired, the child gets attached, the father stay away from the Nanny t



Nice plot.

2021/12/15 Reply

Ekim Ohciuq

Very Good 👍 Keep it up.

2020/4/21 Reply

Precious Queen 192

Nice story

2020/1/31 Reply