The Vengeful Son-in-law

Chapter 1 Your Dignity is Nothing

Tom was washing clothes for the whole family when her mother-in-law, Elizabeth, suddenly threw a piece of clothes on his face and said arrogantly, "Tom, wash my clothes first."

Tom's mouth twitched. He couldn't stand Elizabeth any longer, so he said, "Mom, next time you ask me to do laundry, can you please put your clothes in the basket? Don't throw them on my face. I'm your son-in-law, not your servant."

It was really embarrassing for him to have a piece of clothes on top of his head.

Elizabeth slapped him on the head. "Just wash it. One more word, I'll stuff it in your mouth next time. You are trash. How dare you whine about it? Wash all of them, or you don't get to eat today!"

To vent her anger, she even slapped Tom on his head again.

Tom trembled with anger. Elizabeth then said disdainfully, "What's wrong with you?! Do you want to go against me? Or hit me? Come, hit me here. Try it. I dare say you don't have the gut to do it. Remember, you're nothing but trash!"

If possible, Tom wanted to put everything behind and hit her. Over the past few years, he had lived worse than an animal in the Scott Family. He had to work like a trojan every day, but he was always underfed because he was married into the Scott Family.

Though they had been married for four years, Tom didn't even get to touch his wife's hand once. He was more a servant than the son-in-law of the Scott Family.

"If you are not trash, then what are you? Even if I ask you to beat me, you don't dare. A real man would rather die than live such a life!" said Elizabeth viciously.

Tom lowered his head and clenched his fists so hard that his nails were about to get into his flesh, but he did not dare say a word.

"Mom, how many times have I told you not to throw the clothes on Tom's face? He has dignity too."

Hearing this, Tom shuddered and looked up. He saw a gorgeous woman standing at the door with a slight frown.

That's his wife, Phoebe, a beautiful young lady.

He saw indifference and disappointment in Phoebe's eyes.

"Dignity? Are you joking? Ask him by yourself. Does he have dignity? Does he know what dignity is?" Elizabeth sneered. "I wish he was a man with dignity. In that case, our family won't be judged! But is he?!"

Phoebe looked at Tom expectantly and found that Tom was still indifferent. She was even more disappointed. It seemed that she had misjudged him. Tom was just trash and was not worth any expectations.

"Mom, pack up and come downstairs. Dad is still waiting for us." Phoebe said.

Elizabeth realized something and pulled Phoebe aside. She said in a low voice, "Phoebe, is there no other way? I heard that man is ugly, fat, and old!"

Tom overheard this. He stopped washing clothes and pricked up his ears to listen to their conversation.

Phoebe closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and sighed, "This is the only way to save the family."

Her mother said unhappily, "You're not the only girl in our family. Grace and Sophia are quite pretty! Why sacrifice you? Besides, you're married now. If others know it, you will become the center of gossip. Your reputation would be ruined as well."

Phoebe's eyes were filled with sadness and self-deprecation. "Maybe this is my fate. I am nobody in the family, and no one would care about my willingness."

Her mother turned around and glared at Tom. "I shouldn't have let you marry this trash back then. If you married a powerful man, he wouldn't watch you be trapped in such a situation and do nothing!" But Elizabeth had no way to change it as well. She sighed helplessly.

Phoebe also looked at Tom, working hard to wash the clothes, and became even more disappointed. Finally, she sighed helplessly and shook her head, "He is not cut out for this. I never thought I could rely on him. Besides, grandpa hasn't decided yet. Maybe there's a chance..."

"Really?" Her mother's eyes lit up.

Phoebe smiled sadly. "Maybe."

They were a little far away, thinking Tom could not hear what they were saying, but Tom could hear it clearly. He raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot, and his heart was in turmoil. It was hard for him to calm down! He wanted to tell Phoebe loudly that he was not trash. He was the second son of the Howard Family of H City. He was noble and powerful. However, he couldn't. He had his own difficulties!

Seeing Phoebe and Elizabeth go out, he gritted his teeth and tagged along.

When he came out downstairs, he found that Phoebe and Elizabeth had already gotten into his father-in-law's car and left, so he quickly started his bicycle.

Fortunately, it was the rush hour after work, and there were many cars on the road, so he managed to catch up their car with his shabby bicycle.

Half an hour later, his father-in-law's car stopped, and the three of them walked into the building together. Tom found that he had come to the Scott Group.

The Scott Family owned a clothing company worth tens of millions. Phoebe had brought him here twice in the first year of their marriage. He accidentally offended Phoebe's cousin the second time and was forbidden to get into here.

"What took you so long? Everyone has been waiting for you for a long time."

More than 20 people were sitting in the private room, and one of the elders said unhappily.

"I'm sorry. It's because of the traffic jam. Sorry." Phoebe's father, James, bowed and apologized humbly.

"Forget it. Sit down and discuss how to get through this crisis." The elder waved his hand and said.

Zack stood up and said, "Grandpa, Mr. Cook said that as long as our family sends a beautiful woman to hang out with him for three days, then he would agree to lend us 20 million dollars without interest and pay it off in three years. I think we should do as he says. As long as we have the 20 million dollars, we will definitely be able to get through this difficult time."

His grandfather, Richard, nodded and said, "Grace, Sophia, Phoebe, the three of you are the only qualified girls in our family. Now the Scott Family is at stake. Which one of you is willing to sacrifice for the family?"

Grace was the first to stand up and say, "Grandpa, I'm engaged to Jordan. If the news gets out, my marriage will be ruined. Besides, I just got my period yesterday... Grandpa, I really want to sacrifice for the family, but I can't..."

Immediately, Sophia stood up and said, "Grandpa, I'm afraid I can't either. I found out that I was pregnant a few days ago. If I go out with Mr. Cook, the child would be in danger. Grandpa, I also want to make a sacrifice for the family, but I can't either!"

They cried and swept tears, but there was joy and pleasure in their eyes when they looked at Phoebe.

Ever since they were young, they had been jealous of Phoebe just because Phoebe was more beautiful and received higher education than them.

Every man they hooked up with first would fall in love with Phoebe without hesitation after seeing Phoebe.

They had thought that a gorgeous woman like Phoebe would eventually marry into a rich family and enjoy a lot of wealth. However, Phoebe was so stupid that she married the trash. This made them very happy.

Now, there was a huge financial crisis in the family, and the bank refused to lend money. The only person willing to lend money was that ugly and fat Mr. Cook. Phoebe, you were such a beauty, and you should sacrifice yourself for the family.

Richard looked at Phoebe and said with narrowed eyes, "Phoebe, our family is in danger. Don't tell me you got your period or you are pregnant."

Elizabeth immediately came out and said, "Father! Phoebe is married. It will be her fourth anniversary in a few days. If Tom finds out about this, their marriage would be ruined!"

Zack immediately said disdainfully, "That trash? So what if he knew? He had sold himself to our family. Phoebe is so beautiful. It's a waste to marry her to that trash! If Mr. Cook likes her and Phoebe can be with Mr. Cook, she will live a much better life."

Then he said hypocritically, "I'm saying this for Phoebe. Do you think so?"

"Yes, I agree..."

"Zack is right. It's much better to be with Mr. Cook than that trash Tom."

"This is also good for Phoebe. Kill two birds with one stone!"

They all echoed.

While Phoebe did not say a word, she was looking out the window, and no one knew what she was thinking. Elizabeth pushed her and said, "Sweetheart, why are you in a daze? Say something. I'm worried that..."

Phoebe looked back at her grandfather, Richard, and said something that surprised everyone. "I am willing to go out with Mr. Cook..."

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