Chapter 10 Dylan Howard

He felt regret now. He wouldn't have come over if he had known that he had offended the Howard Family.

Seeing his dilemma, Phoebe gritted her teeth and said, "Brian, even you could not save my brother?"

"Brian, you're powerful and resourceful. Can't you really save Tian?" Elizabeth asked nervously.

James sighed and said sadly, "The Howard Family is the first family in H City. No family can be more powerful than them. Don't make things difficult for Brian. A father is responsible for teaching his son. It's my fault. Now that Tian is in trouble, I, like his father, should help him on my own. I'm going to kowtow to the Howard Family one by one. I can kneel down for their forgiveness. I hope they can accept my apology!"

Brian felt a little guilt, and he excitedly slapped his thigh and said, "Phoebe, uncle, auntie, don't worry. I can help you! I believe I own some authorities in H City, so the Howard Family would give me respect."

"Really?" Phoebe's eyes lit up.

James and Elizabeth got excited. "That's great, Brian. We'll remember your kindness!"

Brian was flattered by their words. When looking at Phoebe's beautiful face, he couldn't help but feel excited and blurt out, "But I have a condition. I hope Phoebe can go on a date with me after this is done."

Brian immediately regretted what he said. How could he say it out directly?

Sure enough, when Phoebe heard this, she felt a little uncomfortable because she thought Brian was threatening her. And his originally heroic image suddenly disappeared.

James and Elizabeth also frowned slightly.

"Okay." Phoebe nodded. "As long as you can save my brother, I'm willing to date you."

Brian said hurriedly, "Phoebe, don't misunderstand. I'm just joking. Even if you don't date me, I'll save your brother."

Phoebe squeezed out a smile. "Well, even if you don't say it, I'll date you."

She was about to sacrifice herself for her family, and she would no longer be pure. What was the point of dating Brian?

Tom was in the car from afar, watching Phoebe and Brian talk intimately, as if they were lovers, and he felt very uncomfortable. After thinking about it, he was still worried and decided to follow them. Maybe he could help.

They went to a high-class billiards club. When Phoebe and others entered, they saw Logan kneeling on the ground, and looked terrible. His face was bruised and swollen.

Logan saw Phoebe and cried out in grievance, "Sister, help me!"

As soon as he finished shouting, he was kicked to the ground by a young man next to him, and that man scolded fiercely, "Be quiet! Otherwise, I'll kill you!"

Elizabeth had always doted on Logan. When she saw her son being beaten like this, she was heartbroken, and tears streamed down her face. "My god, my son..."

She wanted to run over, but James grabbed her tightly and warned her in a low voice. "Don't act rashly. Do you want to kill Logan?"

Elizabeth then realized that it was inadvisable to provoke these young people in front of her, especially the young man who was leisurely playing billiards. He looked strong and was the leader of these men. Then he must be the young master of the Howard Family.

Phoebe took a deep breath and stood up, saying, "I'm sorry. My brother Logan is not sensible and has offended you. I hope you can forgive my brother in mercy and let him go. Our Scott Family would be grateful!"

"Wow, what a beautiful woman. She looks nice!"

"I didn't expect Logan to have such a beautiful sister."

When they saw Phoebe, they all became frivolous and whistled.

Several men even wanted to come to touch her, which scared her into hiding behind Brian. "Brian, help me!"

Brian could not tell Phoebe what he was thinking. He recognized that these young people were all big shots he dared not to provoke. Everyone could easily ruin him, especially the young man who was playing billiards. He was from the Howard Family. His name was Dylan, and he was the most influential person here!

Last month, he met Dylan once, and even his father was submissive to Dylan, let alone him.

Brian liked to pretend to be powerful, but he could not influence Dylan at all with his status. And it was impossible to let Dylan give him respect.

And once he offended Dylan, he would be finished.

At this moment, he even wanted to escape.

However, Phoebe's help stimulated him. He decided to show his masculinity and protect Phoebe. So he shouted with his head held high, "Stop it."

"Who are you? How dare you tell me to stop?"

A wealthy young man pointed at Brian and cursed.

Brian swallowed his saliva, and the courage he had managed to squeeze out suddenly became weak. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and sent it to that man, saying humbly, "Big brother, my name is Brian, the chairman of the HY Group, is my father. I am also from the H City."

"HY Group?" That man frowned and turned to ask other people, "Hey, do you know HY Group?"

They all shook their heads to show they didn't know and hadn't even heard of it. Brian was very embarrassed. Indeed, HY Group was nothing to these young rich men. It was just a small company in their eyes.

"I don't care about the HY Group. Cut the crap and take out ten million. Then I'll let you take Logan away. Otherwise, just get out of here!" The rich man said arrogantly.

Brian lowered his stance even more. "Big brother, Logan is my brother-in-law. He's too stupid to provoke you. May I ask what he did?"

Seeing Brian's humble attitude, that man controlled his temper. Then he snorted and said, "You're right. This bastard is blind. He thinks he's the best in the world after drinking some wine. He not only bumped into Mr. Howard without apology but dares to speak rudely to us! Let me tell you this. We will cut his hands if you can't give us ten million dollars today to redeem him!"

Elizabeth couldn't help but scold, "He just scolded you a few words, then you just beat him up like this? And you even asked for ten million dollars from us. You are robbers!"

Dylan, who was playing billiards, said, "You're right. I'm rubber. So what? How dare he calls me bastard? Your son is so bold! Now the price has risen, ten million won't solve the problem. You have to pay twenty million. Of course..."

Dylan said with a malicious smile. "You can also go to the police and gamble to see if it's useful. However, don't blame me for not reminding you that once you call the police, I would not only cut his hands but kill him!"

His words made Phoebe and the others shudder!

Brian swallowed even more nervously. He regretted it and was about to shirk his responsibility when Dylan hooked his finger and said jokingly, "So you are, Brian. Come here."

"Mr. Howard..." Brian's legs were swinging, but he didn't dare refuse Dylan. Now his face was pale with fear.

However, when Brian walked over, Dylan patted him on the shoulder and was about to speak when footsteps came from the door, and a man came in.

It was Tom.

Dylan, who was still very aggressive a moment ago, suddenly changed his face and showed his respect when seeing Tom.

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