Chapter 3

"Yes, what's the matter?" Tom was confused.

Then, the other party shouted excitedly, "Thank god! Second Young Master, I finally found you!"

When Tom heard the word "Second Young Master," his body trembled. How long had it been since he heard anyone call him Second Young Master? Four years, four years!

"Are you, Butler Yang?" Tom asked uncertainly.

"Thank God! Second Young Master, I finally found you!" Butler Yang was extremely excited. He said in a voice choked with tears, which made Tom a little confused. Butler Yang had been loyal to the Howard Family for many years and had always been steady. Why was he so excited now?

"Butler Yang, don't call me Second Young Master. I'm just a stray dog now." Tom sighed and said self-deprecatingly.

"Second Young Master! You are the Second Young Master of the Howard Family. You are honorable. How can you be a stray dog?"

"Second Young Master, come back. The Howard Family needs you now!"

"Butler Yang, even you have come to humiliate me now? Four years ago, I was expelled from the Howard Family. I was worse than a dog then. What does the Howard Family need me for? Do they need me to go back for my humiliation?" Tom clenched his fists. He would never forget the humiliation the Howard Family had given him back then!

In contrast, the grievances he had suffered in the Scott Family for the past four years were nothing.

Butler Yang said hurriedly, "Second Young Master, how dare I humiliate you? You are now the most powerful person in the Howard Family! Second Young Master, you should know that the Old Master had passed away last month. Before he died, he transferred all his inheritance to you!"

Tom jumped up abruptly. "What?! What did you say? Grandpa, he's... Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Wasn't grandpa in coma? How did he transfer the inheritance to me? Besides, aren't you all convinced that I was the one who poisoned grandpa?!

He remembered how he was framed, beaten up, and ruthlessly kicked out of the Howard Family. He would never forget the humiliation for the rest of his life.

"Two months ago, Old Master suddenly woke up and told everyone that you didn't do it. He cleared your name. Second Young Master, come back. Before Old Master died, 70 % of the family's funds were transferred to your name. Now the Howard Family needs you!"

Tom burst into tears. For so many years, he had been cursed worse than a pig and a dog. Now, finally, he was vindicated!

In the Howard Family, his only concern was his grandfather. Now that his grandfather was dead, he had nothing to do with the Howard Family. Four years ago, the Howard Family did him wrong. Now, why should he give a rat's ass about the Howard Family?

"Butler Yang, stop. I won't go back. As for grandpa, I'll go visit his grave later." Tom hung up the phone quickly, then he quickly took out his own exclusive VIP card. There was no money in it, but it was still a symbol of identity. All over the country, there were less than ten of these. For each card, the owner enjoyed the VIP channel and 24-hour manual service.

He made the call. "Quick, check the balance for me!"

"Okay, Mr. Howard, please wait a moment." A sweet voice came from the phone. After a while, it rang again. "Hello, Mr. Howard, you have too much money in your account. I don't have the right to get access to it. I'm afraid that you need to come to our bank yourself. I can pick you up, and if you get tired here, we can arrange your accommodation too."

Her sweet voice was quite flirting.

There was too much money and she didn't have the access right!

Tom was dumbfounded. He hung up the phone and laughed loudly. After being broke for so long, he could finally be rich again. Hahaha!

He laughed very loudly. Just then, Phoebe and Elizabeth came out of the building. When they saw him laughing, Elizabeth immediately went up and kicked him on the butt, shouting, "I should just kill you, you ungrateful dog! Tom, you're really a pig. Your wife is going to sleep with someone else, and how can you still laugh out loud?"

Tom was caught off guard and hit the telephone pole due to the kick. His nose was swollen. The pain made him burst into tears. He hurriedly explained, "Mom, you misunderstood. I'm not laughing at Phoebe..."

Just as he turned around, Elizabeth slapped him on the face again, accompanied by a rude scolding, "Shut up! We caught you on the spot, and you still want to deny it? Tom, you're a ruthless animal!"

Elizabeth wanted to hit Tom again, but Phoebe held her back. "Mom, forget it. Just let him laugh. We're getting divorced soon anyway."

Hearing this, Tom's body trembled and he wanted to explain. But when he saw the disappointment and disgust in Phoebe's eyes, he felt as if his heart was pricked with needles.

"Phoebe, I really didn't..."

Phoebe interrupted him and said coldly, "Enough, Tom, don't destroy the last shred of respect I have for you!"

After that, she left without giving Tom a chance to explain.

Elizabeth glared at him and got into the car.

Tom was heartbroken. He had been married to Phoebe for years. In order to hide his identity and prevent the Howard Family from persecuting him further, he deliberately lived as a loser. It also made Phoebe suffer countless grievances and criticisms because of him. In the past, he had no choice. Now that he was rich, he must give Phoebe a happy life!

"Phoebe, wait for me. I won't let you down again." Tom clenched his fists and his eyes were incomparably firm!

Next, he would personally go to the bank to find out how much money was in the account.

He rushed to the bank in a hurry riding the shabby electric bike. It was shaky and was about to fall apart at any time. It ran out of power halfway and had to be pushed forward with his feet. It was especially funny while he was doing it and caused a lot of ridicule.

Tom didn't pay any attention. He wanted to find out how much money was in the account right away and then withdraw 20 million dollars to help Phoebe get through the difficult situation. He couldn't stand by and watch Phoebe be defiled no matter what!

"Oh, isn't this the famous loser in H City? Why? Is your luxurious electric motorcycle out of battery? Do you want me to lend you two dollars to charge it at a nearby convenience store?"

As soon as Tom stopped the electric motorcycle, he heard a strange voice coming from behind him. A man dressed in famous brands mocked him.

Seeing this man, Tom was annoyed immediately, because this man was Phoebe's classmate named Brian, and his rival in love. For the past four years, Phoebe's bad attitude towards him had a lot to do with this man.

"Hey, Brian, is this the loser you mentioned before? He's really a piece of junk. A broken electric bike like that, I think it's only worth one or two thousand dollars at most. It costs me more money than that for a meal, haha."

"One or two thousand? You really give him too much credit before checking the clothes he's wearing. They add up to less than a hundred dollars. Does he look like someone who can afford an electric bike?"

"You don't understand, do you? It's because he can't afford to buy it himself that he is being called the loser. His wife bought this electric bike for him. Otherwise, he would have to walk. Hahaha..."

Brian and two other men in suits sneered at him. When one of them walked over, he kicked Tom's electric bike hard. Tom almost fell down. When they saw Tom make a fool of himself, they laughed smugly again.

Tom knew that the more attention he paid to them, the more excited Brian would be. He ignored Brian directly and strode towards the bank hall. He was now a billionaire, and there was no need to waste time with a small character like Brian.

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