Chapter 7 I Won't Make you Lose Face

Phoebe's face immediately changed. She was so angry that she kept scolding Tom in her heart. If it weren't for the presence of outsiders, she really wanted to give Tom a big slap!

"Look, even your husband said that, so don't refuse. Let's go and buy some jewelry. I saw a diamond necklace a while ago, and I love it. It's not expensive, just a hundred thousand dollars." Jane laughed happily.

Tom had long wanted to buy jewelry for Phoebe. They had been married for four years, but he had never given Phoebe a fancy gift. Now that he was rich and had this opportunity, he would not let it go. Moreover, he was also hoping to show his sincerity and save the marriage.

Phoebe was about to cry, but Jane was too enthusiastic. She couldn't get rid of Jane at all. She had to follow her into the jewelry store and sign. Tom was really a disaster. He still disgraced him even before their divorce.

After Tom caught up with her, Phoebe fiercely stomped on Tom's shoes. "Look at what you've done! Can't you let me off one time?"

Phoebe was wearing high heels, so Tom felt so painful that he bared his teeth and almost jumped up. "Phoebe, don't worry. I won't embarrass you this time."

"Stop bragging." Phoebe didn't believe him and looked disgusted.

Jane took Asher's hand and strutted in. She said to the salesman, "Hey, do you still have the discount you told me about last time?"

The salesperson said, "Yes. Two legal couples buy the same jewelry, and they can enjoy a 30% discount. Which jewelry do you like?"

Jane smiled meaningfully and said to Phoebe, "Phoebe, I see that you are not wearing any jewelry, not even a diamond ring. You should choose first. We are classmates, and I'll buy whatever you choose so that you can save a lot of money. Is that OK? Am I kind or what?"

"To be honest, Jane, business has been bad recently, so I can't afford such expensive jewelry," Phoebe said this, feeling so embarrassed. The simple sentence had cost her all her strength! She was proud. It was very difficult for her to say such a thing.

Jane burst out laughing. "Oh, Phoebe, stop it. Everyone in our class knew you were rich. You rode in a luxurious car to school every day. If you were poor, we, the real poor people, would have no money to eat. After all these years, your family business must be better, right?"

Every word she said pierced Phoebe's heart like a needle, making her face gradually pale.

Asher chimed in and said, "Hey, yes. Besides, isn't your husband rich? How can he not afford the jewelry worth only a hundred thousand dollars? Honey, how much is that diamond necklace you like?"

Jane answered, "The original price is 219,800 dollars and less than 170,000 dollars at a discount."

"Less than 170,000 dollars. That's a bargain, actually." Asher laughed.

The salespeople in the shop saw the chance of a big business and came over to flatter them.

Phoebe felt so ashamed that she wished she could find a hole in the ground to hide. She had never been so embarrassed since she was a child!

At this moment, a loud voice sounded, "170,000 dollars, uh? It's not expensive."

Everyone looked back to see who was speaking with such an arrogant tone.

It was Tom. With a smile on his face, he held Phoebe's hand and said, "Honey, you forgot that I bought a stock a while ago. It has risen to the limit. I made a few million this time, enough to buy dozens of diamond necklaces."

Phoebe was stunned. When did Tom learn to buy stocks? Soon she realized that Tom was bragging.

Jane and Asher also didn't believe it and felt he was pretending.

"Wow, you earned a few million. It's amazing! Then just buy the most expensive necklace!" Jane said with a fake smile.

"No..." Phoebe hurriedly explained, but Jane didn't give her a chance and said directly to the salesperson, "What's the most expensive jewelry here?"

The salesperson was even more respectful. "Madam, you are lucky. We just received a limited edition diamond necklace from the headquarters yesterday. It was designed by a famous jewelry master and used a total of 999 diamonds, representing forever, so it was named 'Eternal Heart.'"

"Eternal Heart!" Jane exclaimed. "Is it the one that went viral online a while ago?"

"Yes." The salesperson looked proud. "This is a limited edition. There are only nine of them in the world, and they are very precious. Our store only managed to get two because the boss and the jewelry master her along well."

Jane's eyes lit up, and she said quickly, "Take it out and show it to me."

Soon, the salesperson carefully took out two exquisite boxes. It was obvious that everyone around them held their breath and looked forward to it.

Even Phoebe's eyes were drawn to it. A while ago, she saw this online. It was so beautiful that she had liked it back then.

She didn't expect to have the chance to see the Eternal Heart with her own eyes today. She was extremely intrigued.

When the salesperson opened the box, the Eternal Heart in it immediately appeared. It was dazzling and beautiful. Every diamond seemed to be given life. From different angles, it showed a different luster.

Jane came back to her senses and said to Tom, "So? Can you afford it?"

Tom didn't answer her but asked Phoebe, "Phoebe, what do you think of it? Do you like it?"

Phoebe was still immersed in the beauty of the Eternal Heart and did not come back to her senses. She nodded hard and said, "I like it!"

Tom smiled and said, "Okay, we will take it."

Then he asked the salesperson to pack it.

The salesperson asked tentatively, "Sir, are you sure? This is a limited edition, and it is currently sold for 2,388,800..."

Hearing the price, the customers around them exclaimed. A necklace costs more than two million dollars. It was impossible for them to afford it. It was worth an apartment in the city center!

Tom nodded and said, "Sure, pack it up."

Suddenly, Tom thought of something and said meaningfully, "Is the Eternal Heart included in that discount service?"

The salesman nodded in agreement.

Tom said to Jane, "Phoebe and I will buy the Eternal Heart. After you make a decision, we can pay the bill together."

Jane and Asher's faces turned grim. They didn't have such a large sum of money now!

Tom said again, "Asher, Jane, you can afford this, right?"

Jane said excitedly, "Bullshit! I can't afford it?! My husband's company earns millions a year. It's easy to buy jewelry worth two million dollars. On the other hand, you are all dressed in cheap clothes and can't even find a job. Do you really have two million dollars? I don't think you have even twenty thousand dollars!"

Anyone who bought two jewelry pieces would enjoy 30% off, which was about two million dollars.

Tom would take her words seriously. He smiled and said, "I have two million, actually."

"Liar. Just pay for it, and we'll see!" Jane's face was full of disdain. She was sure Tom was poor.

Tom said directly to the salesperson, "Can I use a card here?"

The salesperson smiled sweetly. "Yes. But since you want to enjoy a 30% discount, you have to pay together."

"I'm OK with it." Tom looked at Jane. "What about you? Pay the bill together?"

Asher and Jane looked at each other and thought that Tom must be bluffing. Asher said disdainfully, "Let's go. Do you think I am afraid?"

Then they took out their bank cards together and went to the register. Then, people heard a payment was successful, but the other was denied.

Asher was stunned. Successful payment? Why? There were only tens of thousands of dollars in his account. Could it be that the customer had transferred the money in advance? This was not good. He needed this money to manage the company. If he used it to buy the diamond necklace, he would suffer huge losses!

So he said in a panic, "Why is the deal made? Return the money. It's the wrong bank card..."

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