Chapter 4

Brian's face darkened because of Tom's ignorance. In Brian's mind, Tom was the person he disliked the most in the world. Four years ago, if it hadn't been for Tom, who had ruined his plan, he would have become Phoebe's boyfriend!

"Hello, sir. May I help you?"

Tom came in and was looking around. A good-looking staff member came to ask him. When this staff saw that Tom was dressed in shabby clothes, she could tell that this was a poor man. So the smile on her face was perfunctory. Tom didn't care. He said, "I'm here to withdraw some cash."

"Oh, then line up here." The staff pointed at the long queue and said lazily.

Today was the weekend, and there were a lot of people coming to withdraw the money. So the queues at several windows were very long.

Tom smiled and said, "As far as I know, VIP customers don't have to line up, do they?"

After saying this, the staff was stunned, and then her attitude changed. "Yes, if you are a VIP customer, there is no need to queue up. Are you VIP, sir?"

It is not easy to be a VIP of this bank. The threshold is quite high. Only customers with over 10 million dollars deposits could apply for it. It was hard to imagine that the man who dressed so humble was a VIP. Rich people nowadays were really good at hiding their identities.

Just as the staff was about to take Tom into the VIP room, a sneer sounded from the side. "Are you silly? Does he look like a person with ten million? If he were VIP, I would have been the richest man in the world."

It was Brian again. When he came in and heard what Tom said just now, he was immediately amused.

The staff's face immediately changed and said to Tom in a bad manner, "Sir, this is a bank, not a circus. Please be serious."

Tom frowned and said, "Who's joking with you? I'm really a VIP customer and I'm SVIP."

Hearing this, Brian and other two people laughed even more happily. Not only did they, but the others in the hall also laughed when they heard Tom's words. They thought that Tom was retarded and paranoid.

The staff's face became even more unpleasant. She lost her patience. "Sir, please stop talking nonsense and don't interfere with our work. Otherwise, don't blame us for taking tough measures."

Two tall security guards came over and grabbed Tom on both sides, staring at him.

Tom was a little angry. He said, "Since I'm SVIP, you are not qualified to receive me. Ask your manager to come out and receive me."

Seeing Tom was despised, Brian was so happy that he stood out and said in a strange tone, "Hey, how can you judge people by their appearance? Although his clothes were indeed a little shabby, dirtier than my dishcloth, and he rode an electric bike over, maybe he was a super-rich man who deliberately experiences the life of the poor. Well, he said he was the SVIP, so he must have an SVIP card. Let him take it out."

"You're right. I really have an SVIP card." Tom smiled and took out a bank card from his pocket. The card was all black and extremely delicate. At a glance, it was easy to tell that it was not the same material as an ordinary bank card. There was no bank logo on the card but only a simple dragon pattern with gold thread. Under the pattern, it was the word "Howard."

Everyone was stunned when they saw the black and gold card. They didn't expect Tom to be able to take out such a card. They felt it was ridiculous. When did the VIP card become so worthless?

Brian was astonished. He didn't expect Tom to actually take out a VIP card. But soon he realized something was wrong. Tom's card was different from his.

"So hilarious. Tom, you're such a moron. How dare you call such a useless card an SVIP card? "Brian's face was full of disdain. He took out a golden bank card from his wallet and slapped it in front of Tom. He said sadly, "Look at this, idiot. This is the VIP card of this bank. Every card has a special number. It can't be copied outside! Do you think everyone here is as stupid as you are? Miss, you work here. Tell everyone, is his card a VIP card?"

The staff member was not competent enough and did not know the black gold card in Tom's hand. She sneered, "Of course not. Our VIP card is not so low grade!"

Certainly, Tom would not be provoked by Brian. His unique black gold card was a symbol of noble status. An unknown guy like Brian naturally didn't know it. However, when he saw Brian's smug appearance, he suddenly had an idea and said with a smile, "This is indeed not an ordinary VIP card, but a noble black golden card. It's common for people of your level not to know it."

"Are you serious? Black golden card? You are really stupid! Everyone knows that this bank doesn't issue black golden cards. Even if it issued, the bank would definitely not give it to you. Who are you? You are just a useless husband relying on your wife!" Brian pointed at Tom's nose and scolded.

Tom was not angry either. He smiled and said, "Brian, I advise you to keep quiet if you don't know anything. Your status is low, so you just haven't seen it before. It doesn't mean it's fake."

Brian was annoyed when he saw that Tom could still keep his smile. "Well, how stubborn you are. If you can prove that your card is a black golden card, I will kneel down on the spot and call you father three times! If you can't prove it, you kneel down and call me grandpa ten times. Besides, you must divorce Phoebe. Deal?"

Brian folded his arms around his chest and stared at Tom in a high and condescending manner, believing that Tom didn't dare to bet with him.

Tom's expression became strange. "Forget about the bet. There's no need."

Brian thought Tom was timid and burst into laughter. "Why are you terrified now? Aren't you very arrogant just now? Show your arrogance!"

Others also laughed at Tom.

Tom replied, "Am I a coward? True gold is not afraid of fire. I'm just afraid that you will cheat."

"I would cheat? What a joke!" Brian waved his hand and tapped his fingers on the table. "I, Brian, make a promise here. If you prove that you are a VIP, I will kneel down on the spot and call you father three times! I will not cheat!"

He spoke loudly and stared at Tom.

Tom smiled. "You said that."

"Cut the crap. I want to see how you can prove it to me." Brian sneered and thought Tom couldn't prove it.

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