Chapter 14 A Deserted Birthday Party

Richard was a man who took dignity seriously. Every year, he would hold a party on his birthday, and all the members of his family clan should be there. He used to hold banquets at five-star hotels ostentatiously to satisfy his vanity. However, the family business did not gain many profits this year and suffered from a serious fiscal deficit. As a result, this year, he had to hold a banquet at a three-star hotel that was outmoded and old. He didn't have the nerve to invite bosses from the industry. Everything was conducted simply.

When Phoebe and her family arrived, most of the other members of the Scott Family had already presented. So Phoebe and her families were the last ones to arrive, who were immediately scolded, "What happened to you? You are the last ones to arrive at, the same as what happens every year. Do you know that everyone is waiting for you?"

Richard also looked at them in an unfriendly manner. Today was his seventieth birthday, and he would hold a feast and invite everyone around. In the end, he could only hold a banquet in this kind of cheap hotel. He was already very unhappy. The James family even dared to be late for the party, which immediately irritated him, "Why are you late? Give me a reason!"

Why late? It was because Elizabeth, a woman who had spent two hours putting on makeup and delayed the most suitable time for them to depart. When they left home, a traffic jam just happened. So the James family was late for the party.

"Dad, we didn't mean to be late. It just..." Seeing that James would blame her, Elizabeth hurriedly answered for James, "Dad, it's all Tom's fault, such a loser! Tom spent so much time preparing at home, which delayed us a lot. After going out, we were caught in a traffic jam, so we were late. This loser, he really cannot do one thing properly!"

Elizabeth slapped Tom on his head and scolded, "You trash, why are you standing there? Apologize quickly!"

Tom got furious. Elizabeth caused the trouble, who now dared to blame all the faults on him now. How outrageous it was!

Tom really wanted to speak out the truth aloud, but he decided not to after thinking about it carefully. Anyway, later when Samuel came over personally to give him the gift, everyone would be shocked by him. Elizabeth would then understand how stupid it was to offend him, Tom.

So Tom endured it and said nothing.

Seeing that Tom had to bear it silently again and didn't even dare to fart, Phoebe's expectation accumulated for him, which did not come easily, disappeared completely. Phoebe laughed at herself in her mind, "Phoebe Phoebe, you're really naive. It's been four years, and you still have hope for Tom?"

Today, Tom said confidently that he would make Phoebe proud of him, which gave Phoebe a little hope. Now it seemed that she was so naive that she was tricked by Tom again!

"Tom, this loser again? Why did you even bring him here? He doesn't deserve to sit and dine with us."

"Bad luck! I don't know what James is thinking about, who actually accepted such trash as his son-in-law."

"Exactly. It's a disgrace to our Scott Family."

"Kick him out. I don't want to see his face."

Many members of the Scott Family began to complain and ridicule Tom mercilessly.

"Don't be so absolute. Last time he even broke into the company directly for his wife. He said he would offer 20 million dollars in a week. Maybe he's the son of a super-rich family with a low profile."

Someone said in a strange and unfriendly tone. It was no one else but Zack, whom Tom disliked the most. It was also Zack's trick to suggest Phoebe should sleep with Mr. Cook as a sacrifice for the family.

"That's ridiculous. If he's super-rich, I'll be the richest man in the world."

Faced with so many people's ridicule, Tom was not angry. Instead, the corners of his mouth rose slightly. The more seriously these people ridiculed, the more interesting their reaction would be later. Tom was already eager for what would happen next.

Seeing that Tom could still laugh, Phoebe felt that he was completely hopeless.

Richard then said, "Okay, stop talking. Sit down."

Then Richard said to James, "Let Phoebe get a divorce in these two days. Our family doesn't accept a useless son-in-law."

James nodded.

In this way, they looked at Tom with more gloating.

Phoebe sighed and said in her mind, "Tom, I took you to get a divorce the day before yesterday, which is for your good. How would you be ridiculed tonight if you were smart enough to sign the papers quickly?"

Tonight's 70th birthday party was very simple. Only six tables were allocated for all of the guests. A seven to eight-year-old child asked, "Mom, why are there so few people coming to grandpa's birthday this year? Didn't a lot of people come last year?"

The child's voice was not low as everyone around him heard it, especially Richard, whose face darkened immediately.

The others did not dare to make a sound.

"Baby, don't talk nonsense. Eat now!"

The child said unhappily, "The food here is not delicious. It's not as delicious as the food served in the grand hotel where grandfather's birthday was held last year. Mom, I want to eat abalones and lobster!"

Bang! Richard slapped his chopsticks on the table.

Just as Richard was about to lose his temper, a group of people walked in from the door, accompanied by a crisp sound, "Young master of the HY Group came to offer his congratulations with a golden pig and a pair of century-old ginseng. He wishes him happiness and longevity. A happy day like this every year and every birthday!"

The sudden appearance stunned everyone. Who did not expect that someone else would come to congratulate tonight?

Richard's hand trembled, and his chopsticks fell to the ground. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Brian, walking towards him quickly.

That's right, it was Brian, who had been waiting for this day for a long time. Brian knew that Richard was a very proud person and had great power in the Scott Family. In addition, the Scott Family suffered from bad business this year, and Richard's 70th birthday party was very simple. So Brian had prepared for a long time, spent more than 200,000 dollars making a hollow golden pig and finding a pair of 100-years-old ginseng to congratulate Richard to win Richard's favor. Then Brian could ask Phoebe to marry him! It was definitely a successful and easy play.

"Mr. Scott, I'm Brian, Phoebe's classmate. I'm here to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your meal, sleep, and long life!"

Brian presented the gift to Richard and shouted respectfully.

"Good, good, good!" Richard was delighted. He stood up and took Brian's gift. He was so excited that he could not help trembling, "Brian, my good boy. I am so glad you can come, so glad!"

Brian said, "Mr. Scott, I am late for your party. I hope you will excuse me."

"Sure, sure!" Richard laughed. Seeing that Brian was staring at Phoebe with deep affection, How could Richard not know what Brian wanted. Richard narrowed his eyes and said, "Brian, I am really glad that you have come to offer your congratulations on my birthday party. Say them out if you have any requests, and I will grant you!"

"Really, grandpa?!" Brian was overjoyed. He was just waiting for Richard to say that!

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