Chapter 8 The Wrong Card

The salesperson interrupted him. "I'm sorry, sir, you didn't pay it successfully."

"What?" Asher was stunned again. He failed to pay it, so the one who succeeded in paying it was...

He glared at Tom!

No way! It couldn't be him. How could this poor guy have two million dollars?

The salesperson continued, "Mr. Howard made the payment successfully. Mr. Lee, your bank card balance is insufficient, so the payment failed."

Everyone looked at Tom in surprise when others heard the salesman's words.

"That's impossible!" Jane immediately screamed and said, "You must have made a mistake. He can't even find a job. How can there be two million dollars in his bank card?"

The salesperson maintained a smile and said, "It was true. The successful payment is indeed by Mr. Howard. We have a bank statement here."

Then she printed out the spending record, handed it to Tom with both hands, and said respectfully, "Mr. Howard, please sign it."

Tom signed his name gracefully and said to Asher with a smile, "Mr. Lee, how did you fail to pay it? Aren't you the president of the company? You made millions of dollars a year. Why didn't you even have two million in your account?"

When Asher heard this, he felt extremely awkward.

"Mr. Lee, please give me a bank card with sufficient balance, and we will try it again." The salesman picked up the swiper and said to Asher.

Everyone in the shop was staring at him.

He gritted his teeth. His face was very gloomy, and his fingers were trembling slightly.

When others saw that he didn't find another card to swipe, people around him began to talk.

"Does this fat man have no money?"

"Look at him like that! It must be true. How dare he pretend to be rich just now? It turned out that he was just pretending to be a rich man. I'm so sick of this."

"That's right. He's ugly and likes to pretend to be something. It's really bad luck for anyone to marry him."

"Hey, but I think they are a perfect match. You didn't see the looks of triumph on his wife's face just now, as if her husband was a billionaire. In fact, he was a poor man. I can't help laughing."

The mocking voices of these people grew louder and louder, and Asher and Jane clearly heard them. Their words them extremely embarrassed.

Jane couldn't bear it any longer. It took her a long time to catch the opportunity to vent at Phoebe. In the end, she was the one who lost face. She couldn't control herself and retorted loudly, "Hey! What are you talking about? Who thought that my husband had no money? He earns more money in a month than you do in a year. Who allowed you to laugh at him?"

"Hehe, since your husband is so rich, then pay the bill. Mr. Howard has already paid successfully and is waiting for you."

"That's right. Brag and bounce! If it is true, then you should pay for it. Everyone knows how to brag and show off."

Jane was so furious that her face turned red. She took Asher's arm and said, "Honey, just pay the bill to show that it is true in front of these poor people. It was only two million dollars. We can earn it back in two or three months!"

However, Asher stood still. He frowned, and his face became darker and darker.

"That's enough." Asher shook off Jane's hands. "I won't buy you any bullshit jewelry with two million dollars."

Jane's eyes widened. "Asher, what do you mean? It is you who promised to buy me jewelry!"

Asher said, "I changed my mind, okay?"

"You!" Jane's eyes were red.

The others looked at her in a more different way, full of ridicule and schadenfreude.

The salesperson frowned and said, "Please pay within ten minutes, or you won't be able to enjoy the package of 23% discount."

Tom smiled and said, "Mr. Lee, it turns out that you can't afford the jewelry of two million dollars. From what you said just now, I thought you were a billionaire. Twenty million dollars is nothing to you."

Asher was ridiculed by Tom as the corner of his mouth twitched. He was really too aggrieved to refute. He regretted saying it in such an absolute way just now.

"Hmph, I just happened to forget the bank card with enough money, or do you really think I don't have two million dollars?" Asher kept bragging.

"Oh? Then how much did you have in your bank account just now? A big boss like you would at least have half a million dollars, would you?"

Asher was so angry with Tom that he blurted out, "Of course, I have 500,000 dollars! I have a million dollars in this account!"

Tom immediately said treacherously, "Well, it seems that Mr. Lee is still rich. Any one of your accounts has a million dollars."

"Of course!" Asher was unaware of the trap until he heard Tom's words, "Then Mr. Lee, please fulfill what you just said. The one who failed to pay should compensate the other for the loss that they can't enjoy the discount of the package. It is not much, just over 400,000 dollars. We are friends, so you can keep the change. You can just pay 400,000 dollars." Tom smiled maliciously.

Asher's heart suddenly thumped, and he cursed in his heart that he had been fooled by this guy, Tom!

"Well..." Asher stammered. It was impossible for him to pay 400,000 dollars for nothing.

Tom continued, "Could it be that Mr. Lee, who is so rich, can't even pay 400,000 dollars?"

This brat was really good at mocking others. When had Asher been humiliated like this? His face turned green. Asher cursed, "you're really something," and then rushed out of the jewelry store in a mess. He was in such a hurry that he tripped over the door and fell to the ground. He really made a fool of himself, and everyone was roaring with laughter.

Jane's face was pale. She never thought that things would go this way. A strong sense of shame spread all over her body, and her body could not help but tremble.

Phoebe's pitiful look, in particular, directly broke her weak will. She cried out and ran away without a word left.

The corners of Tom's mouth rose slightly. He had finally been a man in front of Phoebe. He believed that Phoebe's impression of him should be different this time, right?

The salesman said carefully to Tom, "Mr. Howard, do you still want to buy these two diamond necklaces?"

"Yes, why not?"

"Well, Mr. Howard, without another one, you can't enjoy the package of 23% discount. You can only buy them at the original prices. The two diamond necklaces are worth 2.6 million dollars..."

Tom nodded and said, "Well, 2.6 million dollars is ok. I'll pay by card."

"Because you just paid two million dollars, now you only need to pay another six hundred thousand dollars." The salesman's heart was beating fast. She had met a super-rich man.

Other salespeople were also envious of her.

However, when Tom paid again, it showed that the payment had failed.

Eh? What was going on? He had 20 million dollars in this account.

Only then did he realize that he had taken the wrong card. Phoebe gave him this card, which had exactly two million dollars in it, and the password was the same as his card, the date of his birthday.

As he was about to change his card, Phoebe said, "Tom, must you humiliate me like this?"

When Tom saw Phoebe's frightening expression, he immediately knew something terrible had happened. He quickly explained, "Phoebe, listen to me. This is a misunderstanding. I took the wrong card. Another card of mine has..."

"That's enough!" Phoebe almost cried out hysterically. The loud voice attracted the attention of the tourists outside.

"I spent so much effort to get two million dollars from the Scott Family as compensation for our divorce. But you use it to humiliate me like this?" Phoebe's eyes were red, and she stared at Tom.

Tom's toes curled, and he panicked. "Phoebe, listen to me. I really don't want to humiliate you. I took the wrong card. I have 20 million dollars in this card!"

Phoebe looked at Tom with absolute indifference and disgust. "It's better to marry a dog than you!"

Tom's whole body trembled, and his chest hurt so much that he couldn't breathe. Phoebe's words were really a sharp blade, and the blade pierced his chest fiercely!

His face was pale, but he still tried to smile. "Phoebe, I beg you not to say that because one day, when you find out you misunderstood me, you will be very sad..."

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