Chapter 2 I Disagree with it

Elizabeth was shocked. She glared at her daughter, "Phoebe, you're crazy. What are you talking about?!"

Grandpa Richard was overjoyed, "Well, great! Phoebe, you are indeed my precious granddaughter. I'm glad that you can make the decision from a larger picture!"

Others were all excited. They didn't expect Phoebe to agree with it so quickly. It turned out that Phoebe was loyal to her marriage. She was also a gold digger who could do anything for money.

Phoebe continued, "Grandpa, listen to me. I can go out with Mr. Cook for three days, but I have one condition."

"What is it? Tell me." Richard was impatient.

Phoebe took a deep breath and said, "I want to take ten percent of our family company's shares and transfer them to my parents' account. In addition, I want the family to give me two million dollars in cash and transfer it to Tom's account."

Hearing this, Richard frowned. The others were shocked. It was understandable to take 10 % of the shares to James and Elizabeth, but what was the point of giving Tom two million dollars?

Tom was just a piece of trash. It was already terribly bad luck for Phoebe to marry him, but now she even gave money to him?

Just then, the door of the conference room was violently pushed open. A man strode in and said loudly, "I disagree!"

It was Tom.

His sudden appearance stunned everyone in the conference room. They all stared at him with widened eyes, including Phoebe. She did not expect him to show up here.

In fact, Tom had been waiting outside the door for a while. His ears were more sensitive and sharper than others. He could clearly hear what they were talking about even though he was standing outside.

When he heard Phoebe's condition, he couldn't help rushing in directly.

He stared at Phoebe with red eyes. He had never thought that Phoebe would consider him.


"How dare you? You are forbidden to come here! Get out, now!"

"How dare you? This is a family meeting of the Scotts. Who gave you the nerve to barge in, huh?!"

"What are you looking at? Get out of here quickly!"

Tom stood still in the face of many evil words. He walked towards Phoebe and said softly, "I'm sorry, Phoebe, I'm late."

Phoebe looked at Tom and couldn't help being dazed. She felt that Tom had changed.

Richard suddenly slammed the table and scolded, "Good for you, Tom. How dare you! Who allowed you to break in? Do you know where this is? Ah?!"

Tom turned around and said to Richard, "Grandpa, I know I shouldn't have come to this place, but you forced me to be here. Phoebe is my wife, and I don't want her to sell her body and soul for the so-called family interests!"

His words were forceful and powerful, and he exhibited the toughness that had never happened before, which impressed many people. Was this still the loser they knew?

Tom knew that it was dangerous for him to do this. Once the Howard Family found out about it, it would be a terrible disaster, and there was no way back!

It was true that he was the sir of the Howard Family, but he was expelled from the family five years ago. The Howard Family ordered him not to reveal his identity as the sir, or he would be beaten to death!

To survive, he could only hide and act like a loser at all times, not daring to show any talent. Because he knew that once someone in the Howard Family knew that he was not a loser, what awaited him was death! And it would also implicate the entire Scott Family! He was not afraid of death, but he could not harm Phoebe's family.

For this reason, Tom had lived like a loser for four years, enduring hardships and trying his best to regain his strength. Then he would take back everything he had lost.

But now, in the face of Phoebe's crisis, he had to do this.

Zack, who was not far away, said disdainfully, "You don't agree? What right do you have to disagree? You're just a son-in-law. After four years of marriage, all the money you have spent is from the Scott Family. Without the Scott Family to support you, you would have starved to death! It's a shame for us men to be like you. If I were you, I would have drowned in a bath of urine."

Tom straightened his back and said, "I can offer 20 million dollars to help the Scott Family get through this crisis!"

Hearing his words, everyone in the room couldn't help being stunned. Then, as if they had heard the funniest joke, they burst out laughing.

"Hey, did I hear it right? This loser actually said he could offer 20 million? Just him?"

"He is really an idiot. Does he know how much 20 million is? He could not earn so much money even if nine of him spent a whole life earning it!"

"Phoebe is so beautiful. It's such a tragedy for her to have married such a fool."

Everyone was mocking Tom, and their words were unusually terrible.

Elizabeth couldn't help kicking Tom behind him. She cursed and told him not to embarrass himself and to go out quickly.

Phoebe, who was standing behind Tom, looked at his back. This did not touch Phoebe. Instead, she felt more disappointed and disgusted than ever!

Indeed Tom couldn't offer the 20 million. He could offer this amount of money easily when he was still the sir of the Howard Family, as at that time, 20 million dollars would be like 2000 dollars for him. But now, he couldn't offer this sum of money and could only delay the time.

"You don't have to laugh. Give me a week. I promise to give you 20 million!" When Tom said this, he couldn't hide his fear, which Phoebe discovered.

"Enough!" Phoebe said coldly.

Tom turned around and saw the disappointment and disgust in Phoebe's eyes. Phoebe's coldness towards him was so obvious.

"Phoebe, I..."

Phoebe interrupted him, "Tom, you really disappoint me. Go out. You don't need to worry about me."

Tom said anxiously, "Phoebe, listen to me. I can really provide 20 million."

"Tom, for the past four years, no matter how incompetent you are, no matter how stupid you are, no matter how embarrassing you make me feel, I still don't hate you. Because you still have one advantage: you won't bluff. But now, you really disgust me. Seeing your face would make me feel disgusted!" Phoebe stared at Tom with disgust, disappointment, and indifference.

Tom wanted to say something, but he found that he was dumb.

Phoebe continued, "Please go. Before I go to meet Mr. Cook, I will ask the lawyer to draw up the divorce agreement. I won't be cheating on you."

There was a hint of sarcasm on the corners of her mouth.

When Tom heard this, he staggered back two steps. He felt that his heart had stopped beating, and he could hardly breathe due to this excruciating pain at his heart.

During the four years living with Phoebe, Tom unconsciously fell in love with her. He was used to Phoebe's existence every day. He could not imagine the day without Phoebe!

Everyone else in the room gloated at the scene and laughed at Tom.

"Please go. Please go if you really don't want to ruin my affection for you. I don't want to see you ever." Phoebe turned around, trying not to let her tears fall.

Tom was used to her existence, and how could she not? However, she was carrying too many burdens and couldn't choose freely.

Tom was stunned for a few seconds, then said blankly, "Ok." After that, he turned around and left without any emotion.

Tom could not feel his whole body, and he did not know how he managed to keep walking. Then the ringing of the phone interrupted his thoughts. He instinctively answered the phone and put it near his ear. He immediately heard an old man's voice, "Excuse me, are you, Tom?"

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