Chapter 2

This step makes me one step more a little closer. All the smiles of the people who are reading my novels even the light ones, make me want to write more. They say I was the ensemble of Era 2557. That in every line thrown upon the hearts of the readers, makes them want to seek for the world of literature. Every shred of chapters in a novel is comparable to another challenge seeking out to bring the best out of our lives."TheLokes." someone waved happily, running towards my direction. It was Era 2561. I've won many writers' award, the best novelist, and even was featured in the magazine ten times. I waved back to that person, and I saw a familiar face. It was the girl, the first girl I took a photo of in my biggest book signing. "Have you forgotten me? I'm Erelah. I'm now 15 years old. Will you marry me?" I was astonished by the way she asked about marrying her.I let out a laughed and looked at her face. It was still sincere, and my eyes dazed towards her hands, reaching out for me. I smiled at her and pat her head. She chuckled, revealing her perfectly white teeth and her cheeks turned bright red. "I'm too old for you, Erelah." I smiled even more.I saw her pout and look at me that might change my decision. I shook my head and smiled at her again. I reached out for her instead. I smile was written all over her face and reached out for my hand."Are you done with your classes? Do you want to eat ice cream?" she immediately nodded, smiling bigger, which made me affected by her smile.We walk towards a nearby ice cream parlor in Arson Street. She was in her beige uniform, with an olive green ribbon and a darker olive green, plaid skirt. She was happily jumping in the sidewalks, humming as we walk towards the Bar Gelateria. She ordered a stracciatella flavor, a chocolate chip gelato that has large chunks of chocolate and drizzled with vanilla, and ordered me a salted caramel gelato, As I got our orders, I walk towards the seat which she has taken that is near the window. The street of Arson is filled with people who came by to shop or eat."How did you find me?" I asked her, as she took a bite of her gelato.She raised her phone and I saw a stolen shot of myself, wearing the fedora hat, reading by the bookstore in Arson. I chuckled as I looked at her and began tasting the salted caramel I ordered. We talked and she made me shared a few things about myself. I also got to know that she always has my books as a present for her birthday and that made me smile."TheLokes," she uttered.I lift my head, leading myself staring at her dark blue eyes. She smiled at me that made me smiled too. The mushes of chocolates are covering the side of her lips so I offered her my handkerchief. She just stared at my hand, reaching out the white handkerchief, with my embroidered pen name. "You have mushes of chocolates." I stood up and wipe it off for her.I saw her cheeks blushed which made her lower down her head. I chuckled because of her actions towards what I did. I pat her head and sat down again. I smiled as I saw her playing with her fingers. "What is it, Erelah?" I asked."I-" she murmured in a soft voice."Go on," I spoke."I just want to thank you for being the writer which made my life even better. Please continue writing, TheLokes," she told me, as she lifts her head, revealing her watery eyes. I smiled at her. I stood up and reached out my hand at her. She was hesitant about holding my hand, so I hold hers instead. I grabbed her for the tightest hug, patting her back. She began crying, so I hugged her even tighter. I fixed the strands of her hair covering her face and pats her head to make her calm down. "Thank you, Erelah. I really appreciate my readers. I'll continue writing for all of you." I told her and she began to lift her head, smiling from ear to ear.She washed away the tears in her eyes and we decided to go home since the moon begins to show up. I decided to take her home to secure her safety. I looked at her humming down the street and the stars shining so brightly. When we got by a 3-story apartment, she stopped and looked at me."Thank you, TheLokes." she bowed her head."For what?" I asked her."For existing." she lifts her head and smiled at me. I opened my arms and she jumped towards me, hugging me with all her might. I let out a laugh when she hugged me even tighter. I patted her head and hugged her back. The night was a great escape from reality. The stars shining so brightly in the dark blue sky is an ensemble of the precious memories in our lives. As I watch the stars from above, hearing the sound of the waves in the nearby ocean of the town, I let out a deep sigh. My life wouldn't be complete without a pen and paper. I sat by down the sand, hearing the water of the ocean sing. The moon shining so bright is the manifestation that even on the darker days, there is one person and one reason that made your life shines again.But I was wrong.

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