Chapter 3

Time flies, indeed. I make stories. Words are my escape, leading towards the reader's mind and soul which perfectly fits with the emotions beneath their hearts. I write overflowing scenes, making things happen in the back of their minds for this what happiness means to me. 

"TheLokes. You are invited by Soran Publishing Company in the last week of Era 2562, before new year's day to publish your light novel." Adriano, my manager looked at me, fixing his gaze on my brown suit.

"But I told you already, I won't publish that light novel. It's for the readers of my biggest book signing." disagreeing with the statement he just said.

"What a pity, Loke. Are you nuts? You have three books, in your hand right now. You are the ensemble, until today's Era of all the authors around the globe. Don't fucking waste your time or your ego, giving off your shitty readers a light novel to keep by themselves." my ears were pierced upon receiving those words, which he called my readers with. 

My readers are my strength, my only hope to continue holding a pen, writing down stories which can make their heart filled with so many emotions. I stood up and looked at him with disgust. I clenched my jaw and heavily sighed.

"Stop it, Adriano." I glared at him. 

I reached for my suitcase and looked at him once again. I walked towards the door of the conference hall and exited the room. I sighed as I walk down the hallway of the building. I heard my phone rang but I didn't even take a glance at the screen. I continue walking down the hallway until I reached the elevator and decided to go home.

Three weeks have passed and I didn't receive a single call from Adriano. Yesterday was the meeting for the Soran Publishing yet I decided not to come since I am not interested in publishing the light novel that I've made. It was a gift, for my readers, for the people who gave me strength in my biggest book signing. 

I looked at my laptop screen and noticed the notification in my email. I clicked the application and was shocked, and angry at the email that I just received.

Dear TheLokes,

     This is Soran Publishing Company. We are grateful and beyond happy for your decision in publishing your light novel under our publishing company. The 12, 000 copies of your light novel, The Languages of Love, will be distributed tomorrow in every bookstore. We are looking forward to your amazing success, TheLokes.

Lexi Martin
Officer in Charge
Soran Publishing Company

My eyes are heating up. I searched for the only copy of my light novel in my suitcase and was dazed when I can not find it. I sighed heavily and shouted because of frustration. I reached for my phone and called Adriano. Three rings before he answered the phone.

"You got the news, eh?" he asked, laughing hysterically. 

"I told you not to fucking publish it, Adriano," I shouted.

"Uh-huh. I already did, Loke. I already did. That should be published 4 years ago right? But you stopped yourself, telling everyone, the staff and even me, that you won't publish that light novel." he sarcastically said.

"That light novel is a gift. For my readers. Why can't you understand that, Adriano?" I asked him, emphasizing every word.

"Why can't you understand my reasons too, Loke? I am your manager. You'll do everything that's coming from my mouth." he shouted and clicked his tongue.

"You are not the fucking boss of my life, Adriano. Fuck this. How can I explain this to my readers, huh?" I asked him, looking at myself in the mirror.

Puffy eyes. Messy hair. I lost some weight too. My head is pounding, finding some inspiration to write. All of my books are about love. I fell in love with the smiles of my readers but I can't find it anymore by now.

"This will be another break for you Loke, trust me. Even if it's a light novel, it will be a hit." I ended the call before he can brainwash me again with some of his lies.

I lied down on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I sighed, feeling the despair in my heart. I know I can write again, I know I can find those smiles again. But how? How can I find their smiles if I am not eager to write anymore?

"How can I fix my life? Did I gave up writing already?" I asked myself.

I remembered the smiles, laughter, and the sparkling eyes of my readers and I heard the chants, like a mellow song in my ears, that they are rooting for me, for my books, and TheLokes as the writer of the Era. Water came down from my eyes, I began sniffing and hugging myself and as long as I continue thinking about those good memories, I didn't know bad ones will disregard it, this early.

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