Chapter 7

I was sitting on the balcony of my room. Completely staring at the city lights and the stars that shine bright on the sky. The moon has its full pledge, giving out vicious realizations to weary that I've always thought off. I take a piece of cigarette out of its box and lights it up. As I stared at the city, I puff the cigarette and sighed.

"Life is not easy. I realized that a long time ago." I smiled bitterly.


"You are a worthless child. What a disgrace."

"You are a curse in our bloodline."

"I don't know if some devil decided to let you live in this world."

The family I've thought that would love me, as I saw them pointing at me, leaving out marks from their mouths that may be a long time scar inside my heart.

"Ever since you have been born Lucero, our life became a mess. Disappear. I want you to disappear." as my mom eyed me. She just glared at me, giving me hints how she hates my existence as her child.

I hear footsteps running from the north wing of the hallway. I lift up my head and saw my sister running towards me. She knelt in front of me as soon as she reaches my place. She hugged me tight and whispered that everything will be all right.

"Move away from him, Miss."

"Leticia, don't. He has a curse. Don't get in touch with that devil."

"I'm okay. Don't come near me, sister." as I pushed her away.

"No, Lucero." she contains herself and hugged me even tighter.

I felt her warm embrace that gave me assurance that I will be safe. I looked at her and she gave me the sweetest smile that she could offer. She brushed away the tears from my eyes and pat my head.

"Let's runaway Lucero. Together. You and I." she smiled as she reached out of my hand.

I looked at her and smiled. I nodded and that was the time, where I believe the best decision in my life that I never regret.

6 years later

6 years have passed and we are contented with the life we have now. Years may have passed yet the pain in our hearts still remains. I am now 14 years old. My sister and I decided to fly away from the country of ours and move to a bigger city. This where I realized that life is not easy. It has ups and downs, problems to be encountered, pain and suffering to be faced but along with those, there are still light, for happiness.

We have a hard time finding a home since the currency in the place we've moved in is different from our country yet we didn't stop there. My sister and I found a condominium unit that is exactly to our liking. It took us years to adapt to the people's doings and learn their culture. 

"I'm going out now, Libra." as I waved my hands at her who is watching television.

We decided to change our names and some other facial features that may cause chaos in this city. We want to live a life that we always dreamed of, even though it's hard.

"I told you to call me sister, Loke. You asshole." I chuckled as I heard her shout and run towards the door of our unit and leave.

End of Flashback

Good old days. I looked up at the sky once more and tries to doze off as I remember the sweetest smile of my sister, Libra.

"I hope you are fine there, Libra. I hope that he's taking care of you." I smiled and throws my cigarette on the ash tray.

My phone began to ring so I decided to head inside of our condo unit. I grabbed my phone from the coffee table and saw an unknown number. I declined that call but I've received a message from the same number.

From: Unknown

You want to fix what you have done right? I will pay you ten billion folds. Write a book for me. 

I was awed because of the offer of the unknown caller. The ten billion folds can be used to start again. My books haven't sell any copies lately because of the issue. It's just a book, I'll just write a book and they will give me ten billion folds.

To: Unknown

Tell me the details. I'll give you what you want.

I have worked so hard to reached this far. This is the dream that I am looking forward to. Many people accept me, and the books that are filled in with the words that I've written. I don't want to lose this. 

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