Chapter 5

"3, 2, 1. Welcome, Era 2563!" everyone chanted and shouted hooray as we look up the skies, witnessing the blissful morning of the first day of Era 2563.

The lights are released from the sky, offering different colors of beautiful scenery. The laughter of the families and persons you can hear is the witness on how they conquer all of the problems in the world and is ready to face another path for their journey to take on.

"Happy New Year, TheLokes." a girl with pigtails approaches me. I smiled when I remembered the details of her face.

"Hey. It's nice to see you again, Erelah. You've grown so much." I chuckled that made her look away.

"I've last seen you on Era 2557, TheLokes," she mumbles. 

I chuckled even more and messes with her hair. I saw her giggles and look at me. Time really flies so much. I wonder how more Era's can we surpass and still, I'm the best author? I looked up the sky, looking at the lanterns, flying in the haven and mumbling the clouds the wishes of the people.

"TheLokes. I have a gift for you." I looked at her as she reached the brown paper bag.

I smiled at her as I received it.

"Can I open it now?" she gently nodded.

A blue scarf was wavering on my face. It was a nice and clean knitted blue scarf. I looked at her and gave her the biggest smile I can offer and she looked away, blushing.

"Thank you, Erelah. I'll treasure this forever. Can I hug you?" she nodded and moved closer to me.

I wrapped my arms around her, giving her the warmest hug. I swayed with the music in the Central Plaza, while letting the lanterns light up above us. I felt her arms, slowly wrapping around my body that made me smile. I gently kissed the top of her head and we remained like that for a few minutes.

"TheLokes?" a guy in a black tuxedo interrupted us. Erelah pulled out from the hug and looked away.

"Yes?" looking at the guy, while putting the scarf around my neck.

"Your manager wants to talk to you." as he is eyeing Erelah.

"Oh. I'll go to him." he nodded, as he slowly moves his gaze and walks away.

"Erelah? Thank you for the scarf. I haven't prepared any gifts for you. I don't know if this is a nice thing to ask but can I have your address? I want to give you a token also." I saw how her eyes sparkle that made me laugh.

"Sure," she replied, stuttering. 

I saw her look around to find something that made me smile. I messed her hair and hand on my phone. She looked at me and just nodded.

"I'll give your gift, Erelah. Have a wonderful Era." I smiled as I bid her goodbye.

She waved her hands so I waved mine too. I put my hands in my pocket as I turn my back against her. I looked up at the sky once again, smiling from ear to ear and wishing for happy memories not to end by this Era. I know it's too odd, I'm a famous author, but I don't care about my popularity, I just want to write and fall in love, but I guess it has to stop if I kept on hurting the girl I fell in love with.

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